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  1. 3mils a good start but with all the alqaeda tv deal money going up they can probably afford to stick a few more millions on. Then we double our 300k bid for crayola! WIN WIN!!
  2. ru·mour   [roo-mer] noun 1. a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to the facts: Quite literally the definition of that hilarious website!! alan hutton? what was just said /\ /\ and I reckon prem and newly relegated clubs would get first look anyway. I have faith in TM's policy of raiding the lower leagues. Its worked with other teams and it fits the budget.
  3. i've not been around long enough to know. but i'm guessing zhimai was some sort of colossal tool? otherwise this is just harsh ;)
  4. Lets be honest, surely getting someone with an iota of pace/trickery about them would be marginally better on the wing than having to play a CM out of position all year, or getting a loanee winger from the Premier League who's not really interested in what we're trying to achieve this year. Realistically, if any two of the wingers being discussed signed up I'd be a very very happy man..... The alternative, of course, is I'll change my name to HoyteForRightWing, and get myself permanently banned :rolleyes: Of course if he can do this, then all the better
  5. Skysports.com confirm reports of Michel Salgado & Emile Heskey seen together in Akbars having meal & laughing and joking with Tony Mowbray & Steve Gibson[/u] .......:P
  6. Murphy will stay with Fulham. ***tu is ***. Guthrie is gonna end up at Villa/Swansea/Norwich or someone of that ilk. Tchoyi we might be able to get. Salgado and Saha again way too good for our league. /\ /\ /\ that and as things stand i think we'd struggle to pay even one of those players' wages let alone the full 6 or 7 on the list. Hence TM looking at players lower down the footballing food chain like carayol, ledesma etc..... But it is good to dream!!
  7. Herold Goulon released, i believe Nicky Bailey may need replacing......;)
  8. I've not seen alot of him, but 32 with injury problems doesn't sound reassuring
  9. i agree but as mentioned more crocked than keith gillespie, and he'd be on some decent money. prowler - little bit on chamberlain - i've not heard of him either tbh http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/15887978
  10. ^^ Or a rich mans Faris Haroun!!! Think of the anarchy those guys would cause patrolling the flanks!!!! :P
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