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  1. Wilder spoke about Payero taking his chance surely he gets it now, Midfield has been average at best
  2. Payero would add so much to our attack man, he’s wasted on the bench
  3. I always think the moment I think it’s becoming one of those games we go to *** and lose
  4. I bet none will be able to sleep tonight out of pure anger man, this is so funny
  5. It’s a shame about Uche, didn’t Warnock say he is our lowest paid player or something as he just wanted to come here and prove to everyone he’s at this level.
  6. https://twitter.com/sheffunitedway/status/1481718871304376322?s=21 Sheffield fans now jumping on this thinking we are getting a points deduction 😂
  7. Apparently reports we are paying 5 million are wide of the mark so it’s surely around 2/3
  8. It’s funny how much their fans are changing their minds on him as more comes out one moment is screw him we only want players that will die for the badge and next minute it’s he’s the hero for choosing them
  9. This does read like a hint 😉 , I won’t get too excited as I get excited over any transfer news but Henderson would be the perfect icing on the cake for this window
  10. Saw some rumours United are gonna loan out Henderson, would anyone want him here and is there any chance especially with Wilder at manager?
  11. I do feel like the Tav deal will go all the way till deadline day
  12. If this is true it’s great business, money coming In to get McGree and a good keeper. Would happily take that much
  13. Is there anymore updates on McGree today, anything on his medical or terms have been agreed?
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