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  1. I’ve been told Wilder spoke to Burnley on Monday and has used that to ask for a better contract. I assume from today’s comments that he’s got just that.
  2. Always thought we missed a big opportunity this year, I’m holding out hope
  3. Tifo/The Athletic have done a video on historic premier league transfers adjusted for inflation in football - we didn’t make the top 10, but Ravanelli comes in at £103.1m! Not too bad considering we got £85.1m for Nick Barmby… Whilst I’m here, they also did a video on the UEFA Cup run.
  4. Fletcher starting for Pools tonight!
  5. Sam Folarin got a run out for QotS on Saturday as well. Half an hour in a 1-0 loss, former Boro youngster Ben Liddle got a red card.
  6. Kav back in the Harrogate squad and just been subbed on against Hartlepool. Fletcher on the bench for Pools.
  7. Part of the reason I started the dedicated topic, always keen to see how our guys are doing.
  8. Isaac Fletcher off the mark for Pools today. Booked for ‘excessive celebration’ too. Good on him.
  9. Williams Kokolo just scored for Burton! Good for him.
  10. I agree we’ve had to grind out a few results this month and it’s not been as fluid as December, but it has coincided with us suddenly having something to play for. The last couple of games have been massive. It could certainly be down to the building expectations for the season, reverting to type and taking less risks.
  11. Thought we might have had a bit of a slide after Monday but that is a great result.
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