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  1. This has gone under my radar as things I'm mildly aware of until yesterday when I viewed the Derby debate in Parliament and then watched MP's beginning to give out indirect criticism of Middlesbrough. It's boiled my *** and clearly Gibsons when quite clearly other parties have lent on their connections to give out this one dimensional message Boro are the bad boys. It's clearly not our fault if Derby are liquidated, we didn't put them into administration in the first place
  2. The championship is going to be more and more used as a glorified pump and dump scheme. A line needs to be drawn in the sand of these continued efforts of gambling an entire footy club on immense gambles of wild accounting practises and breaching FFP to pump clubs into the prem and then hope to flog it to other buyers later on. Why the *** should Gibson just roll over and accept this crap when it screws us over and it explodes for those clubs where it fails. If an example isn't made it'll keep on happening The EFL nor the politicians want it to end as they see it as drawing i
  3. As far as I'm concerned the sh1t is going to start hitting the fan with the covid jabs and the football world, this is starting to become ridiculous. If football journalists had any decency they'd start asking some probing questions
  4. Precisely and the conflict of interests aren't exactly hard to spot. In the clubs defence over the years they've learnt that managers cannot be trusted to be given full reigns over who's signed or not. It's too much power in one mans hands especially now in more recent history where they have family members working within the industry as agents. Ultimately Gibson has to balance two industries. One in industrial transportation and one where it's a murky world of jobs for the boys. I personally believe the club could have had a superior start to this season under different manag
  5. Are you serious? Warnock's spent the last few days character assassinating the club. It's Warnock's own whinging comments that brought me to this thread in the first place seeing as many a Boro fan are taking at face value his criticisms of the club. People are allowed to counter this. The man who wants to retire has ran off to talk sport almost immediately getting his mates in the media to convey the idea he wasn't treated with respect he deserved by the club, puffed up his CV at Boro yet complaining how he wasn't supported and how he was seemingly frozen out of any say on player negoti
  6. Interesting, which leads you to question what was asked for of players who weren't represented by a certain agent and the motivations behind it. I caught up on Warnocks pitch 'interview' yesterday on talksport, he clearly isn't considering retirement at all. Talksport confirmed they have been inundated with calls by fans for Warnock to manage their club. Totally legitimate of course. Simon and co shilled for him as he played the role of laid back jovial manager who just does it for the love of the game. 🙄 Warnock just deserved his face to face meeting did he Simon, did he rea
  7. The problem is you cannot say for definite as to the exact reasons why a player may not have joined but as has been mentioned it's fair to say we weren't a success this summer under him. I am aware of what was requested for certain of one potential which in the grand scheme of the wider market it frankly was a p1sstake. A massive p1sstake. Rightly or wrongly Warnock has a reputation at this stage of his career therefore persisting with Warnock after this summers performance in the market, plus our performance so far in the season was clearly enough to call time. Warnock for me
  8. I think Warnocks more annoyed this doesn't look great on his CV if he did fancy another attempt to coin it at another club. When you listen to Warnocks interview again his nose is out of place he couldn't play on his friendship more with Gibson and he clearly wasn't given as much control on whom we signed as he wanted. A very wise move by the club as I can't say I'm privy to every players negotiation. On the titbit I was told I can only vouch for the club that this was a wise move and despite Warnock being pals with Gibson we've still publicly given him short shrift, which I suspe
  9. I've not said anything specific about him I don't have parliamentary privilege and an actual player who raised historical claims had to row back. All I'm saying is I've spoken to someone who was present in the room and I have zero reason not to believe him. I'm glad Warnocks visit to our club was short.
  10. Yes but but in fairness what really triggered me was hearing Warnock's public claims he had nothing to do with player negotiations and some Boro fans believing it. That alone galls me, let alone getting into the realms of what was discussed. It's then naturally makes it harder to view what was happening on the pitch on the backdrop of what was likely happening off it. As I said thankfully it's been cut short.
  11. Fair enough, that's your prerogative. Personally I'm glad he's gone after what I was told.
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3843812/Football-manager-Neil-Warnock-called-corrupt-Parliament-accused-taking-money-players-team.html
  13. Yep but thankfully I think the club saw through Warnock relatively quickly so they seem to be more switched on that what I feared. It's a lot different knowing someone than working with them if Gibson is supposed to be friendly with Neil. The way the departure has seemingly happened backs up my feelings that the club felt no obligation to pussy about with Warnock. He wasn't to be trusted with new signings again. The man talks a good game but was here to simply top up his pension fund. Thanks but there's the door.
  14. He dangles the retirement card to give of this persona he will come back to the game for the love of the game. My impression is he does it to maximise one last cash in. Personally I'd rather have a more hungry and younger manager motivated by ambition rather than an old man who claims to be retiring for the last 5 years
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