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  1. Surely the club should have a problem with the player, who is their actual employee, rather than journalists who are doing their job and reporting on what their sources tell them. This censorship by the club is so Russia-style and it's painting the club in a very bad picture. It's rather lucky for the club that we aren't big in a national sense or this would be a hell of a mess for the club. Imagine the ***storm a club like ***nal, United etc would be in if they banned local journalists without giving a reason. There would be an uproar in the national pres. They want to control the content but it will never be as good as a third party. It will be rose tinted *** throughout. I'll be looking forward to seeing the gazette reporting next season instead of reading the website. I prefer to simplify it. Obviously the journalists that are banned have *** of Steve Gibson somehow. So all he's said is "yes the Gazette can still do the interview but ***head A and numb nuts B can *** off" No real cloak and dagger, certainly not like a communist state like you eluded to. But the most important thing is I couldn't care less Surely banning a journalist for writing something you don't like is a bit akin to dictatorship/communism. There is a lot of cloak and dagger here as no one knows what the hell is going on other than the club have a personal grievance with two named journalists. Trying to silence journalism is never a good move. Ever. Unless you provide sufficient explanation which the club seemingly don't have or are willing to give. They're still free to write and publish whatever they want. Denying access to the club including players and staff members is a sensible move if the Gazette has continuously crossed the line - that being agreements between the club and newspaper, writing and publishing articles overly criticising every move Boro, Karanka, Gibson or any other staff members made or makes, or contacting disgruntled players for gossip to support some hidden agenda. We don't know what happened behind the scenes, what the Gazette had access to and not, and how they came about their information. The Gazette were out in full force when we relegated, taking swings at former employees including scouts, management, Gibson, Agnew, Ramirez, etc. I'm guessing their sources were not always too reputable, but "sources close to/within the club" adds some rather vague credibility albeit more than enough given many fans were more than ready to believe anything and everything which remotely resembled their own view (fake news?) It's nothing out of the ordinary for any company to deny access to news agencies being overly faultfinding based on 'anonymous sources within the club'. Boro have a team to protect, but more importantly a brand to protect. While outright banning 2 individuals is somewhat drastic, I'm guessing the Gazette crossed a few ethical boundaries here and there which can be rather dangerous being a local newspaper. Public relations (PR) is a difficult discipline to master, and perhaps a few too many bridges have been severely damaged since January 1st.
  2. But that's exactly how it starts mate. "We don't have a problem with all of you, just these guys that said something we didn't like." So we get rid of the guys they don't like and then the next time the Gazette prints something the club doesn't approve of what happens then? "We don't have a problem with all of you, just these other guys that said something we didn't like." Eventually there isn't anyone left other than the people writing exactly what they want written, which incidentally is all you're going to get from the website. You will never see or hear anything on it that the club don't want you to see or hear. 'Controlling a message' has another more succinct name, it's called propaganda. I haven't read all the pages in this thread, but it seems to me the Gazette has burnt a few bridges with the club. Another modern synonym with propaganda is PR which is not a one-way communication channel. Whether you put the blame on the club's or the Gazette's PR is up to you, I guess.
  3. Why? I think he more than proved he's not cut for it. I like him, but he scored 15 goals in 30 matches for the second best team in a very, very weak Belgium league. He's 28 which means the re-sell value is low. For what it's worth, Braitwaithe is more interesting although I am not completely sold on the idea of having him here.
  4. Which domestic based player would you say he's similar to Dane? Don't know actually. Only ever see him when he plays for Denmark and the odd highlight when he plays well for Toulouse. Inside forward with pace and very industrious. It's kind of odd because I've never thought of him as technically gifted. In some ways, he's a bit like Yussuf Poulsen from Leipzig. They work hard from an inside forward position, and somehow finds themselves scoring 10 goals a season. I don't rate either of them particularly high, and certainly not much better than what we had in Fischer, IMO. That's been my thoughts of him as well. Still better than Fischer though. Maybe at club-level. Fischer has been pretty good when playing for Denmark which was the sole source of optimism regarding Fischer playing well for Boro one day. Braitwaithe for Denmark is pretty meh
  5. Which domestic based player would you say he's similar to Dane? Don't know actually. Only ever see him when he plays for Denmark and the odd highlight when he plays well for Toulouse. Inside forward with pace and very industrious. It's kind of odd because I've never thought of him as technically gifted. In some ways, he's a bit like Yussuf Poulsen from Leipzig. They work hard from an inside forward position, and somehow finds themselves scoring 10 goals a season. I don't rate either of them particularly high, and certainly not much better than what we had in Fischer, IMO.
  6. What danish player? And is he likely to be joining the u23's or a genuine first team player? Jens Odgaard. Danish forward playing for Lyngby Boldklub. I don't know much about him, but he wasn't a regular starter during the season. EDIT: I should probably say he's 18 which might be the reason he didn't play many first team games last season. He has reportedly declined offers from rather big clubs last year too such as Dortmund and Ajax. Lately, many Italian clubs have reportedly been interested including (former) giants Inter.
  7. Isn't that more of an argument supporting what I'm saying though unless you're saying the team spirit/chemistry was good last season? If there were cliques then changing the players removes that problem so again what would the issue be in changing a number of players? To be honest, I was just trying to add to the conversation. A new dimension, if you will. But yes, certainly, changing players who contributed to impermeable cliques will be good. It is important, however, to ensure this clique formation doesn't happen (again). But, it's all conjecture given the Fort-Knox mentality of football clubs in general.
  8. ***, I just wrote an entire bachelor's thesis on a myth.
  9. Why don't you see it as possible? What is it about these players that makes you so sure that they could achieve those aims but other people couldn't? The squad is already different to the one that won promotion last time anyway - Dimi won't be playing much if at all, Nsue, Adomah, Nugent, Kike, Rhodes have all already moved on. Gibson probably will go, the loan players we had that season aren't here and the likes of Downing and Leadbitter should be moved on simply down to age and ability. The majority of players we're talking about leaving weren't even part of the promotion campaign - Valdes, Guzan, Chambers, Barragan, Negredo, Fischer and Traore had nothing to do with it at all so what's the issue? Team chemistry. I know many completely disregard the notion of culture, team chemistry, etc., but by doing so one completely neglects an entire field of human science. That's not to say a team of 10-15 new signings can't do well, but the odds are certainly against the lot. I've said this before, but I personally think we had too many Spanish/Portuguese speaking players. Cliques will form based on salient characteristics such as language or nationality. Karanka mostly favoured these players, and some may have found it to be favourtism or even ethnocentricism. Players might find that demotivating. Look at Karanka's team selection. It was mostly composed of 5-7 Spanish talking players. Agnew fielded 10/11 English speaking players in the last game (I think). Inevitably, team chemistry, motivation for certain players, or even social or psychological needs may be severely hampered by such cliques emerging.
  10. He occasionally bossed our midfield for short periods of time is more how I remember him, the rest of the time he was being sent off or doing everything he could to get sent off. I'd like to see him gone and I'm glad a lot of the players Monk seems to be interested in are British too. Wait, he got one red card? 1.5 foul per match. 8 yellows. It might be a bit too much for whatever position he played during our season, but I don't think we need to exaggerate too much when it comes to Ramirez. Everyone hates him anyway.
  11. BD never recommended Fischer (or many danish players at all tbh). He actively despises most of them... I know! Was tongue in cheek, not come over as intended. Apologies! I will always have the memory of Fischer and his goldfish. Farewell, Goldfisch.
  12. £5 million? Behave. Notice the "could be worth" - basically meaning a) Graeme Bailey doesn't know ***, and b) the £5 million would include add-on clauses in the event of promotion and so on. Or maybe some cushion for selling De Roon?
  13. That's not in the power of the club though. But, EFL have effectively sold the TV rights to overseas fans on the cheap, but are unable, or rather unwilling to do so for UK fans. It's a lot more complex than we make it out to be. For instance, if Nottingham Forest, who has opted in on iFollow, is broadcasted in the US or Europe, fans subscribed to iFollow will not be able to see the match on iFollow as the rights have been sold. I assume this is EFL's way of penetrating an untapped market that is overseas fans of EFL clubs. They are unable to secure a nice deal as the interest is generally low, but by offering the services/rights on a subscription basis allows them to gain some interest/money, clubs can raise goodwill, and in general raise awareness of the league overseas. As I understand it, Middlesbrough are free to do this themselves and not through iFollow. I assume EFL have largely left the rights to the games free for everyone to negotiate with their own overseas fans, only limiting the availability should any match be picked for overseas coverage (remember how it was always an American/Canadian/Saudi TV station showing the games?)
  14. They will have known. There's no way they didn't know about this feature. I think they simply didn't find enough grounds for investing in it. I assume Boro would have to pay some sort of fee, or invest in infrastructure. I doubt iFollow would have the capital to implement such an infrastructure in all clubs in the Championship (and below?) Let's not forget it's not a free feature with iFollow forwarding free money to clubs based on how many members sign up. EDIT: https://worldsoccertalk.com/2017/05/09/efl-ifollow-faq-need-know-football-leagues-new-streaming-service/ Maybe I should just shut up. It does say, however, that clubs can choose to provide their own streaming service for overseas fans. Here's hoping. From EFL's website: "Those clubs who have not will have access to the same live streaming opportunity and will be able to provide their fans with access through their own club digital services. We are therefore unable to provide subscriptions to fans of Accrington Stanley, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Bristol City, Charlton Athletic, Derby County, Fulham, Hull City, Forest Green Rovers, Leeds United, Middlesbrough, QPR, Sunderland and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Please contact your club for more information."
  15. iFollow might help you out BD but for the majority of us, living in the UK, we won't benefit. Only half the clubs in the Championship have signed up to iFollow anyway, it's not just us. And when you look at who it caters for, can we be so surprised? From how I see it, even if we wanted to, all this work on the digital solution will have started late 2016 at best. We were still in the Premier League and would not have been preparing our digital solution for the worst case possible. Guess who else didn't signed up for it? Hull City and Sunderland. Same deal there too. It would have been pointless and cost inefficient to build our website to cater for a solution that we might not have been able to provide. Given the level of changes made, this was clearly a lot of work and could have been around 6 months worth minimum, including all the development and user agent testing phases. Can tell you now that the hardest and likely most expensive work done on websites comes when trying to integrate third-party services, which is precisely what this is. And that's all there is. iFollow which caters to supporters explicitly outside the UK. There's nothing else from what I've seen. I'm pretty sure setting our own up would involve all sorts of licensing commitments and would also likely be a very expensive deal, not your typical £4.49 subscription. I am obviously gutted we didn't sign up for it either, but iFollow is for everyone but people in the UK. We have no idea how much this solution would cost for Boro, and what such a contract entails. Maybe the infrastructure was comprehensive and expensive. Maybe that infrastructure didn't translate well to the PrL. For now, I'm willing to give Boro the benefit of the doubt.
  16. His gf has liked a few posts and comments on Instagram that say he could be heading back to Atalanta. "Baby, you can't like stuff like this.. People will think I'm on De Roon from something" i'm bored
  17. Because Nathan Ake has been hyped since forever.
  18. It says we are supposedly looking to ship Fischer to another club either permanently or on loan. I wouldn't trust Ekstrabladet too much though. The article is a huge load of ifs and buts. Mainz saying they are looking at a lot of players with interesting CVs. As Borodane said, it will probably be on loan if he goes to Mainz. They have two Danes already, so I guess it's plausible.
  19. You keep talking about the players they were rather than the players they are now. It might seem like a good way of not having to back up what you're saying but it really isn't. I've backed up my opinion in detail. As usual though you are unable to do the same. Par for the course I suppose. What does it matter if it was a different period for football? Those were special signings, that's all we're talking about. Signing a couple of players past their best that nobody else wanted isn't special. I understand why you're doing it - to back Steve Gibson - but it's ridiculous really. We didn't have a go and all of our transfer activity last season is clear evidence of it. All of it. I think the real evidence that we didn't give it a go last season is the position we finished in at the end of the season. It does matter, though. 1995 was the year of the Bosman Ruling. It signified the year globalisation finally reached football in all its entirety. The year when power relations between players, clubs, and agents became more even - and arguably spiralled out of control in the favour of players. To quote Alex Ferguson: “Once the [European] Court of Justice ruled that clubs no longer had to pay transfer fees after the expiration of a player's contract, all hell broke loose. Suddenly it was a free-for-all” While the Bosman Ruling doesn't have a clear link to Juninho, it most certainly sparked a revolution within football. Also, sorry for being off-topic. Carry on.
  20. I have never seen a more fitting headline for a Youtube video. Adama Traoré - Middlesbrough "Born to Run"
  21. No disrespect to any of last season's staff but i Hope we start with a clean slate. Get rid off the lot of them or give them jobs in the academy if we really want to keep hold of them. Steve Agnew is another matter. Anyone know what's happening with him? Thats just ridiculous. Of course we have some good coaches at the club. There is absolutely no reason to sack qualified personel just because the people in command failed last season. I suppose it depends on their willingness to welcome Monk? If Monk wants to control every area of the club I guess it could create tension a*** the existing coaching staff. Karanka allegdly tried to control the way and manner of his coaches (?), and was initially lauded and later slated for it. I guess the willingness of the existing coaching staff to adapt to Monk's ethos will decide the fate of many. I don't think 'demoting' first team coaches to the academy will be considered effective management.
  22. Nics

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    When's the wedding? Somewhere there is a Brunners shaped figure bawling his eyes out in a darkened room :( How would you describe this figure?
  23. I meant more 'angry at' than 'hate' man. Glad you're coming round to the Humpty love though :heart: I hate Downing.
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