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  1. Yes, it should tell us a lot about how far along the deal really is. If it is anywhere near as close as was reported at the back end of this week you'd think we'd tell him not to bother coming back.
  2. Pretty sure that bag of domino sugar on the right is an American product 🔎
  3. I was really impressed by Bilongo yesterday. Best player on the pitch in the first half for my money and was surprised not to see him get a name check in the gazette article picking out the top performers. Especially considering that as far as I'm aware he's a LWB by trade and is not necessarily used to playing CB in a back three I thought he looked excellent. Big lad, good range of passing, very composed on the ball, got up the pitch well and supported the attack. Hopefully more to come from him.
  4. Don't know why we'd even waste our time asking about Piroe, there's absolutely zero chance of it happening. They probably will end up selling him this year as his value will be at its peak and will only go down next year with him entering the last year of his contract and refusing to sign an extension, but it will be to a top flight team.
  5. I doubt they'd be willing to sell all three to be honest, I reckon two max. It would be like us selling Tav Fry, and Jones all in one window. The fans would be up in arms.
  6. Or he might be wrong. How about we back the lad and give him a chance before we slag him off.
  7. I think the only obsession with him is seemingly coming from his uncle. I'm indifferent, don't mind if he comes back but out of the players we've been linked with my preference would be Ben Davies or Jacob Greaves.
  8. Pretty sure when we loaned Ramirez in the promotion season we came to a compromise where we paid a percentage, Southampton paid a percentage, and he took a hit on the rest because he was so desperate to get out and play. Appreciate that he’s still like every other person at the end of the day with bills to pay etc so it’s not always that simple but if he’s that desperate to come back I guess there might be potential for a similar compromise to be found.
  9. Will be interesting to get a look at him in pre-season. Isn’t he the lad we signed from Reece James’ dad’s academy on his recommendation?
  10. Surely not he was naff for stoke wasn’t he
  11. So 10m we’d never see then 😭😭 I would hope there’s some more achievable add ons
  12. Is that £15-17.5m total or £15-17.5m guaranteed + add ons?
  13. Possibly but I’ve got no idea whether or not that would positively or negatively impact our FFP.
  14. If that is true I’d honestly just take the £15m up front and be done with it because it sounds like it’s starting to hold up our business and we could start missing out on key targets. Seems reasonable for all parties.
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