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  1. In the lying ***’s defence he did say “he wants to be committed” not that he will be.
  2. I think many have realised that very few people in the media (particularly interviewers) will call them out when they spout utter sh1te. So they can go from being flexible with the truth to just bare faced lying pretty much unchecked. That statement is about managers and politicians btw.
  3. just saw this on sky sports, Tony Pulis: "I really want to be totally committed to being truthful and honest";
  4. Will those 1/2 wide men be competing for Roberts’ spot on the bench? 😉
  5. Furthermore I would add to this.... just to increase the post count
  6. Might be able to play some decent diagonals though.....
  7. Errrrr what about those lines we arbitrarily drew all over Africa, still going strong. Rule Britannia for the win ⚽️🥅
  8. New kit every other game to make up for lost revenue
  9. Playing a bit fast and loose with the term stamp. Maguire over ran it, got to the ball but caught (dolberg?) as he came in to nick the ball. not questioning the decision but calling it “late” or a “stamp” is just incorrect
  10. Is it a stamp when there’s no stamping involved? 🤔
  11. Is it late if he gets the ball first 🤔
  12. I don’t believe him @BillyWoofs_shinpad. I think he was being deliberately aggressive. I think you should go round his house and kick his head in.
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