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  1. Re Braithwaite and his World Cup chances. Surely, it's just a rumour, right? Hareide picked Andras Bjelland (Brentford), Lasse Vibe (Brentford), Jonas Knudsen (Ipswich), Mike Jensen (Rosenborg), Bendtner (Rosenborg), Viktor Fischer (Mainz, and has barely played) for Denmark's games against Ireland. We are not exactly loaded with players on the attacking positions. But, perhaps he feels that way and wants to leave. In the end, it's down to his own performance and not the level of the Championship.
  2. I was actually at the stadium when St. Etienne lost 0-5 against Lyon. He bought 8-9 players and failed miserably. I don't think he necessarily fits our bill. He plays naïve football.
  3. If you mean instead of iFollow, I don't believe this one will be on iFollow. Pretty sure live Sky games aren't on iFollow. A-ha, alright. Surely there'll be a livestream somewhere then. Thanks
  4. Any streams for this one? Besides paying £5 for god awful content
  5. More rubbish and pretty patronising aswell. You're clearly well out of touch with how other fans are feeling. maybe so. or maybe i was reacting to some who shot down my reasoning attempt as ''a load of garbage'' and a little patronizing tone slipped into my reply. s this more to the main stream opinion?; i'm losing interest in football altogether. i want to like it, i hope boro can somehow respark the fire(karanka had promise, but failed). but i know deep in my heart they wont. i knew deep down we had absolutely no chance of getting straight back up after the utter shambles of last season(looks like my heart was right). i didnt want monk at all. (reminds me of southgate) i like him, like i liked sgate at first. he's saying the right things, seems to be trying to do the right things. but in deep in my heart i think he will fail. i hope i'm wrong. also to add of the similarity that both teams showed a lack of discipline, now individual errors have come back big style. i think this is why my heart says monk will fail, the players are not giving 100% its like karanka the strict teacher has gone and a stand in has turned up and the kids are taking the mick out of him. if we got a new man in asap who the players respected we'd get better instantly. For what it's worth Kev I far preferred reading your honest opinion and think it relates badly on others who feel entitled to bully you into submission No one is bullying him into submission, he calls anyone that criticises Monk delusional/zombies not happy unless we win 5-0/plastic fans etc. You can't have a reasoned debate with someone like that. I said yesterday the critics are forced to argue every single point to the nth degree before anyone will even listen to them. Then in return you get called a plastic fan, its the last defence of someone, just destroy the argument by calling them delusional or not a proper fan. Some members of this board are so far out of touch with the majority of Boro fans. Talk to fans on Teesside or look at the replies to Gazette articles on social media. A large majority are seriously not happy with Monk. They are real fans who go to the game not people who should be just ignored. I'm not gonna argue about this anymore, I'll leave it there. Honestly, it doesn't matter what any club in the world does. There will always be hate on social media. That doesn't mean they can't be ignored, but .. I'd be very hesitant to measure the general vibe of any public reaction based on 5-20 comments on Facebook/Gazette - especially when it comes to sports. The whole plastic fan thing is ridiculous anyway. Can someone actually be a plastic fan of Boro? If so, then I am definitely one. I've seen two live - in person - Boro matches in my entire life.
  6. I paid £12 for a Dark n' Stormy yesterday in Copenhagen. Mind you, this bar was not exactly posh. As for the game today, I'd be happy if we actually kept a clean sheet. Here's hoping water can turn into wine Jesus style.
  7. Holy.. How DARE you say that? Quickly now, ninja edit that away before the Monk brigade sees it. How can you judge a manager after just 12 games? Nics... don't be that guy Not long ago Sanddancer, or some other guy or girl, criticised Monk. He was shot down for his comment, and possibly for having his own opinion on the matter. I don't see what has changed so much after 2 games. My comment is clearly tongue in cheek, but it seems many is hopping on sanddancer's (?) train. Choo chooooooo
  8. Holy.. How DARE you say that? Quickly now, ninja edit that away before the Monk brigade sees it. How can you judge a manager after just 12 games?
  9. Actually, I think we need another 7 years in the Championship.
  10. The interest for international football has been declining for many years. There's probably not a right answer to why. Sociologists will tell you it's a shift in the type of society. Others will tell you it's just more interesting to follow club football. Or maybe the players and other personalities have become so out of touch with the working class that following them is hard. I, like Humpty, don't really follow international football all that much. Many years of boring football, disappointments and the ***ing insane prices for tickets.. Interest has been going up here in Denmark, but I guess that has to do with a certain Eriksen scoring for fun - and some hefty investment in marketing.
  11. Except that's not what you're saying. You're getting at the idea of him losing his job right here, right now. And that is precisely what some fans can never come to terms with. I'm sure quite a lot of Boro fans would agree with this particular statement but you're not saying give him the season, you're labelling him a failure in September, 11 games into a 46 game season. Yeah I've made up my mind, I've seen enough already. I'd cut our losses before he does anymore damage to the club. If he gets us promoted I'll look pretty stupid at the end of the season won't I? However I've never been so certain of a manager before. Good for you. But you're encouraging the terrible culture of sacking managers when they've not been given enough time to do the job asked of them and I will never stand by that. Would you sack Sunderland's manager Simon Grayson? I wholeheartedly agree we should not endorse nor encourage said culture of sacking managers. We know next to nothing of what is happening behind the scenes, but surely there is a threshold. I am all for giving Monk a chance, but he has to prove what he wants to do with the team. So far, I've just seen that he likes to have pseudo 3 strikers in the team. He's had a short lived adventure with wing backs. He's had his romance with Shotton. I can live with ***ty displays, ***ty results, and god awful interviews looking every bit of a cocky ***. But I need to know where he is going with this team, what he wants us to do. Call it vision or whatever. If he fails to give me some sort of indication (besides 3 strikers), then I would not care seeing his contract terminated.
  12. Traores wasn't even a tackle. They've basically said cynically taking out someone from behind is ok, but going for a block and mistiming it is a 3 game ban. Actually, if you think it's not a tackle it only makes the case stronger for a red card. He hit the man going at a reckless pace - If you don't even deem it as a tackle it only means it was - more - reckless. Traore was not in control of his action. All in all, he did the action with no consideration for his opponent, or with very little consideration. I'll say it for a third time. It was a red card in my book.
  13. It does seem very rare for red cards to be overturned... As you say, not sure its worth risking a 4 game ban even though we are most likely in the right. You can see what they'll say already, player was 'out of control' and 'endangered an opponent'... I know I am in the minority, possibly the sole individual in the world along with the ref, but I understand the red card. I am not saying I completely agree with it, but it was reckless. The speed, the total inconsideration of the opposing player, and ultimately Traore - possibly - not having full control of his action means the red card is easily defended in a tribunal (or whatever you call these things). I've only seen the Lansbury red card once, but it looked malicious to me. I know the Championship is widely branded as a 'tough' league, and commentators love to point out players should simply get accustomed to the harsh challenges. The rules are universal (by and large). But, I'll happily take another two comments deeming me an idiot again. Or something along those lines.
  14. for anyone wanting to see it https://twitter.com/TheVillaHome/status/907678315607191552 It's silly, it's daft but that is never a red card in a million years. We'd be daft not to appeal. I don't know. You can easily defend the red card. Blistering pace going into that sliding tackle. Trailing leg or not, it ends up being a scissor tackle. Intent or no intent, he went into that one recklessly. https://imgur.com/a/Y2QeW
  15. Admittedly, I am not a fan of Downing. But I think you nailed it when saying he was "pretty much the same ole." But to me, 'the same ole (Downing)' is not something I want to see in this team. I might be wrong, but he lost the ball so, so many times. Sure, he's great at slowing down the counter attacks, which, to his defense, is sometimes great if we want to keep hold of the ball. But, we have Britt and Traore in that side. Why would we want to put a halt to a potential counter attack playing against slow CBs? In the same vein, his crossing and passing is not superior to anyone (bar Traore.. except for today), I really see no point in having him in the starting XI. Perhaps a cameo here and there for the last 10 min, sure.
  16. We've bought 8 players. That's a lot of players - 6 (?) of them were in the starting line up in the first match. I know many on here don't care one bit for team chemistry, gelling period, and whatever fancy term we can come up with. I seriously don't understand the sudden Gibson talk. We've bought players and we've sold players who either didn't fit, didn't want to be here, or went back to their respective clubs after their brief period in the club via loan. This isn't about breaking even, net loss, or net profit. If anything, we can criticise the current activity based on the players we have signed or sold rather than being disappointed in 'Gibson not spending'
  17. Surprised to see so many people preferring Ayala and talk about trust in the same sentence. I always dread the odd two footed tackle, horrible passing, and the absolute blunder in mistimed challenges. I don't see why we should start him over Fry. He's hasn't been reliable since last time we were in the Championship. He's been forever injured ever since, or simply not featured at all. I'd rather put my faith in Fry and let him build some confidence.
  18. And use the expertise of members from OneBoro.
  19. I wonder how many times this will be said during the season. This is probably why the Championship is so ridiculously hard, even for (on paper) stacked teams. I only watched the highlights and listened to the radio during the game, I don't feel entitled to comment on anything - except for how dreadful Ayala is to make that sort of pass. It's something U12s do from time to time..
  20. I love me some proper quality Ayala. He's been *** poor for more than a year now.
  21. Be gone with your 'fluid' rubbish. What we're talking now is 'Liquid Football ' Some might even call it 'free flowing'
  22. Josh Murphy is 22 so 3 years older than Harry, Gray is 21 so 2 years older. Abraham is the same age group but do you really think he'd have been given the opportunities he has if the came through our academy instead of Chelseas? I don't think so. We desperately need to re-establish the pathway from our academy to the first team, in about 5 years only one player has really broken through properly and he's now being touted for a £25m+ fee by the best clubs in the country. Ben Gibson wasn't anywhere near as highly rated as Fry or Chapman were, so why did he get his chance where they don't? NEPOTISM CONFIRMED
  23. Interesting to see Downing training with the u23 squad. Isn't it fairly odd considering his huuuge wages if all interest in him goes cold and we're forced to have him on the books?
  24. Lucky escape there Ha ha, bit rich that pal. As for Humpty, I'm guessing you'll be coming across to the M6, then south to junction 13, and down the A449 to Wolves. There are plenty of car parks in town, but near the ground, and Asda, will not be a quick getaway. As you approach Molineux, you could try your luck on a street near Wickes, KFC, but maybe worth parking in town, and having a jar after the game, to let the traffic die down, before heading back north. i think everyone in the country thinks if you live near birmingham you talk like your from Dudley. bit like up here, if your from the north east you must be a geordie. erm no i sound nowt like em. (to me) :D I went to Wolves away some years ago. As a Dane, I was sure they didn't speak a word of English (black country, right?)
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