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  1. Ticket is your trekkers. See you in Ipswich!
  2. All the best Chris! My old man Boro86 is away and I'm not sure if he will get on here himself so I'll pass on his best wishes as well! UTB
  3. Always like a good cup run however wouldn't want it to get in the way for the league... but as they say 'winning breads winning! Team I would like to see Dimi Roberts - Fry - Ayala - Friend Howson - Forshaw Travenier - Bamford - Johnson Fletcher Hopefully some of the young lads will be on the bench like last round. U23's have been on fire so far so deserve the call up. Going for 2-1 Boro!
  4. Also forgot the mention we too are in the 'neutral zone' as wanted to guarantee tickets when booking. Couple of Norwich supporting mates went earlier this season and there is no netting separating the 2 zones and they just moved over to the away end
  5. Hi all! Me and the other half are coming to this one, staying in Kensington/earls court. Will be getting into London for 11/12ish. Is the 8 bells the little pub that we went to for the memorable Dimi playing up front 4-3 game? Looking forward to seeing you All again.
  6. Just got my Fulham tickets for the Neutral zone. Fulham's ticket site is the same as ours in which you can pick your exact seat so I've gone for as close to the 'away' section as possible. £40 an adult ticket though nearly stopped my heart from pumping blood!
  7. Look's like ill be getting my Fulham tickets in the neutral zone ASAP... They are already for sale on their website. And the Wolves game is a sell out! took just 30 minutes for that,
  8. Will be interesting to see if these improvements will be visible to the fans or of they are mainly offices etc. I'd love to see even more done with the Red Faction and the 12th man... All of the premier league gush over palace fans and I believe we're already better than that so imagine the atmosphere with 2 bouncing stands
  9. http://www.footyheadlines.com/2015/09/adidas-2016-17-teamwear-kits.html?m=1 Apparently these are the 2016/17 Adidas templates if no one has already shared this
  10. What a cracking game this is! Stockdale has just kept Brightons season alive. I know this isn't the transfer thread but if Sheffield Wednesday don't go up Id love us to go for Forestieri, looks a cracking player
  11. As in the sponsors who were the only ones who took a chance on us when we were looking like relegation candidates and in desperate need of money and a sponsor? The green and white didn't look great, but they've clearly listened to the feedback and removed that. They look about as good as a sponsor is going to look these days on a shirt Agree with this They stuck with us when no one else would and even changed the colour of their logo, name me one big company that would do that. They deserve a bit of loyalty This. UP THE RAMDSDENS
  12. After the game I was talking to my uncle and we both quickly realised that it's always going to be a 4-2-3-1 so you need players that are suited to that. First we need an out and out number 10 and that has to be gaston. Think the defence needs some back up. Not sure who but I've seen Arbelloa mentioned and that would be a cracking singing or maybe he'll go back in for Juanfran again... Who know but there aren't any English players that excite me that we could get. I feel another CDM is needed, critical position on the pitch and I personally would prefer someone with PL experience in
  13. If everyone is fit then play the same lads that did the job against norwich. If not the my team would be Dimi Fredericks-Ayala-Gibson-Friend Leadbitter-Clayton Ledesma-Tomlin-Reach Kike I can't stand Ledesma but I think he is the type of player that could just pop up with a bit of magic. The other 89 minutes hell be awful.
  14. I've just realised that I'm in Tunisia for the play off final! That's it we need to go up now. Would it be bad of me to deliberate canceling a holiday for the football? ?
  15. Finally but a face to the infamous vectorboro, this is going to be a cracking away day!
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