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  1. Anyone who “pledged” heard anything yet? Keep checking my emails.......
  2. Why does it always have to be one or the other? Are those the only two courses going at the football manager training camp?
  3. @Mark_MSF Any inkling of how many people have “pledged to renew”? I’ve signed up but wondered what my chances are. Say 14,000 s/t holders last year 8000ish renewed already. How many out the remaining 6000 won’t have renewed because; the football has been pants, Covid-fear, loss of job/earnings etc etc? any idea?? EDIT: n/m there’s been 2500 applications. If anyone else was interested; https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/pledge-to-renew-window-now-closed
  4. Or as an ode to our chairman.....
  5. As in Guy of Gisbon? Trust us to try and sign a fictional character... Need a pun about Robin a living.....
  6. Looks like he just fell over. Clumsy ***. Maybe the the police didn’t believe this big clumsy oaf could really be a footballer so they’ve charged him with lying to an officer and impersonating a footballer.
  7. Yeah I’m kind of expecting a “those who didn’t renew in time can get a 1/2 season ticket later in the year. Subject to restrictions being lifted” type announcement.
  8. Anyone heard anything about whether anymore season tickets will go on sale? I unfortunately didn’t renew before they postponed sales.
  9. He’s the new chief scout. Got an eye for excellent league 1 players
  10. On the Marv thing, only reason I’d be inclined to give him a year extension is because the squad needs at least 4-5 additions and it’s likely we won’t have a lot of time to get bodies in. At least he’s a known quantity (albeit not a particularly good quantity).
  11. Just occurred to me, we could get relegated by Wednesday on Wednesday! It’s frigging fate isn’t it.....
  12. Didn’t someone one here say that he DID sort a lot of things out behind the scenes? I’m genuinely still curious as to what those “things” are, as on the face of it, as you say, he got paid a lot of money to make overpriced signings and pointless, expensive loans....
  13. An incompetent buffoon hired an incompetent buffoon, who failed to get the best out of a lopsided squad that had been assembled by an incompetent buffoon and a lying ***? *** - child born out of wedlock
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