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  1. I think he’d fair better in a midfield that’s looking to press on than the midfield under Pulis that just sits in and tries to contain. How much better i don’t know but I’d like to see him in there alongside McNair IF we persisted with 3 CBs, which I don’t think we will, even though it probably suits the personnel we’ve got. When we play a back 3 I feel like playing a CDM like clayton is a complete waste.
  2. Contentious topic around the living room tonight: why did mejias squat down like he was having a poo for the first goal. I would have thought you’d just gamble and go one way or t’other. Suggestions are his brain was scrambled due to either his error or the occasion, orrrrrrr he’s just ***.
  3. Spurs, spurs, Mourinho, spurs, spurs. Even when they mention boro, spurs spurs spurs Gazzaniga spurs spurs
  4. Is he well endowed but short or tall with a little todger??
  5. NO! Stick to the prevailing consensus or get the eff off my forum!
  6. Surely if your nana had a penis she/he wouldn’t have been able to copulate with your grandad to make your mam/dad? Therefore you wouldn’t be here. What that has to do with not achieving the playoffs I haven’t the foggiest but we should probably think about it, at least for a while anyway
  7. Got a 12th player on the pitch according to BT commentary, Tanneay (Tan-ee-ay). looks quite tidy.
  8. I think his dad probably just had a lisp and the registry office are a vindictive bunch
  9. I’m choosing to read that as a sarcastic “good luck”. Always hated that guy
  10. Is that actually true? Just reading this on the bbc website.... “Rooney's entire wages will count towards the club's Financial Fair Play (FFP) calculations despite him moving to Pride Park as a player-coach, as there is no 50% split on wages for such dual roles at that level - unlike in League One and League Two.” https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/49265227
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