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  1. To be fair firms like BBC and TalkSport won't even put up any transfer business unless its someone going to a Premier league club. TalkSport's "North East" report this morning was embarrassing.
  2. Didn't someone used to update the front page with the ins, outs and rumours? Rather than 23 people posting the same thing in a different order? :)
  3. I love reading the opinions on here, Remember when we were linked with Maguire and people were saying he wasn't good enough......??
  4. Hey does anyone know if we're still in talks about Bolaise??
  5. No chance, people seem to think he's some sort of dead cert in front of goal. He's actually a bit of a donkey. Misses so many chances. He loves an injury too.
  6. Exactly this. This is where those bloody fly by things appear from. A few hundred people (possibly fewer) feel they are the voice of tens of thousands because they all agree with each other in a small group. I disagree, online forums usually have a balance of opinions. Read any online forum/social media outlet/Gazette comments section now and it's pretty unanimous against Monk. Even the Gazette reporters are pretty much saying the same thing. If you think it's a small minority that are disillusioned you're way out of touch. I have to say, I've been of the opinion "give him a bi
  7. Its the first time for about 13 years or something that they're not on TV in the cup.
  8. Its one of the reasons I don't really come on here so much any more, or subscribe to many Boro pages. Yes, we are under-performing, but some of the drivel I see get posted is childish and laughable. I just cannot be ***d with it any more. The fans stress me out more than the team at the minute.
  9. As well as Tav has done when he has come in, i'd have Traore in for him for this one. Sunderland's defence need to be put under a lot of pressure, the fear of him tearing them a new one is something we need to use to our advantage
  10. For me...........Howson has to come out to be replaced by Leadbitter, we're desperate for some leadership.
  11. I think Downing has done himself a lot of favours today. He looked to get the ball forward quite often, I thought he found pockets of space quite well. I think Leadbitter had made a world of difference too, there was a point where her was looking for a ball forwards, nothing was on and passed it back to Fry. He was then on at the front line to make themselves available more. That's what we need, positive play.
  12. We're pretty much all over them. They're a horrible lot like. loads of swinging forearms. Calling for players to be sent off for stuff that isn't a red.
  13. This is a beaut stream http://soccerlivestream.net/premier-league-soccer-live-stream-6/
  14. That's assuming he lives in London. If he lives outside the M25 his commuting time could have barely changed, he could live as far out as Oxford. Doesn't the train get into Euston in no time Without starting a debate on the shortcomings of Virgin trains, try standing up for an hour and a quarter in a sardine can being buffeted about, and then play football, it just does not make sense. If Brum are the limit of his ambitions then so be it. I'm sure Brum can afford to book him a seat.
  15. really? i thought elmo was right wing back and snodgrass upfront of rw/rf. Snodders was always on the left generally. Elmo go pushed up as the season went on. Odubajo initially was at RB, but when he got injured Elmo moved back a bit
  16. Snodgrass played on the left for Hull City the majority of his appearances. Elmohamady played on the right.
  17. Would anyone like to draw up a handy "ins" and "outs" table with the figures we have bought/sold at? I'm talking about our transfers with some mates and they have asked me to "Prove it" when saying our net spend is about £10m.
  18. Licensing restrictions? Doesn't Ireland get Sky and BT Sports the same as the UK? I don't believe so. EDIT: Actually, I'm not that sure. When we had out old dodgy cardsharing box, we got all the Sky Sports channels in SD. But they always had Irish adverts. So maybe I'm wrong.
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