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  1. People saying “hence why“ in football interviews. or in any walk of life
  2. I’m big enough to admit I was just typing this How is that crooks a football player?
  3. Tbf he’s vastly improved from last year. He’s only a bag of *** now rather than a completely useless bag of ***
  4. Aye like wiping Palestine off the map 👀
  5. I put a lot of stock in the “personal responsibility” viewpoint. Probably from reading/watching a lot of Jordan Peterson. And FWIW I think a lot of the single variate studies that get peddled to show things like gender or ethnicity based pay gaps are usually just lazy statistical analysis and are generally put out to show a pre-conceived point. You see it frequently with the nonsensical gender pay gap argument.
  6. See what happens when you bring Roberts on 😡
  7. This guy’s admitting to being a Leeds fan....
  8. In the lying ***’s defence he did say “he wants to be committed” not that he will be.
  9. I think many have realised that very few people in the media (particularly interviewers) will call them out when they spout utter sh1te. So they can go from being flexible with the truth to just bare faced lying pretty much unchecked. That statement is about managers and politicians btw.
  10. just saw this on sky sports, Tony Pulis: "I really want to be totally committed to being truthful and honest";
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