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  1. Are they poo? Or are they just struggling under a manager who can’t get the best out of them - much the same to the rest of the squad, which are mostly “better” players. I don’t know because I’ve not seen enough of them in action.
  2. Tbf it may well be true, he is a consummate actor, he’s be been able to convince people he’s a footballer for the past decade.
  3. Start of the season was: Bye Bye bad man - stone roses now it’s: something better change - stranglers By Xmas it’ll be: ghost town - specials by end of January: go your own way (mr Woodgate) - fleetwood mac Pulis returns in the summer: Sharp dressed man - ZZ top or this guys (mr Gibson) in love with you (mr Pulis) - herb alpert End of season: don’t dream it’s over -crowdedhouse .......giving that playlist you’d have thought I was at least 40.......
  4. Hats off to sky sports, how they found 15minutes worth of highlights to put on the tele is beyond me
  5. Tbf if fletcher didn’t have butt cheeks for feet we might have scored 🙂
  6. Yeah @brunners why don’t you want to listen to the colossal lying bellend?
  7. Hednesford in the cup, 96-97, think we won 5-1. Good times!
  8. I think we might upset the odds and only get a mild pasting
  9. I disagree. They have lots of money therefore they should all be rounded up and shot
  10. Appreciate it’s your opinion but I struggle to understand how anyone could want Pulis the first time, let alone a second time - unless you’re a masochist.
  11. Well it read to me as though you’ve said Wing is playing poorly and then cited shortfalls in areas that he’s not really in the team to address. ie fullbacks getting doubles up on, crosses going into the box aren’t really his fault. He’s put in a few poor balls but so has Johnson, yes he slipped or dived in early on in the build up but you can’t really attribute it to the goal. He’s no messiah but he’s the only midfielder that has a bit of craft and can pick a pass, plus the alternative doesn’t really warrant mentioning.
  12. How about shotton’s miscontrol about 15 minutes before that, let’s blame that for the goal too. poor defending from McNair for me, needed to do more to block the cross
  13. Try looking at it objectively; He walks like a duck, runs like a 3 legged cow, can’t head the ball, can’t run with it either, has the first touch of a man with penises for feet, finishing is generally poor unless it’s an open goal in which case it’s abysmal. So I’d say he’s worth at least double what we paid for him ?
  14. Did their scout find him whilst sailing up and down the coast of that island in Pokemon blue?
  15. If we’re making a Barcelona comparison what I would say that when they win the ball back they don’t just try and get it up the pitch as quickly as possible every time. They’ll keep possession allowing them to recover the energy used in the high press. That’s something we would have benefited from trying to do last night, particularly after going 1-0 we just kept giving the ball away trying to force the play. I think we’ll need to learn that anyway as the players will be knackered by Xmas.
  16. Eventually sky panel will mention that we played in this game.......
  17. Jokin’ arn ya?! He made us terrible to watch, alienated players, sold some of our better ones, didn’t replace them but did buy 3 average players that we’re now actively looking at selling 12 months later at a loss. But on the plus side we did work aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrdddddd
  18. Bit of ITK knowledge to drop on y’all; I think that SteveM25 is my mam’s mates husband.
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