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  1. I think we should give this young lad a chance as he was impressed when at Grimsby- Rumarn Burrell he were real quick! I am worried about the lack of signing but I thinking why do we need more players? We have 3 decent enough keeper, fry and hall as our centre back and pray that they won’t pick up injuries and we have Sam stubb and woods as back up, left back we have bola and coulson, right back we have spence, dijkstel midfielder we have wing, saville, tav, howson, Johnson,brownie,, McNair striker we have Britt, fletcher and this young lad Burrell whose is 20 year old also walker with our manager’s experience I sure we will be ok, would be nice if we could sign maybe 1 or 2’ more experience players. let not panic yet as the season hadn’t started yet! Warnock we trust
  2. Hoping that we get this Wesley said as according to fifa he is rated very highly as would rather we go for someone different rather than signing some former players like Jordan jones - if we dont sign sny other players i be shell shocked as i didnt think warnock would of stayed
  3. surely the only way for him to be sure is by meeting both and making an informed decision. Don't forget Juninho turn down ***nal to join us ::) if he doesn't come then his loss as he wouldn't really get into Villa's starting 11 (I don't think).. Would rather have Ojo than him anyway as he just a money grabber..
  4. Remember fans win draw lose today doesn’t matter as it only the first game of the season where there are 45 games to go ?? Come on Boro bring home the 3 points ??
  5. If there is a clause then we can't reject the offer. Traore can turn down the chance to move but we have to accept the offer if it meets whatever criteria is set out in his contract. we could always demand payment in full up front :D Exactly. If FM is anything to go by you can reject offers unless they are all up front. Surely he wouldn't wanna go to Wolve or Hudderfield - maybe top 6 club yeah but not team like them!!
  6. This 18m realease cause Traore had - surely we can reject the offer even thou they met the offer of 18m!! Gibson what are you doing?? if you sell you won't be going back where ya belong!!
  7. Why on earth are we planning on bringing in more midfielders?? Winger is what we need not central midfielders... Howson, Clayton, Leadbitter, McNair (can play there), Downing, De Sart. I would like us for go for Besic if we do intend to get another midfielder.. for the rest of the team I would be happy to keep - maybe another keeper as Dimi is now getting old...
  8. If we can get Besic back then I would be very happy with the squad we have as I don't think we need anyone else now - maybe a new keeper I think as I think Dimi had pass it now...
  9. 25m for Gibson and we get Besic as part of the deal :D sound a good deal that is
  10. Better not be true at all! totally *** he is!
  11. FFS Jon Walters - James Collins seriously if we sign these i might as well rip up my season ticket :( these players wouldn't get us up as they would make the team worse to what we currently have :(
  12. Did u actually read any of the posts through or just read the word sack and then decide to respond? I did quickly went throu the posts and I thought that we shouldn't be talking about sacking at present time or at the end of the season at all - the sacking talk only seem to be brought up every time we lost a game but the word doesn't get mention when we win games etc.. things could of been worse for us as look at Sunderland for one (LOL) and if we were in that situation then YES we should be talking about sacking lol...
  13. No I wouldn't as I believe he can go on and be a great manager for us (no matter if he get us up this season or not)...
  14. first of all I have to say i cannot believe that you bringing up all talk about "sacking monk" - crisis we only 10 games into the league and only 8pt behind Cardiff which I doubt that they will stay up there forever as they will have bad runs!! we were unbeaten for 7 games before last night game and because we lost last night so now there talk about sacking monk?? WTF??? Yes I agree that the game last night was poor of course but like people said that Norwich had most of their players inside of their box most of the game which we were unable to make a break through! I sure that Monk will get this team on a good go once we know our proper team line up! get behind the team and the team management and get a grip haha :) after the game - did I see that someone had rip their season ticket up and threw it on the floor?? (outside the west stand)...
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