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  1. Opening scene from your favourite porno??
  2. Tbf we can probably just keep this thread open for when we’re bottom of league 1....
  3. Anyone else notice this reading that article? The stalwart defender the strapping Spanish stopper the towering defender the physical centre-back the hands-on stopper cant they just call him ‘Ayala’ instead of breaking out the synonym machine?
  4. That’s the thing though, if the club are releasing this now after knowing for a while, who is it helping? Who benefits? It doesn’t benefit the team or help the manager prepare for a relegation scrap. Surely Gibson can’t be lining this up as an excuse for going down?
  5. I don’t hold anything against him (it’s his career, injury prone, got kids/family etc). The thing that hacks me off is it comes out 4 days before we kick off again. It was always going to be difficult anyway (as we are pants) but this just doesn’t help matters in terms of game preparation. Hasn’t a contract offer been on the table since about Xmas? Club surely could’ve given Dani a deadline of say end of May, particularly with this Covid situation, then this would’ve blown over by now...
  6. Didn’t realise Taylor was 30. Thought he was a young up-and-coming
  7. Well the monotony of lockdown has driven me to drink (probably a bit too much). So the beer chat is kinda relevant to this thread...
  8. I think the real question regarding the ale should be; are you keeping it in the fridge, putting it the fridge just to get it down to cellar temp, or drinking it at room temperature?
  9. JUST IN: POTUS claims he was being sarcastic 😒
  10. Can’t wait to see Chris Freestone
  11. Wonder who Sky sports would employ to slate boro if Keith Andrews goes...🤔
  12. Is it too much to ask for hull to beat Stoke, Stoke to beat hull, Luton to beat Wigan and Wigan to beat Luton????
  13. Well it was an irrelevant gesture, as everyone, barring boro, is a cheating ***
  14. Yeah I was reading that the other day, two bits stood out for me which I sort of suspected anyway; One was “Every novel disease that comes out of China instantly seems to gain the description ‘pandemic’..... .....Covid-19 seems to fit neatly with our fears about Huawei spying on our phones and Chinese manufacturers stealing our jobs.” And another bit basically saying; Brexit went through with incident, USA v Iran standoff fizzled out, the bushfires in Australia have died down now. So we need a new thing to be hysterical about. It’s like the world just bounce from one non crisis to the next without stopping to think about it. I'm becoming convinced it’s just the illuminati keeping us all in state of fear and panic! 👁
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