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  1. I’d go with a front 4 of Wyke, carroll, wickham, diedhou and play extreme total lump ball
  2. And then we end up getting relegated after the EFL find us guilty of bringing the game into disrepute and dock us 20 points, 10 for the offence, 10 for being from the north.
  3. Aye it wasn’t us fans who decided not to turn up for the Blackburn game. It wasn’t Sheff wed fans who decided chansiri could sell the stadium to himself. If the PL/UEFA were serious about nipping this in the bud it should be big fines, a significant points deduction and a minimum years European ban. At least that’ll ensure most fans won’t forget about it in 6 months time, because let’s be honest this’ll be largely forgotten once the next distraction pops up like; whether Rooney will be fit for the Euros or when Pogba‘s new brand of aftershave comes out.
  4. Concrete step!?!? We used to watch the game from a paper bag in a septic tank
  5. The last 4 years have been genuinely horrendous but I can’t agree that this is worse than it was under Pulis. I mean under Pulis there were times we played a flat back 5 of shotton, ayala, flint, friend, Saville. 4 plodders in midfield and Britt stood up top with literally no one within 50 yards of him. At least this season Neil’s brought a bit of flair in general played people in their actual positions. Admittedly he appears to have lost his *** In this respect in the last few games. I’m not making a case for Warnock’s long term vision by the way, whatever the *** that is. Jus
  6. Boro sneak a 1-0 winner in 87’ after being battered all game. Followed by a classic Woodgate outburst of “norrrrrr the scoreline’s lying though!”
  7. I used to work with some called Christian Welfare. True story (genuinely)
  8. People saying “hence why“ in football interviews. or in any walk of life
  9. I’m big enough to admit I was just typing this How is that crooks a football player?
  10. Tbf he’s vastly improved from last year. He’s only a bag of *** now rather than a completely useless bag of ***
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