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  1. I just mean the tactics were vindicated for that particular match.
  2. So you don’t think we’ll close the 4 point gap if we only drop 2 points from the next 9?
  3. I’m not saying He hasn’t been backed, but your choice of words implied he’d been backed so well that we should expect promotion. Our transfer window wasn’t one where we especially strengthened the squad, we mostly just replaced what we had with players who are by no means too good for this league. I don’t understand why you won’t give him credit for giving Jones his debut. He chose to play him when Ameobi was injured, he could have gone with other options. And besides, whose to say another manager would have got any kind of a tune out of him. We don’t know because so far in his car
  4. Well I agree we’ve improved at CM. I don’t think any other area of the pitch has been significantly improved and some have weakened. we did get a couple of players he wanted upfront t within the wage structure, and lost two other fairy proven Championship strikers. Don’t see how not selling players counts as “backing” as such, it’s certainly not an improvement obviously. I also don’t see how trying to sign certain players but failing should be classed as backing either. Blooding Jones (his choice) and getting him playing is something to commend him for. tim
  5. Without getting angry and/or petty, can you at least try and justify this amazing “backing” you claim he’s had, based on the players who’ve left and come in this summer? At best he has a similar standard of squad at his disposal.
  6. I'm not saying anything other than that 7 points would get us back within a point or two of the play-offs. Do you disagree with that statement?
  7. Really? How many of our players are proven in this division? What's this 'backing' he's had? We lost a lot of established players this summer and we brought in a similar amount, the vast majority of which were freebies on lower wages than the ones who left. Ikpeazu and Crooks didn't cost a lot and no one knows what Payero cost or even how good he is. If he did cost £6m as originally reported then you may have a point but didn't the club categorically deny that?
  8. I don't think anyone would say we shouldn't be hoping for 9 points, but 7 would more than likely be enough mathematically to get us back into the promotion hunt, mathematically, objectively.
  9. 4 points is not an insurmountable gap over 36 games. It really isn't. Yes a play-off place is a lottery but anyone expecting (rather than hoping) for an automatic promotion this season was doing so in an absolutely baseless fashion. No one but newly relegated sides could ever demand that from their club in this league, unless perhaps they'd gone extremely close the season before. Warnock was never going to turn water into wine, but he might have/had a chance of sneaking us up there using his experience via the back door. Best anyone could/should have ever been hoping for from him.
  10. I think 9 from 9 is setting the bar a bit high. 7 from 9 would easily see us back in the conversation.
  11. I have no issue with folk being “cautious” and not getting carried away. But I’m seeing genuine despondence from some posts, as though it’s somehow a bad thing we won because Warnock should be sacked regardless. Let’s see if we can get back in the play-off mix, a 4 point gap is hardly Insurmountable!
  12. Well they were vindicated tonight. If we can sneak 4 points from the next 6 we’ll likely be firmly back in the play-off picture with some momentum. We should be getting behind them not precariously and conservatively celebrating a win because we’re worried it means the manager won’t get sacked.
  13. I have very mixed feelings personally. Indifferent to start with, then it was great for 18 months from August 2014-March 2016, something special was in the air an it was a great time to be a Boro fan (a rarity since 2006). March-December 2016 it was 'functional', then January-March 2017 it was awful. I wouldn't even contemplate having him back, the moment has passed and he has not gone on to prove himself as a particularly good manager, it was a combination of factors that made him our best manager of the last 15 years and us the highlight of his managerial career. Leave the pas
  14. Southgate, Strachan, Mowbray, then Monk a bit later in the December. He's way more likely to act in the next month or so than most other times in the season looking at history. He doesn't really do January sackings and then there's the likes of Karanka/Woodgate who got pedalled with only a handful of games left as a desperate move to avoid relegation. That's not impossible here I suppose. Anyway, an October sacking is hardly unheard of, 3 of the last 7 permanent managers have gone in that same pre-half-term week. Only Pulis has lasted the season of these post-McClaren managers. My po
  15. As said above, October time he isn't shy of a sacking at all. So admittedly, yes, maybe a few more weeks. Personally I'd stick with Warnock until Scott has found someone he really wants, rather than force him into making a decision now, which I don't think was his original remit this soon.
  16. Yes I've commented on this before. Gibson loves sacking folk in October time. Mind you, it has rarely actually paid dividends. I suppose you could say it did with the sacking of Mogga as it gave Karanka 6+ months to find his feet before mounting a promotion push in his first full season.
  17. I know, but that's what other clubs who hire and fire every season or so would say of their managers. I just think gone are the days of Gibson showing unshakeable patience with managers, when the majority of fans start getting vocal he acts. His record since relegation proves that he sacks managers when they're not doing well, I don't know where this idea comes from that he doesn't. The only manager he's arguably hung on to slightly longer than you'd perhaps expect, since 2009 relegation, is Mowbray, due to his legacy at the club. Even Strachan got barely 12 months.
  18. This might have been true in the past but over the last 4-5 years we have been just like every other club who hires and fires willy nilly.
  19. Yeah the appointments have, certainly in hindsight, looked awful, but all I'm saying is that Scott may make appointments which continue to be perceived as 'poor in hindsight' if they fail to deliver. Scott's appointment is merely a change in approach, it brings no guarantees.
  20. But anyone looking at the stats can see an enormous change since last time we were in the PL (which I'm sure will be common across the whole of professional football). But the point is we are more or less just like any other club now, and any other chairman. The manager gets about 6 months grace to start with, then after that there's usually a split in opinion, half the fans want to stick and half the fans want to twist, then eventually most fans want to twist. In our case, since our last relegation, its unheard for a manager to be widely popular beyond about 10-12 months.
  21. Of course, but my point is that the fans' patience soon runs out if you get it wrong. If the first two SDs don't work out Gibson will be under as much pressure for that as he is for 'bad' managerial appointments. It really is his last throw of the dice in terms of ideas I think, so much rides on it because I think he'll feel like jacking it in if it that happened.
  22. I agree its an exciting appointment and it does appear to be one that is well thought-out, rather than Gibson utilising his own limited network as you say. Gibson is at a point of his ownership where he has to try something, the last 15 years have been by and large awful compared to the first 12, but all I'm saying is that there are no guarantees it will work out, and if it doesn't, I really don't know where Gibson goes from there. The club treading water with a 'decent' chairman doesn't appear to be enough for most fans.
  23. We managed to poach Scott from a 'lesser' role at a 'better' club. He may be grateful of the input but I'd have thought just as likely he'll be expecting the keys to the car entirely.
  24. Indeed. I really worry that some fans think all we've got to do is appoint a sporting director and it'll be straight back to the Robson/McClaren days almost instantly. We still have all the same financial challenges, we are still a club in the north east who aren't especially fashionable, we still have the weight of expectation around our neck from the Robson/McClaren eras.
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