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  1. Grammatical Point. Boro or Brough shirt not Borough. auto correct like 99% of the English speaking world thinks borough the correct spelling. Good point - but not the worse auto correct I've ever had. - it was worse when I sent a text to Hi Virgina! to a woman in her 80's But any way is it match worn?
  2. I'm liking the look of this signed shirt the club are promoting - got to be worth a punt? https://raffall.com/273804/enter-raffle-to-win-middlesbrough-fc-shirt-hosted-by-geoff-wilkinson?affiliateUrl=6ca3b78214ab7f06ce93e6ab45d4020bd7a9989d62b4cd7a91aabdb9d5b7676f
  3. park and ride can be good but can also become a bottle neck all by itself
  4. Shoot - call me old fashioned but shoot its got to be worth a try!
  5. not a bad percentage of providing future national team managers - just saying
  6. lets hope this new variant doesn't put paid to us going to games
  7. nice to hear that - its lacking in football - honesty
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