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  1. Depends whether you are looking at sixth or automatic
  2. Agree with all the above views. It seems like we have been short of goals for a hell of a long time now. You look at whatever is on the team sheet and my first thought always is where are the goals coming from. In a game of fine margins and marginal gains the issue of set pieces staggers me. Huddersfield have shown that with a bit of invention 20 plus goals can be created. We managed to turn Flint from being the highest scoring defender in the league's one season to scoring one with us the next.
  3. I agree I think he was being clever with his answer originally and he seems to have compounded it with another one.
  4. Hit the nail on the head there. Team against 11 individuals. Have to be honest don't know many of their players but the coach has done great job with them.
  5. They look like a decent side and very dangerous from set plays.
  6. Just considering all these comments about Lumley and the other keepers are we entitled to ask if our goalkeeper coach is doing his job properly. Lumley's main issue to me is his decision making. Surely a coach can improve that?
  7. Well said. Personally I prefer Chris Wilders assessment of our strikers over some of the "experts" on here.
  8. Agreed. Different level today. United and Spurs had soft underbelly. Nothing soft about Chelsea.
  9. Not sure it's because he wants to play the same team his options are extremely limited in midfield with Payero and McGree out
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