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  1. Absolutely this. We sold the midfield supply. Alves would have scored more for us had we not done that, you just have to look at the goals he scored for us and particularly he got v Man U to see the service he wanted / thrived on - running through on goal - we sold all that type of service and he struggled as a result. He also scored free kicks. I think he gets a bad press because he cost £13m, not his fault we stupidly overpaid. If we’d paid what we should have (about £6-7m) he would be remembered more fondly. I thought Digard was a very decent player but was made of glass sadly and neve
  2. It’s just a joke based on the fact he asked the question immediately following the article I’ve copied being posted. If he’d read it he wouldn’t need to ask….. cockwomble 😉
  3. i genuinely don’t know……..would you like me to read it out loud for you?
  4. we’ve probably announced 3 but everyone has been too preoccupied investigating flights/tweets etc in relation to our search for the fabled 20 goal a season striker that no one has noticed.
  5. Or a businessman, over here on non football related business……….nah, gotta be a new signing!
  6. Be even better if when they opened the box it just contained Uche cut in half.
  7. I’ve been drinking for some time now, have I missed anything? Can’t be arsed to read through the many pages I’ve missed.
  8. Right. I think I’ve finally reached the point on this thread where I could no longer give a ***.
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