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  1. I think his dad probably just had a lisp and the registry office are a vindictive bunch
  2. I’m choosing to read that as a sarcastic “good luck”. Always hated that guy
  3. Is that actually true? Just reading this on the bbc website.... “Rooney's entire wages will count towards the club's Financial Fair Play (FFP) calculations despite him moving to Pride Park as a player-coach, as there is no 50% split on wages for such dual roles at that level - unlike in League One and League Two.” https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/49265227
  4. Might be based on a percentage of games he’s been available for selection for. Or something obscure like that.
  5. I actually thought he was more at fault for the first goal. Should’ve pushed it out instead of straight back at Ayew. Cack defending in the build up too. second goal looked poor but Ayew was afforded the freedom of the box and pretty much an open goal to smash it at. Third was one of those awkward ones where it’s right under you so you can’t get down quickly enough. on the up side, lovely drilled finish from tavernier
  6. It’s that Rudy Gestede isn’t it! Could never understand why he’s so popular!
  7. Who’s this Charlton fella who’s getting a contract extension too?
  8. I think Woody saw him play in Soccer Aid, thought he was worth a punt
  9. And he was watching John Bishop at the town hall with Danny Coyne on Thursday. Busy guy!
  10. How come Sheff wed’s owner appears to be getting rodgered for selling the stadium to himself but it was declared ok for Derby? Not read into it but that’s how it looks on the face of it....
  11. Not to mention the surprise lesser known songs; On Top - How Woodgate see us in the league table (apparently) Why do I keep counting - when we’re 5-0 down at half time against barnsley A crippling blow - when it’s 8-0 at full time at Barnsley Everything will be alright - Woodgates presser after Barnsley Show you How - Pulis comes back as Woody’s “advisor”
  12. Are they poo? Or are they just struggling under a manager who can’t get the best out of them - much the same to the rest of the squad, which are mostly “better” players. I don’t know because I’ve not seen enough of them in action.
  13. Tbf it may well be true, he is a consummate actor, he’s be been able to convince people he’s a footballer for the past decade.
  14. Start of the season was: Bye Bye bad man - stone roses now it’s: something better change - stranglers By Xmas it’ll be: ghost town - specials by end of January: go your own way (mr Woodgate) - fleetwood mac Pulis returns in the summer: Sharp dressed man - ZZ top or this guys (mr Gibson) in love with you (mr Pulis) - herb alpert End of season: don’t dream it’s over -crowdedhouse .......giving that playlist you’d have thought I was at least 40.......
  15. Hats off to sky sports, how they found 15minutes worth of highlights to put on the tele is beyond me
  16. Tbf if fletcher didn’t have butt cheeks for feet we might have scored 🙂
  17. Yeah @brunners why don’t you want to listen to the colossal lying bellend?
  18. Hednesford in the cup, 96-97, think we won 5-1. Good times!
  19. I think we might upset the odds and only get a mild pasting
  20. I disagree. They have lots of money therefore they should all be rounded up and shot
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