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  1. Dreading this week at the moment. I could see us still stuck with Alves and him not playing and selling off our two centre backs at cut prices and really balls-ing things up for ourselves. There used to be a time when i would trust the PR that was coming out of MFC, now i just feel a pang of dread and doubtfulness with everything they say. 5pm on the 1st can't come quick enough.
  2. Don't get to as many as i would like. I don't live too far away in Hull, just don't really have the disposable income to go to the matches. Looking at going to a few away ones this year though. Already done S***horpe away, and looking to do the Sheffield matches too i think.
  3. I've just started playing in goal again after a 9 year hiatus. Its punishing getting back into it. Its mostly just a bit of a laugh with the lads though, nothing too serious. Looking forward to our first match mid sept.
  4. HullBoro


    Has this post been typed in the dark? I can't make out anything he's on about. Juninho is about the same age as my dad. There is no way he could do a season in the Championship.
  5. haha excellent work. I feel a reputation point is worthy of such a post.
  6. Been watching it on Sky, we've got a good little team in there. Won't be going to it myself though. Will probably end up watching it on Sky again.
  7. HullBoro

    Sol Campbell

    Does the reputation actually do anything?
  8. As has been said before, once we know the team on 1st Sept for certain, i'll then pass more judgement on our potential finish. If we keep the back line as it is i think we'll be right up there at the top of the league.
  9. Great atmosphere in the ground last night. The lads sang their hearts out. Good game, we controlled it for 60 mins. Dropped back too much and let them come onto us for the last half hour though, some of the players looked a little tired. Great result though, and fair play to S***horpe i thought they put in a decent effort last night too.
  10. I don't see why we can't go with Lita and Emnes up top with Tuncay in an advanced midfield position. O'Neil and the 2 wingers in midfield. We should be hammering teams like this, and after Emnes performance at the weekend he doesn't deserve to be dropped.
  11. Looking forward to being there tonight. We should make a lot of noise
  12. I'll be there tomorrow night. I reckon 3-0 Boro. Come on Boro
  13. I've got a friend who is a Barnsley fan and he said that he thinks they will be very lucky to avoid relegation this year.
  14. Absolutely. We'll end up getting the dregs from the transfer bin if we don't sell our players fast. Worrying when you have to sell on players quick before you can bring someone else in. Especially someone on a free (e.g. Hesseleink)
  15. Thats where Middlesbrough and Hull differ though. Hull have said that Turners value to them is £12m, which to me is an inflated figure. However this wards off teams who think they can come in and raid the club. Whereas with the Boro we never actually come out and say "Give us X amount and you can have him" leading to speculation and rumours with silly low amounts attached. I realise its the clubs prerogative to do whatever they like with regards to transfers, but if they did then they could dispel a lot of these rumours and pitiful numbers that are being banded about a the moment.
  16. They're touting a £12m price tag on Michael Turner from Hull City at the moment. Turner is a great defender, but he's no better that Huth in my opinion. Huth is a German international and has plenty of Premier League experience. We'd never get £12m for him, i understand that, but £2.5m is just taking the p*ss
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