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  1. Could always appoint Woodgate and spend money as well. Or, alternatively, recognise that chucking money at everything isn't necessarily the way to go. This is the football industry. This is where the institutional logic of investment equals performance equals sustainability is dominant. We have a tendency to forget the funny story of Leeds, Sunderland, and Portsmouth. Napoli, Fiorentina, and Parma. Mindless spending in the hopes of gratification precedes the dull and boring idea of sustainability.
  2. Certainly a good point. I'd imagine managers are well aware of that. Still, I'd rate him perfectly capable of building a team over 2-3 seasons. I'd imagine Hjulmand would want a team where he's allowed to have 2 "free" seasons. I have some doubts whether fans would be behind him all the way, though.
  3. Kasper Hjulmand is still out of employment. I wouldn't mind seeing him here. He's brilliant with young players, used to a tight budget, he has international experience (albeit not too successful), some Champions League experience, and he's touted as the (next) big star of Danish managers. He's a member of Common Goal, and known for being well liked by club and community. He sets up for attractive, progressive football. He likes wing backs and actual wingers with pace. He's certainly more talented than Thomas Frank at Brentford.
  4. To be fair, I think there would have been hell on if we signed Pukki for a free in the summer. Difference if they’ve developed a system that works, and a good manager that can get the best out the players. I'd have just been celebrating the fact that our scouts actually do know that theres football outside of England, because I'm unsure that they do! To be honest, I am really surprised by his performances. He was good in the Danish Superliga, but not spectacular. Brøndby fans will say otherwise, but I did not see anything special about him. He scored sub-10 goals in his first two
  5. Because we were playing to their strengths. Proof is in the pudding. They scored. Striking proof that is. https://footystats.org/clubs/england/leeds-united-fc Leeds score most goals second half. 29 % of their goals in min 81-90 according to that site. They have a way of seeing the games out, put pressure. We are - usually - somewhat decent at defending against that pressure. I sincerely doubt that putting on two offensive players with little to no defensive ability about them would have turned the game in our favour. We (and Pulis (and Karanka)) are usually good at grinding
  6. I don't necessarily think our tactics were that wrong. 1-0 lead does not invite for "offensive" changes in the 70th minute against a Leeds side desperate for a goal. Assambalonga makes sense given his pace. Hugill can maybe hold up the ball, but I'd rather have someone who has an off-chance scoring a goal from an individual effort. Clayton is far better defensively than Saville. And dare I say Besic can tackle from time to time as well (or at least stumble into someone). Personally, I would've been ***ed seeing Downing and VLP on against a Leeds side destined to dominate the last 20 min
  7. I'll just throw in the word 'sustainability' again. Jorge Mendes is no doubt the king of the European football market. Gibson showed balls when he cut the ties with Kenyon and Mendes who would later be accused of third-party ownership deals. Almost everywhere he has engaged in similar style as with Wolves, he has left the club behind in turmoil and staggering debt (e.g. Valencia). He orchestrated the whole Bebe farce with Man United, too. What happens once he is bored of Wolverhampton? If FA actually realises his position at Wolves? If the Wolves owners realise Mendes is ***ing the
  8. I think this is a bit unfair. I think he gives his managers total control and doesn't interfere the way that, for example, Forest's owner/chairmen do. I also dont think the recruitment department are to blame either if Pulis is having final say on which players we end up buying. For me, the blame is squarely on Pulis and Bausor. Bausor runs things on a day to day basis, not Gibson. I meant that despite record premier league tv Money, parachute payments, 3 big sales in the summer we still are relying on loans and low fee players. Where has the money from Gibson, Traore and Bamford
  9. well if it's any consolation, it sounds like you've got the perfect blend of misery and negativity to fit right in on this forum You frame me like a brand of tobacco. Nics tobacco. The perfect blend of misery for your negativity pipe. Gentlemen's choice.
  10. Part of me hopes Gibson throws away the coffin, swallows the key, and suffers from acute constipation. Oh, and - of course - all laxatives are sold out. I cannot see why Pulis should be allowed to sign more players that are almost only suitable for his style of play. Why would we actively sign players that automatically become deadwood the minute Pulis puts his ancient mummified hands on another unfortunate club badge? I hardly watch us anymore. I don't need my hair any thinner than it already is.
  11. On another note, did you read the terms and conditions for using the voice recording service? It's a good thing if your first born is a cock up, I guess
  12. I haven't watched us for long time as I - like many others - find our style of football a bit tedious. I didn't mind it in the Prem with Karanka going full Mourinho mode, but we were underdogs back then. We are not anymore. Yesterday, however, was not that tedious. We were playing a side happily sitting back in the first half. We tried to lump balls into the penalty area, but Britt was no match in the air against their CBs. We tried the cut-back pass a few times and we were rather close to them connecting. We tried paced grounded passes into the box, but they did not connect as Britt rarel
  13. Can they look at that again retrospectively? If the ref missed it then yes it will depend on his match report I'm pretty sure he'll struggle to get retrospective action for it. The ref didn't miss the call, he still called it a foul and judged it to be no booking. Not entirely 100% with the laws of the game on this but I think retrospective action is only for things the referee didn't see or make a decision on at all. "Firstly, it’s important to state that the principal objective behind retrospective action is to punish players who have clearly committed a red card offence ‘off
  14. Can they look at that again retrospectively? Honestly, it did look like a red. Raised elbow, checked him to the face. We all know Ayala suffers from chronic clumsiness, but he went full UFC on Fletcher with that elbow. Also, I think they can look at it retrospectively if the ref didn't realise it was an elbow. If the ref had booked him and noted it for high elbow or whatever, then no. Although I am ready to be corrected on that one.
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