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  1. Im taking a couple of mates from uni who come from down south tomorrow and I need a few places to go before the game.. Get into the train station at 10 and want to be at the ground around 12, so can any of you recommend any decent pubs to go to before to get the best atmosphere and show them how its properly done, cheers.
  2. Can someone please condense the last 160 pages into a paragraph please? :P
  3. I think we can challenge next season, or atleast be there or there abouts
  4. Can someone give me a quick update, dont want to sift through 40 pages!
  5. I think we'll be lucky to get a striker in before the deadline, Im more looking towards the emergency loan window again when it opens in Feb
  6. I think today highlighted the fact we need a new striker, I have no faith in Juke anymore
  7. Just thought I'd share this with you all, highlighting the kind of people that use 'that site'; 24 Jan 2014 14:16:58 Anyone got any more information on Frazier Richardson to Ipswich on loan from Middlesbrough? itfcjosh Done deal. Loan until the end of the season boroloony 24 Jan 2014 14:45:01 you've singled a decent young player good enough for the top divisions good luck to him MarkKnott
  8. I think until news about a transfer comes up in the press, regard any speculation as just rumours.. I mean where did this Moscardelli rumour come from?
  9. Becchio is international quality?! Hahahahahahah, he's argentinian! You'd put him on the same level as Aguero, Cavani and Tevez?! Dont be ridiculous
  10. An update from FMTTM; Like I keep saying Middlesbrough and Swansea have agreed a fee which does include add-ons but nothing else has happened at the moment because Middlesbrough are still trying to sign Ayala on a permanent before letting Rhys Williams leave the club. And as for people thinking that we have enough centre backs at the club, well that ain’t true. We have the following; Jonathan Woodgate - Can’t play 90 minutes Seb Hines - Karanka wants to get rid of and still talk that Birmingham are interested. Omerou - Can play CB but isn’t up to the fitness levels needed hence why he hasn’t featured yet. Ben Gibson - Young but yeah hes fine and can do a decent job. Rhys Williams - Departing in the near future. Ayala has returned back to his parent club now, so really that doesn’t leave us with too many CB’s. So if you think about it we really don’t have that much cover, that’s why Karanka is so keen to replace Williams as such. One thing we do have too many of is in the goalkeeper position with five in total.
  11. Apparently West Ham have joined the chase for Rhys Williams http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/news/1179222/
  12. Interesting about him saying he isnt going anywhere.. I have a feeling he may just be putting a smoke screen down while the situation sorts itself out
  13. Can't believe there hasnt been more discussion over Rhys, we just seemed to have accepted his moving on as part and parcel of the situation
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