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  1. Apart from Swansea and Bournemouth, I can't think of many more difficult trips for you. Absolutely ridiculous making it such an early kick off, but TV money talks.
  2. It's a long way for your fans to travel for a lunchtime kick off in South Wales. Any idea how many will be coming?
  3. Just popping over to keep an eye on @The Colonel, as we don't normally let him out on his own. Neil Warnock and Sol Bamba can do no wrong in the eyes of many Bluebirds' supporters and would be welcomed back in some capacity. Warnock resurrected a damaged club and established a great rapport with our supporters, both in terms of results and what he did within the community. Many of us will always remember that. I think your lot have the edge tomorrow, but we hope for a good positive approach from both teams and hopefully Cardiff will kick on from here and give us something to bu
  4. Bluebirds are unchanged again, but with a much stronger and experienced bench that of late.
  5. NML is starting for you today, so Warnock hoping to get some early success against our full backs. Joe Bennett isn't the best defensively against a good winger and I reckon that is the match up Boro will be looking for.
  6. Every club has one of those! I meant unstoppable 🙄
  7. It will be interesting to see what part NML plays today. Now that the facts have come out, a lot of us feel that he let City down badly with two drugs bans within a few months. He was a massive loss on the pitch, given the way we were trying to play under Neil Harris and there was just not enough time before the season to find a like for like replacement. On his day, he is unplayable, but I am hoping that our defence knows enough about him to keep him quiet.
  8. Hi another Bluebird with a soft spot for Boro here. My first game at the back end of the 1965/66 season was a relegation decider between us at Ninian Park. City won a great game 5 - 3 and down you went to Div 3. Two seasons later you were back and in the corresponding fixture you has a guy called Brian Myton making his debut. Both he and our Malcolm Clarke were sent off for fighting and I don't think Myton played much again for you. So far as tomorrow is concerned, as said above, we looked very tired in our midweek game and there is not a lot of rest before this one. If anyone can s
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