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  1. Stacey looked like a carthorse at the Riverside. Bournemouth fans I've seen posting about him other platforms seem to rate him. Kilkenny looks a tidy enough midfielder from the little I've seen of him plays in the howson role but another small player. I wouldn't be wanting to spend much more than 2 mil on either of them.
  2. His versatility is very useful but primarily as a central defender I think the most important job is being able to defend well before we start worrying about overlapping and spraying passes about. We are going to need to move him out of defence at least as a first choice cb if we want to challenge next season. He's not good enough defensively to be playing there week in week out. I honestly think he will take over from howson next season and I'm fine with that I think he will be very good once he settles in that position he's got every attribute needed to be.
  3. He got more out of the players for the first 2 months then we slipped back to inconsistency for the rest of the season. In fact I'd say we got worse through that bad run as the season ran its course rather than improve. I've not been that happy with wilders tactics and the performances on the pitch generally. When we play well it's an improvement on what I have seen in the last few years so that's a positive and hopefully we can see more good performances than not next season. He definitely needs the summer to get a few in and then I'll judge him properly on next seasons performance
  4. Honestly I think he must have had some sort of mental breakdown. There's no way he was that bad when he got a call up for England only 2 years before it's just not possible or was it?
  5. 6 goal involvements in 30odd games and plays in positions we literally have no chance in seeing him in. I think there's a very good chance we are interested it sounds bang on for us that. I wonder if he can run through brick walls n all?
  6. Lumley no question at all. Bettenelli was by far the worst keeper we have ever had in recent memory. Andy Dibble standards
  7. What were you expecting it was his second game in 48hrs or something daft like that. He's 37 and shouldn't be played like that. I blame wilder for that performance more than Bamba he looked really leggy after good performance against bmuff
  8. I disagree with mcnair being a good defender. He's a poor defender who makes himself look better by being comfortable on the ball with a decent touch. In one on one situations he gets beaten too easily and he's weak in the air also his decisions such as how and where to clear the ball and where to position himself cost us alot of goals. He basically looks what he is... a midfielder plugging a gap. Other than that I agree with the other points we certainly need a strong ball winner back there and someone who can organise.
  9. Wilder and Co who brought us the pony we signed last season. It's a good job warnocks bargain basement buys turned out to be decent players for us in . Anybody we sign should be given a chance to prove themselves before they are written off regardless of previous performances but people should have an opinion on whether they believe they are a good signing or not. Wilder & Co will have to actually sign some players who do the business for us before I trust their decisions without question.
  10. Replacing an indecisive flappy keeper who makes too many mistakes with Karl Darlow would be a very strange approach imo. Darlow is better than Lumley but still has the same sort of issues attached to his goalkeeping.
  11. Why do you support Arsenal? You weren't glory hunting from the George Graham era were you?
  12. Yeh hes potentially going to the wrong side of the nick. I was just surprised to see his name on there.
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