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  1. Personally I would be looking to sign Liam Gordon from Bolton as cover for Bola in left back. He's got some pace and quite a big lad for a full back. He's looked comfortable and assured on the ball and has looked decent going forward and defending from the few times I've seen him this season. Doubt he would cost much.
  2. I'd take Taylor and Elmo. I don't think wisdom is much better than howson or mcnair as a cb or rb so wouldn't have him. I think if any of them were realistic possibilities then they would already be here
  3. I honestly don't think they will give a toss. They probably don't think they did anything wrong.
  4. I'll take the one with the bent nose.
  5. Howson doesn't want to be anywhere near that midfield. His passing was atrocious again yesterday gave it away pretty much every time. Even simple passes are either hospital balls or astray.
  6. It was a definite pen but luckily for us where dembeles touch took the ball looked from front on that the keeper had touched it which is why he give a corner. I thought Peterborough played some nice triangles in the final third and transitioned well from defence to attack due to players having some cohesion and knowing where each other were and what they were supposed to be doing. Played some dangerous balls into the channels which if they had a striker on the pitch could have been more problematic for us. To me the game looked like a reasonably well coached team with poor players
  7. On a more positive note I thought Bamba was immense again yesterday. Crooks looks so much better than howson in the 6 won some important tackles and looked calm and assured in possession when everyone around him was struggling in the first half especially. Payero breaking the lines second half and giving us a bit more creativity in midfield second was promising. Generally we were poor but hopefully a few key players will gain some confidence now and we can build on this against barnsley but I'm expecting another cagey tight game just hoping tav is not injured. I see Uche getting a
  8. Totally agree about sporar. I'm getting a bit sick of hearing how he's on another level yet he's barely had a sniff against blackpool, Hull and posh. He's not really played well in any game he's played yet, ok took his goal well against forest but did little else. The more I see him the more I see fat britt... a one dimensional striker just constantly looking to run off the defender. You need more than just that in this league as players cant be expected to be putting the ball on a sixpence every time to make you useful. He loses the ball far too much when he does get it into his feet and his
  9. Why the odds were terrible haha odds on for a team in dire form with no fit defenders! 4/6 boro win and 15/3 for Peterborough to win. I was so tempted to put posh on but I couldnt bring myself to do it. They were what I seen on skybet this morning like.
  10. His man management of our younger players has been atrocious and he's pretty much set the club back years in that regard. We will lose spence wood, tav and coulson before next season. All of which have gone backwards under his management or not developed as much as they should. Im sorry but spence is not a poor player he needs managing yes but is an important member of the squad giving us chance to play wing back and covering as a full back and winger. Coulson I don't think has as much potential but still can do a job in those 3 positions on the left and showed a decent level under woody
  11. I'm done with going to the games now until warnock has gone. I've been making excuses of why not to go tomorrow in my head all day. I just can't bring myself to watch a patched up team in a formation none of them can play in getting turned over by Peterborough. I'm just not having it.
  12. In all fairness warnock probably will go with the team you have suggested. Imo it's a poor strategy to play a winger and central midfielder as wing backs and a left back in centre half and expect to be winning games at this level. Not only that but playing our best player as a wing back and out of position is a total waste and he looks absolutely raging when he plays there. Go with a back 4 and you only need to have howson out of position. If fry or Hall are back mcnair could probably go in there for a couple of games. It's better to have one out of position than 3. Unfortunately we
  13. I don't understand why we would ever play that back 5 with 3 players out of position when you could play a back 4 with one player out of position. If we play that defence I'll be absolutely appalled. Then again it is warnock so I'll brace myself.
  14. That red card was hilarious. You could see he forgot that he'd booked him then was like oh bugger when he had to reach for the red in 36th minute for taking too long over the throw
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