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  1. Exactly this. Next season the teams with big money to spend will be Watford, Norwich, Burnley From the next tier we'll have WBA and Sheffield Utd who still have significant parachute payments. After that we'll have teams like ourselves who are (by Championship standards) on a reasonable financial footing and have the ability to spend north of £10m on transfers. Not many of these but Sunderland may join that club if they get investment. If Forest don't go up they may have money to spend, not so sure about Huddersfield. Stoke may be a real contender next year. There'll be 2-
  2. If I were Tav and I was looking at what my brother achieved and I believed I was good enough to play in the Prem then I would be thinking that I needed to be playing in the Prem within the next 12 months or risk missing out. I have no doubt that Tav is really bonded with the club, the area and the players but he is bound to be thinking that for the last 2-3 seasons both he and the club have gone nowhere. I suspect that if a club like Leeds made a really determined bid for him that he would say yes but also that he would knuckle down and stay here for 12 months if we made it plain we didn
  3. Personally. I think the home kit should always be in red and white palette with white horizontal bar and/or white shoulders. Black and blue flashes. Away kit should always be in a blue and black palette with vertical decorations and white and red flashes where relevant. Third kit is really a money-making exercise and can be used for cup matches, special occasions and any unforeseen circumstances that mean the other two kits can't be used. Third kit can be absolutely anything. The kits are as much about branding as anything else. No other brand would completely change its c
  4. To be clear, I think if we could get Gibson for £2-3m and wages no more than £20K a week that he would be an excellent signing. I see no sign that Championship clubs are going back to anywhere near pre-Covid spending on transfers in the next year or two. Clubs with parachute payments or with a sudden influx of money may have a few million to spend but we are well past the era of spending £5m on a centre back in their late 20s/early 30s. According to Sportrac, Gibson was on £40K this year There are reasons to be sceptical of round numbers like that but it seems to be abou
  5. A quick scan of transfermarkt indicates that the top money paid for a centre back by a Championship club was around £1.5m for Ben Wilmot. I can't imagine us being willing to pay three times that for Gibson. I doubt anyone in the Championship is willing and able to stump up more than around £2m for him and I can't imagine Norwich selling him for less than £5m. (Obviously I may have missed someone.) Even if he has had a 25% wage cut that still puts him on £30k/week which is something like 10K more than anyone else in the squad. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors about player wages but he w
  6. This is the thing isn't it. Gibson is an almost perfect example of where it is hard to judge whether he would be a success. He used to be good, didn't play for 2 years then he's played 2 seasons but only about 2/3 of the games each time with mixed results. He would be one of the most experienced players in the squad but it's not clear that he would be worth the likely cost and he wouldn't have much resale value. His best position is probably in the middle of a three but I think he would be better on the left of a three than McNair is.* Personally, I find it hard to believe that Norwich wo
  7. I think that would just repeat the Balogun experiment. He's a bit younger than Balogun and has even less experience. When you look at successful loans from Premier league clubs to a championship team they tend to be when the player has had previous experience in league one or championship. What we need to be looking for is the equivalent of Morgan Gibbs-White. He had a fantastic loan this year but he had previously played more than 20 times in the championship for Wolves and on loan at Swansea. Bamford is another example. He had successful loans at MK Dons and Derby before we poached him.
  8. He seems ideal for us but not sure what his situation is at Sheff Utd. Mid 20's, loads of Championship experience, left-footed and can play left back or centre back.
  9. Peltier. He's been overshadowed by Bamba but he has been reliable and reliably entertaining when it comes to a huge repertoire of shedhousery.
  10. Agreed. Whoever we buy is going to be flawed because otherwise we wouldn't be able to afford them. They will either have failed at their last club or be untested at this level or are coming to the end of a contract and are looking for higher wages as we wouldn't be paying a transfer fee. To be honest, I find it hard to believe that we would be able to afford Gibson's likely wages. He is supposedly on £40k/week and is highly unlikely to take a pay cut to move. Ironically, if Norwich had stayed up, they might have looked to loan him out to recover some wages. Darlow is supposed to be
  11. I think the start of it was Blackburn. Blackburn were there for the taking, massive injury crisis and we were flying. Despite that, Mowbray showed that there was a simple way to beat us: press Howson hard and cut off his passes. The rest of the time, keep a compact shape, double up on Jones and wait for a counter. After that game, our performances became more erratic and we have struggled to find a response. For example, you started to see Crooks and Tav switch sides for periods but that actually broke up the understanding on the right. It was also the start of integrating Connolly
  12. According to WhoScored He's had two red cards and 12 yellows last season so he'll be sharing a room with Crooks. Weak at passing and liking to play long balls sounds like the opposite of an attacking centre back though he does have 3 goals and 4 assists. Might be a reasonable understudy to Fry. For interest sake, Ben Gibson If the site is to be believed, Gibson is weak defensively but is good at passing. Not sure we need yet another defender who can't tackle or head the ball.
  13. It's a good thread but very head in the cloud stuff. I don't think we'll get more than pocket money for any sales other than Spence. There's also a distinct chance that we won't be able to move on a lot of these players except for another year out on loan with their wages being paid. Although we may get a sticker price of £15m for Spence, there'll be all sorts of instalments involved. I suspect also that our wage bill won't decrease that much because most of the players being moved on are on relatively low wages or already out on loan. Put this together and I doubt we'll have more than £1
  14. I don't know enough about Darlow to comment. Lumley's issue, as I see it, is that he has trouble judging the line of a ball and reading a game in general. It's the kind of thing that is not immediately apparent but it's why, when facing a shot from distance, he often seemed to fail to make routine saves or was easily out-thought by strikers. The way Wilder asked him to play required him to be really good at reading a game and knowing when to rush out; that turned out to be the weakest part of the game. He's tall, fast and agile and is best at making short-range reflex saves and saves in
  15. That was him. Working class guy in the military. Slightly to the right of Attila the Hun.
  16. - Grandad’s Team - Middlesbrough - Dad’s Team - thought "football is for poofs" - Mum’s Team - didn't have one - Local Team - Yeovil (moved there when 11) - Your Team - Middlesbrough
  17. Assuming that the list is correct and that we move all of them on, I had a look at who's left from our first time. It's not pretty reading. U23s who play/travel with the 1st team in [] Keepers. [Brynn] Defenders: Dijksteel, Fry, McNair Wingbacks: Jones Midfielders: Crooks, Howson, McGree, Tav, [Boyd-Munce], [Olusanya?] Forwards: Watmore, [Coburn]
  18. The ones he name-checked were those he thought under-performed this season. Judging by his actions I think he regards Howson and Dijksteel as having performed well. He has been critical of Crooks' disciplinary record and clearly has had issues with Bola's performances. He seems to have thought Watmore wasn't good enough to start but ran out of options when Connolly and Balogun didn't make the grade. He clearly likes Watmore but doesn't think he can rely on him fitness wise or due to his erratic finishing. I think we all know that Lumley, Daniels, Peltier, Bamba, Hall, Taylor, Couls
  19. 1. Any changes for the game at the weekend? McNair for Peltier other than that, it's steady as she goes. 2. What would be a more typical Boro definition? Us actually getting into the playoffs after this season or failing to win when Sheffield United and Luton drop points? There is no such thing as "typical Boro." Every club reckons the same. I'm sure there were some Man City fans the other day saying "Typical City." 3. On a scale 1-10 how do you rate this season? Bob. 4. If we fail to get into the playoffs who is your favoured team? From a pragmatic basis, Sh
  20. Watched the last 60 minutes while working. My issue with Payero and Lea Siliki is that you would expect them to be of a higher standard than the rest of the players on the pitch but they weren't. If you didn't know them you would have thought they were just run of the mill U23s who may or may not make it. Payero mostly ran into trouble and lost the ball. On the other hand, I thought Wood did well; the goals we conceded were more down to failings in midfield than defence. Hackney was poor. Apart from his goal, our strikers were hardly in the game though, oddly, when he came on, Walker loo
  21. I suspect it comes down to whether we buy a Howson replacement directly or a LCB. If we buy a 1st choice LCB then I think there's a fair chance that McNair becomes the Howson replacement. If the LCB is out, then McNair drops back there and Howson comes back in. Likewise, if Jones is out, I suspect that McNair fills in there and Howson steps back into CM. It's also possible that Crooks might get a shot at the centre if, and it's a pretty big if right now, Payero proves to be good enough to play RCM. Thing about Howson's role is that it requires the player to drive the team forward. Al
  22. I think Tav is probably better in left centre mid than he is as a wing back but that Tav-McGree-Howson-Crooks-Jones is our best midfield. Payero is nowhere near ready to start yet. Sporar did ok (which is about a 300% improvement on his last few games). I realised from Stoke that: Coburn is a natural #9 playing advanced in the centre; that means he is really playing in Watmore's position although Watmore naturally drifts wide to run the channels. Wilder has tried to play Coburn as a #10 and it hasn't worked but Coburn could play the same role that Rhodes played for Huddersfield agai
  23. Do they have a goal for how many of the U23s each year should be breaking into the first team squad? It feels like the gap between the U23s and the first team is huge and growing larger each year. It also feels as though more of the U23s are being bought in than coming up through the academy.
  24. Stoke have been on their best run of the season, winning 4 out of 5, beating Sheff Utd, WBA, Blackburn and QPR. Might as well go for a typical Boro result with a crushing 3-0 victory to us. 1. Moment of the season really has to be Coburn's goal against Spurs. Not just for him but as the culmination of our best team performance of the season. 2. To be honest, I doubt it. I think Wilder is struggling more than is apparent. Over the last 15 league games since the January window closed, our points return is almost identical to Warnock's first 15 of the season. May just be that the cup ru
  25. I do think that xg over-estimates the ability to convert chances into goals in the championship. I saw a League table where all but 3 or 4 clubs were under-performing. If xg is an accurate metric then you would expect it to be a bell curve where most clubs are roughly level with their xg. but In that league table us and WBA were massively under-performing the xg indicating some sort of relative issue. It also occurs to me that we have had a reasonable number of penalties and scored all but 1 plus a number of own goals. I suspect if you factored those out from across the league that w
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