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  1. I guess we're the third best team in the North East again,
  2. Fraser Foster the most overrated keeper in the league, I've seen an elephant get down quicker.
  3. If we sign Ben Gibson, then you can figure Steve Gibson is still making the signings. Nothing changes
  4. What dates are the World Cup shutdown, and why don't they open a transfer window then ,
  5. Talksport way over the top on Rangers , in eorocup, it's embarrassing .
  6. My topic was Wilders influence , not individual performces
  7. General brand of football better , Excellent Cup run Tactics dodgy at times , didn't get it right in the big games in league Poor signings In general Can do better
  8. Hope Cailon Muntz is given a chance , he looks to have a lot of the right qualities to make it , forget these kids from premiership youth teams, only the exceptional ones help ,there's not many of them. Look for Lindo , Dodds , Collins , maybe ,Kavanah , coming through if given a chance .
  9. I'm thinking , Sol, Peltier , Lumley, Payero, two loanies , Hall, Ukhie , Agpom gone. Available for a good fee, McNair (our best player) , Fry , Tav , Jones The team is too inconsistent and unreliable , and needs an injection of strength , quality and character , Finishing seventh is the same as finishing twentieth.
  10. McCarthy from Southampton and Danny Welbeck Brighton would be nice additions.
  11. Seen the u23 a few times, my impression is the coaching is Sunday league , worse when Lee was doing it, the opposition always looked organized and played progressive football, we still are 442 , and front to back with everyone just running into nowhere
  12. Problem today and it's happened in other games, is when Howson pushes forward and joins in the attack, which is good, the midfield is left wide open, nobody drops in to cover , Mcgree was way out of position so was Crook , this must be sorted out , also the gap between defence and midfield was too big , This is were smart experienced players understand when this happens, we need at least four of five , trouble is Scott wants young sell them on talent, Wilder wants to build a winning team.
  13. Thought Scott was an expert in players from around the world , so we go div 1 , if Payero and Siliki are the standard , I'm not impressed.
  14. Tavernier should stop taking corner kicks , because when he shoots on goal he gets mixed up
  15. Do the top teams rely on strikers as the only success in scoring goals, We are in big trouble because of the lack of goals in attack, I don't want to knock players , but how many goals from Howson the last four seasons, can Tavernier get ten goals , Can Fry get five or six, Jones ?, My point is it's all over the team where on average goals are non existent , and it's been the problem for too long, forget spending a fortune on three strikers , another problem is set plays ,the delivery is awfully , even Flint as got six for Cardiff this seeson, we need to look at the real needs , and it's
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