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  1. Free agent weighing up his offers before signing for someone? Absolutely mental. This club is useless.
  2. I'm not accepting it. If anything is gross mismanagement it's this. From the position we were in in 2016, we shouldn't be scraping the barrel when it comes to signing players. We shouldn't be a lower tier championship club. It's been an absolute shambles, failure after failure for four years. Just constant poor decisions, poor managers, poor recruitment and scouting and there's no suggestion this is going to improve any time soon. I won't accept that we can't compete financially either, because we had the PL money. I also don't agree that Monk wasted it, there was enough in that squad to get us promoted, Pulis was a horrific decision. As for signings, not that worried. We'll get a few in. They're not going to be exciting signings though, that time has gone.
  3. I reckon Mejias doesn't count. And Fry barely played. Friend feels like the last link to that era.
  4. He's got a point. Chris Martin is absolute dogshit. Trying to inflict that on us all?
  5. Stop trying to break it up man. Let em fight. Much more interesting than discussing the cons and, er, cons of Gwion Edwards.
  6. I'm sure proving you wrong will be his main priority
  7. Imagine replacing a proven championship striker for someone who has never played at this level though. A man who has a worse goal to games record than Britt. Not gonna lie, wouldn't excite me.
  8. I'm surprised people on here still don't realise he's far better than what we have now. And the best championship striker we've had for years. But hey.
  9. I'm not sure Woodgate knew what he was doing with the formation tbh. At one point in the first half we had the two full backs and the three forward players literally in a line at the top of the pitch. Tav and Sav were stood together just behind them. George had the ball in his own half. Clayton just behind him. Where does he pass? The midfield was none existent. In the second half it was much the same, five players in a straight line up front. Luckily, McNair was the one dropping deep, someone with actual quality. It's an incredibly dangerous game though. McNair makes a bad pass, that's five players out of the game, we're gonna take some absolute batterings if we keep doing that. At one point we had Tav and Browne up front with Fletcher and Britt deep in midfield. Honestly, it was a mess. Also, FWIW: Pears 6, Dijksteel 5, Wood 6, George 7, Bola 4, Saville 4, Tav 4, Clayton 5, Browne 5, Walker 5, Gestede 3, Fletcher 7, McNair 8, Britt 6.
  10. Not 1 in 3 for Southampton though, and hasn't played in the championship since Rudy Gestede was scoring goals.
  11. I notice a lot of people overrating Charlie Austin. He's a permacrock who doesn't really score goals anymore. He's not gonna set the league on fire, I don't think he's that kinda player.
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