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  1. Only tactic I saw Today was give it to Jones , when you can ,
  2. Tav as the talent, he's just too inconsistent , and seems greedy , he may blossom in the prem alongside better players.
  3. Gibson is still seething over the 3pt deduction , and anytime he can , he will cause disruption within the walls of the football establishment .
  4. Gibson tried to pull a fast one at 10am, thinking BORO would get hammered , he canned Warnock, knowing the fans would back him on the decision , trouble was the players showed their love for Neil, by battling to an excellent result.
  5. All I know is, Gibson had better get this one right. He's become lazy. Even Neil said he was distant
  6. A number of managers gone or on the brink, maybe Gibson wants to make his move now. Before it's too late , it's Wilder .
  7. A number of managers gone or on the brink, maybe Gibson wants to make his move now. Before it's too late , it's Wilder .
  8. It's time the fans and local media stopped making heros out of average players, the club as put together at best a midtable championship team, at worse a division one outfit, you just have to look at where they came from, either relegated clubs or lower league clubs ,or reserve players . Get real .
  9. Gibson as made most of the signings for years, he's put us in the state were in, our one success was when the Chelsea guy got involved ,he soon moved on.
  10. If we make one signing I'd go after that kid who played against us for Cardiff, CB , McGuiness I think , he's young 20 , yes he's a little raw , but he's brave determined and bags of potential , reminds me of Martin Keowne , when he was a young player.
  11. Tavernier a greedy for himself player or just plain thick, a 50% with the ball some really bad decisions at times, I'd sell him .
  12. Who would go to Newcastle and their psychotic fans. The same club that sacked ,jack Charlton, Bobby Robson , Souness, Dalgleish, others quit. A mental institution if I've ever seen.
  13. Gibson as done to Warnock ,what he did to Mowbray and Woodgate , and that is cheap signings on poor wages.
  14. How did we get promotion with Karanka if the dressing room was so called toxic ,
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