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  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if Wilder would want to walk tonight after that, tf is our players in the second half
  2. Everyday should be spent working on fitness and attacking now
  3. I’ll take a draw for now it gives us something to build on with a lot of positives
  4. Payero when he’s back should be our main set piece taker
  5. So annoying how the ref wont answer for that awful decision, gets to keep his job and duck us over
  6. Payero normally does an Instagram story post for the game every time he’s playing so since he’s not done one yet I take it he’s out for today which is gutting
  7. I really hope a Payero isn’t out as would love to see him thrive under Wilder
  8. Ive blamed Bausor for a lot and maybe Im wrong but Warnock came across bitter, but of course we arent going to bring in most of the players we wanted when we want to go in a different direction and he’s leaving in 1 year, Bausor deserves criticism for alot but not with Warnock
  9. Wasn’t the issue with Wilder at Sheffield in the end over recruitment and they wanted him to focus more on managing and they do the signing? Worried that could be an issue here again
  10. I do think I’m terms of tactics Wilder is very different to Warnock and that should give us hope and something we can all agree on
  11. If he keeps the ball on the ground and plays to our strengths I have no complaints
  12. Right in two minds about his comments, they didn’t want Warnock to bring in players when we clearly wanted to go in a different direction and sign for the future, but Bausor is an *** so
  13. Gazette about to do a story of them all crying in the office as Warnock has been gone
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