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  1. Did their scout find him whilst sailing up and down the coast of that island in Pokemon blue?
  2. If we’re making a Barcelona comparison what I would say that when they win the ball back they don’t just try and get it up the pitch as quickly as possible every time. They’ll keep possession allowing them to recover the energy used in the high press. That’s something we would have benefited from trying to do last night, particularly after going 1-0 we just kept giving the ball away trying to force the play. I think we’ll need to learn that anyway as the players will be knackered by Xmas.
  3. Eventually sky panel will mention that we played in this game.......
  4. Jokin’ arn ya?! He made us terrible to watch, alienated players, sold some of our better ones, didn’t replace them but did buy 3 average players that we’re now actively looking at selling 12 months later at a loss. But on the plus side we did work aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrdddddd
  5. Bit of ITK knowledge to drop on y’all; I think that SteveM25 is my mam’s mates husband.
  6. Is that the gazette already writing this season off then, already looking at next year 🙂
  7. Well that settles it. DS has clearly lost the plot and needs to be removed. All those in favour say ‘aye’
  8. You’ve raised an interesting point there DS, is it kitten caboodle or kit and caboodle.... i always thought it was the later but didn’t put much thought to it until now
  9. Well that’s a bit of climb down from the other day when you said you hated all ex players and wanted them lined up and shot
  10. Probably climb some of them, ford some streams, look for some rainbows....
  11. But what if we end up with a clique of Denmarkpeople that ends up fracturing the dressing room with their denmarkness
  12. My boss’ son knows Matty dolan and we didn’t keep him, strange world eh
  13. Why not? I can't imagine popping to and from London is out of the ordinary for someone like Terry. If they train on the morning, he could go in the afternoon and be back by evening. It's not like a normal job interview in football though. You have to be given permission by the club they are with to talk to another club when you're under contract. Maybe they gave him that permission, who knows, but I'm not sure it's likely. Steve probably asked him to leave after he turned up to the interview in his Chelsea kit anyway
  14. CT is like The Highlander so I’d guess at about 873yrs old. Also it’s impossible to guess its gender why do you think it calls itself “Changing Times” ;) I always thought it was to do with article of the same name on the wall in swatters Carr. But your immortal hermaphrodite theory could well be true.
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