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  1. Belated happy 65th. Another oldie here! Also 65 and working part time. Retirement is a very personal decision and for me I need the structure that working brings but also enjoy the half of the week when can do my own thing.
  2. I always thought that it was easier to play with the ball than without.
  3. 25 Championship players all unfit, sorry but I don't buy that. Last night's implosion was down to players not following the script not fitness. I believe it is a lazy stereotype and Wilder's assessment last night was nearer the mark.
  4. Really don't get how we are said to be so unfit. We are constantly being told that we have great facilities and brought in so called top guy to improve that Are we really unfit or is this just what most new managers say when they take over. Find it baffling.
  5. I wasn't being critical of him I was just stating a fact that he hasn't featured yet but your right his history is a relevant consideration
  6. Agreed. He has shown nothing so far to base any opinion on.
  7. Would be very surprised if Akpom featured this season. Not nearly good enough.
  8. That's what happens when clubs appoint on sentiment. Woodgate/Mowbray/Maddren and Murdoch tells its own story. Ole was a ridiculous appointment always doomed to end in tears.
  9. Only played 12 games! They are in danger of replicating the Ole error. They keep telling us that they are the biggest club in the world so surely they can attract a proper manager now.
  10. That alerted my attention as well. Also the square pegs in round holes comment and the Tav bit. Cannot recall CW and NW having history but NW did upset many. Forgot to mention he also mentioned again joining different parts of the club again i.e. academy etc.
  11. Agree entirely. Lazy generalisations at play here.
  12. Think Wilder is only early 50's so no reason why this cannot be long term project surely?
  13. The lad has an awful lot to do to become Premier League player. Not sure you can coach composure and he lacks it in spades.
  14. Think most of us have watched football long enough to know that something is wrong behind the scenes. I have no idea what it is but I thought the most illuminating comment made by Warnock recently was when he said words to the effect of I am going to do things my way now. The implication there being someone or possibly more than one person has been influencing his decision making. Don't believe Bausor or Gibson get that involved in team selection so has to be Scott or Short the new fitness guy. This needs sorting now. Only one person can pick the team and whatever the view on Warn
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