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  1. I think he is very much suited to that kind of role.
  2. Well I suspect we may be using the term 'honeymoon period' differently. I don't know what you mean by 'allowance'. For me, it is just referring to the period at the start of a managerial reign where everything seems rosy and nothing has yet hit the rocks.
  3. With social media and internet hyperbole how it is now, I can't imagine a scenario where we don't improve our league position next season, but where the most vocal supporters don't claim its down to the football and results being catastrophic. Patience with managers is a thing of the past, not just at this club. The Championship currently has 20 managers who've been in post for less than 2 years.
  4. B for me. I think his remit is pretty clear next season - top 6 minimum. If not we part ways mutually much like we did with Pulis.
  5. The Athletic posts some great stuff like this. Of course none of it really counts for anything but its nice to do some amateur analysis of. You'd imagine we have someone doing it within the club. Plenty to work on next season but plenty of positive signs too. PS. For £1 a month for first 6 months I can't understand why anyone wouldn't subscribe to the Athletic, its just so far ahead of all other football journalism.
  6. Did all that with my first, he loves pigbag. No idea what made my try Blaydon Races with the second. But now I sing it to him about 10 times a day, through gritted teeth.
  7. I actually played that to my eldest son to get him to sleep as a baby. Should have stuck with that one.
  8. My youngest son is 8 months old. Back when he was about 2 months old I was messing about with him in my arms to try and stop him crying and for some reason, I honestly don’t know why, I asked Alexa to play the Blaydon Races thinking he might like the rhythm etc. Foolish I know. But it was one of a number of “folksy” type tracks I played during that period. 6 months on and he is now in his own room, not the best sleeper so needs a fair amount of cuddles in the night. But often, I have to sing to him and the only song that gets him back to sleep is the Blaydon Races! What have I done?!? I k
  9. Well, since you've asked, 2 of the list are ex-Boro......
  10. TBH I do find it hard to navigate this site, mainly cos of the really long threads. I actually thought (though hadn't checked) that the non-Boro bit was just one long thread.
  11. He did fail to qualify for a world cup though, which is the only time its happened since the 70s.
  12. Wow, what a confrontational response. I didn't 'make it up', though the perception may not have been unanimous.
  13. He had a good squad available to him too.
  14. As likeable as he was, this is a common myth about the former England manager's failure to get through the (fairly easy) Euro 92 group (and subsequent failure to qualify for the 1994 World Cup). This is often cited because superstar midfielder Paul Gascoigne had famously sustained a terrible injury the year before, and Tony Adams, Paul Parker and John Barnes were also injured for the tournament. However, here are the fit players he left out of Euro 92: Gary Pallister - PFA Player of the Year, but chose Keith Curle instead Chris Waddle - at the time a regular starter for one of
  15. I wasn't saying he didn't do anything good after his first two years, but once the Charlton fiasco had passed it did feel like the love for him had subsided a little, and I do think it had an impact on our Premier League season indirectly. Two years is a long honeymoon period though, most don't get anywhere close to that as we've seen with Wilder! TBF Aitor got us 4th in his first full season, I don't think that's beyond Wilder.
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