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  1. Nah, never rated him tbh. Wouldn't get excited about it at all.
  2. Oh I'm having the time of my life here mate. I'm not the one getting upset, am I Brunners?
  3. So you keep saying. You're wrong though. Surprised I'm not banned yet to be quite honest, how long have I got left?
  4. Without knowing the source, they're exactly the same, unsubstantiated. Y'all just have favourites.
  5. No, they're the same. Both posts without a source. One you believe blindly, the other you get angry about even though you knew it to be true. The absolute smallest amount of power mate, calm yourself down
  6. Only runs a certain way for some people. It's the idea that any of this matters at all, it's hilarious. Raf could walk in and say 'Salomon Rondon' and nobody would ask for a source. Could be talking absolute ***. Just chill out, and be more welcoming.
  7. He didn't even need to post the source, it was common knowledge. It wouldn't have been asked of other posters. Also, it literally doesn't matter.
  8. This was a bit rude, tbh. Aren't you a mod? Do you ask everyone for a source? Or is 'Can't name my source, for obvious reasons' enough?
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