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  1. Well done today lads. Bamba man of the match is the icing on the cake today. Mick McCarthy is out and our U23s manager takes the helm while we look for a new permanent manager. Up into 6th then, you still want rid of Warnock?
  2. Fair play to you lads, you came to Cardiff and got the job done. 8 losses in a row for us and we might well be in the relegation zone later today. Be happy to hear from you on my live stream at 3pm if you want to pop on - https://cardiffcityforum.com/threads/call-the-colonel-cardiff-v-boro-live-at-3pm-today.18905/
  3. Ah yeah, we do kind of strong arm non-members to sign up I guess.
  4. I'm actually happy to hear these sort of comments, I do wonder what people think of the place, if it's user-friendly etc
  5. Is it too busy? Always looking for feedback on the forum layout.
  6. Cheers @Downsouth 👍 If you want to see what our fans are saying about this fixture and the mess Cardiff City are in at the moment, head on over to https://cardiffcityforum.com and fill your boots 😆 And if some of you want to join and say hello then please do feel free to do so.
  7. Yeah I wish it had worked out with Mick because he's an honest bloke and you can see it pains him to be losing games like this. But, when you've lost 7 in a row, the worst losing streak since 1933 and your strategy is playing 5 centre backs then you can't expect to stay in the job. We're one spot above relegation, if Derby hadn't been docked points we'd be in the bottom three. As far as replacement manager rumours are concerned, we know Chris Wilder was in the crowd watching when we played Fulham on Wednesday night and a lot of our fans seem to rate him so I hope it's Wilder and not
  8. Hey there, thanks for letting me join. 👍 As @Downsouth mentioned, I run the Cardiff City Forum (I'd like to post the link to our match thread so you guys can see what's being said from our POV but not sure if I'm allowed, so let me know) and tomorrow's game is quite an interesting one for us. Obviously it'll be interesting to see what sort of reception Warnock gets but I reckon it'll be favourable as our fans are still quite fond of him. Likewise Bamba, a massive fan favourite here and I'm still bummed out we let him go and in the manner we did it but our board don't seem to get muc
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