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  1. We done the business on the cheats today, may they go into freefall. 🤣
  2. We didnt deserve to be 1-0 a very scrappy 1st half, at least you can string more than 2 passes together. Hopefully the 2nd half will be better or ill have to start talking to the misses.
  3. Id want to avoid Boro as you just dont know what Boro team will turn up, Swansea and Watford are both on fire. I like to play Reading, as we have done well against them in the past.
  4. It wont be a pretty game on the eye as both managers would rather just sit back and soak up the pressure. Im looking at a 1-1 draw, NW sides are always physical, we are always knackered after 70 mins.
  5. At least Steve Gibson is Middlesborough through and through, how many clubs and supporters can boast that their owner is from their city/Town? 👍
  6. hiya mate, we are enjoying the ride at the moment because we have been served some crap over the years, just like Boro. Before MM took over we would be happy just for mid table and some thought we were going to be relegated under Neil Harris. You know what its like with a new manager bounce, a couple of results against us will see us drop out of the play offs. This will be a tester for MM, but ii still do fancy your chances against us 👍
  7. Yeah unfortunately, but he has got a lot to prove and NW trusts him. He owes NW big time after alledged failed drug tests (twice) and Cardiff fans got told that he was given the wrong medication for his asthma, but it was swept under the carpet.
  8. On his day he is great, but some games he just goes missing.
  9. NML blows hot and cold, we used to call him a Btec Gladstone Small
  10. Woodgate had a 20% win ratio compared to Warnock 41 % more or less the same games that they have managed, so he must be doing something write compared to the crap that you have been served recently. Just give him time and if you dont get in the play offs this season then I will definately stick a bet on you getting promoted next season 👍
  11. That was exactly how we are as a team one week we are beating the likes of Stoke away then the following week we lose against Wycombe. I know you are going on a bad run at moment but NW is doing alot better than Woodgate did, I think Warnock got 41% win compared to JW 20% win rate, so something must be going right.
  12. Hey Bud, I'm about a 20 minute drive out of Cardiff. I do know why I put Exile in my username, it was the only word that came into my head for whatever reason 🤣 👍
  13. You're home but without fans its anyones game, if fans were allowed in and the support that you lot have, it would have been difficult for us. Like I said in my 1st post if its level after 70 mins, i fancy your chances especially with Watmore and fletcher doing well 👍
  14. It was the same with us at the end of his stint with us, players just didnt respond to him. It didnt help matters when he said during the season that he was leaving, but if there is one manager who could get a club up its NW. Bolasie was a great signing for you, wish we went in for him. The premier league needs a team like boro. All the best mate 👍
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