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  1. Feels like Groningen are being stubborn and if riis you can get for an 8 million deal, sounds good to me
  2. Wonder if we will try riis once more before we go back for Larsen
  3. Feel like it would work plus means we can definitely get greaves in
  4. If we can get riis for 6 million rising to 8 I would rather have that deal
  5. I wonder if we will place another bid for riis before the end of the week
  6. I do think riis is worth 8 million and if we can structure it right with add ons it’s worth it as would be cheap for someone with a similar record to Gyokeres
  7. 8 million after add ons for a player who has a similar record to Gyokeres
  8. But the point is players can play then a few days later sign for a new club mate
  9. So that shows the medicals could be them players if it was true
  10. Well didn’t mowatt play in the cup against Sheffield last week then joined us by the Saturday edit: yep he played on the Thursday so that helps
  11. Didn’t Tav play against Marseille and was off like 2-3 days later
  12. So Teddy, riis, greaves and muniz could be the 4 medicals rumour
  13. When the team sheet for Preston comes out we will see if a deal is close
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