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  1. 1st away game since carayol scored against Blackpool. Up the biro!
  2. Why’s it not up for discussion? Other peoples bans have been discussed at length in the past. Discussion is healthy, keep those in power in check. Particularly when they get too big for their boots and punish people for having the audacity to have an opinion.
  3. Cheers ITV, Djed Spence worth £20m now 💰💰💰
  4. Steve Gibson’s recent record on human rights doesn’t read particularly well either, boro fans have been subjected to 2 years of Tony Pulis and potentially 2 years of Neil Warnock 😬
  5. What’s crack with only 6 subs? Warnock being a boob again?
  6. I thought it was pastie, ie cheap, pale, flakey and the contents are of poor quality (and sometimes gravy)
  7. What we want ☝🏾 what we’ll probably get 👇🏾 —Peltier fry McNair Tav——————Bola —-Payero howson crooks———-Jones ———sporar
  8. I’m sure we’ll look to exploit this fortuitous situation by lumping it in the channels and straight out for a goal kick🤞🏽
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