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  1. Chelsea sorted it out in a fraction of the time. The EFL and Derby are taking the pi$$
  2. Slowest take over in the history of football. A total farce.
  3. The Green strip is so drab and lack luster, much like some of our performances when wearing it.
  4. Brilliant win today and away from home. Fulham on Wednesday will be a totally different game. We will need to sort our poor defending out and win the mid field battles. We are more than capable of beating them on our home turf. BRING IT ON.
  5. Is there a preferred bidder or any bidders ? Sounds like they cannot give the club away.
  6. Stunning support. BORO fans can stand proud tonight. UTB.
  7. I would say the priority is to get shots of our so called strikers and get a couple of strikers in that can actually score now and then.
  8. If we play to mid night not going to score today. One of those typical Boro days.
  9. Tav has changed his game over the last 3 games. I have consistently criticised his approach and end product for months. His recent performances have been a revelation, it's like getting a new player in the squad. KEEP it up Tav.
  10. Big game tonight. It's one of thoughts you want both teams to loose. A Derby win would suit us better.
  11. Friend and Hernandez both caused free kicks which Derby scored from. FFS
  12. Other than the three point which were vital, the biggest positives were game time for Payero and Balogun. Both have major parts to play in the coming games.
  13. After the last couple of results my sphincter is twitching. We have the squad but will they turn up, tonight's result has gone our way. We need to kick ar$e tomorrow and stamp our mark on the Champo.
  14. BBC running a story on Derby this morning. Never once asked the fans why they are in the £hite. Never mentioned Mel Morris once typical BBC reporting.
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