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  1. Got to say credit where credit is due, I’m hugely impressed with the business we have done so far. The fact that other clubs were willing to pay a higher percentage of Flo’s wages but we were the club and player’s preference. The fact that we’ve edged out Celtic for McGree, a club who have the pull of European football and a manager the player already knows from his time with the national team. I just feel like it speaks volumes to the project that Chris Wilder and Kieran Scott are building. Very exciting times to be a Boro fan.
  2. I think any club in this league would be daft to not want to adopt the Brentford blueprint. Attractive brand of football and a clear transfer policy. Yes they’re a selling club, but they always get top dollar for their players and they reinvest well.
  3. Pretty sure Henderson is reported to be on 120k/wk so no chance with them wages. Also as mentioned above Rangnick has rejected a transfer request and told him he won’t be leaving this month.
  4. How have we hijacked it? 😂 They hijacked it first and we just hijacked it back.
  5. What is Celtic’s financial situation like? Seen a few off their board saying it’s not the first time they’ve been edged out on wages by a championship club. I’d have thought they’d have more financial clout than us but maybe not. Or perhaps they just don’t think he’s worth what we’re offering him and have thought better of it?
  6. Can see where the tav comparisons have come from. Left footed, good engine, drives forward from midfield and gets you up the pitch. Hoping this doesn’t spell the end for Tav though.
  7. It is interesting that the EG has stayed quiet on McGree throughout. It’s well known now that there is genuine interest on our side and you’d have thought if he snubbed us for Celtic they’d have perhaps put something out to say the deal is dead.
  8. Not sure if there is a max amount of loan players you can have on the books but only 5 can be named in a matchday 18.
  9. Romano link is legit it’s off his Instagram story.
  10. Does anybody else find it strange the number of centre backs we’re being linked with. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a priority position, much rather we looked at bringing in a solid gk. I guess it might be because we’re looking to move Hall on.
  11. To be fair to the lad he was struggling to get up to speed with the intensity of Warnock’s football, nevermind Wilder’s. No doubt he will get his chance between now and May, he just needs to be ready to take it.
  12. Not sure about Swansea’s financial situation but they did have that strange fire sale on summer deadline day where they sold Connor Roberts and Jamal Lowe on the cheap so maybe there’s something going on there. Not sure about what kind of fee you’d be looking at for O’Riley. Blackpool had an 11th hour 500k bid knocked back in the summer. Part of the problem seems to be nobody knows how long his contract is.
  13. Wouldn’t surprise me mate. Suppose we’d have to hope that being 10 places higher than them in the table it might give us some sway.
  14. Agree with the above, I’d move for O’Riley now. With that being said I’m not sure how easy that deal might be. He’s been their standout player and they’ll be desperate not to lose him, especially in January. I just get the feeling that this could very easily turn into a bidding war between us and a few others. You’d also imagine that if the Swansea interest is genuine his preference could well be to link up with Russell Martin again.
  15. Got to say I'm glad it sounds as though we didn't include an option-to-buy when we renegotiated Spence's loan with Forest. Suppose it's a risk if his performances drop off but the upside is if he keeps putting in performances like this he will be on the radar of a lot of prem teams and we can start a bidding war in the summer to get the best fee and ultimately sell him on our terms.
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