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  1. They have gone ballistic, Mate just sold his BMW Z4 for more than he paid for it.
  2. Good win, but NW choice of subs and the timings of the subs were awful.
  3. Looks like Spence is really enjoying himself at Forrest. He threw his shirt and GPS monitor into the crowed last night after their injury time winner.
  4. If we win the next two home games. This thread can be closed for good., loose or draw the next two. This will go mental.
  5. Nobody knows who will be available as the Friday training injuries have not been posted yet. They must kick the %hit out of each other at Rockcliffe.
  6. It's not the 12 points, when are the EFL deducting the 9 points for there punishment for rule breaches ? Would not trust Parry and his other cronies to do the right thing.
  7. |Thanks, could not remember that one.
  8. "Warnock has to start on the front foot and put them to the sword by half time" I cannot remember the last time we left the field 3-0 up at half time. Has Warnock ever achieved this ?
  9. I see the top six led by Spurs tried to get the Newcastle deal stopped. They are furious with EPL for allowing it to go through. If anyone is naïve enough to think these top six acted out of moral, ethical or human rights reasons they are seriously deluded. They acted out of fear that their financial clout has been matched or blown away by Saudi money.
  10. They may have moaned, but have gladly accepted every penny that has been lavished on them.
  11. As has already been said. Nobody would give a uck if it was Chelsea or Man Utd.
  12. Guaranteed bench position as he will not be fit, or tired, or some other excuse.
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