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  1. The staring 11 was leaked every Friday night while Mowbray was here😂
  2. Well said, why is it that mods can get away with murder?
  3. Gibson would but the supporters definitely wouldn't....
  4. Mackems reckon we've been in talks with Denver Hume.
  5. Well said, usual suspects every time...absolutely disgraceful🤕
  6. Exactly, no wonder this place is so quiet. Same ones every time and nothing done about it.
  7. Who said anything about changing all of the supporters? It's the supporters mentality that needs to change, surely you aren't that stupid?
  8. How can he club plan ahead when the supporters turn on every manager after six months in charge? Its not Gibson who needs to change.
  9. thats 10 of next seasons starting 11 now at the club, just a striker required😜
  10. FFS typical Boro fan, losing their *** over a made up rumour 😂
  11. Boro 'fans' thought he was poor, theres a difference....
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