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  1. CK starts funding the club from next week. EFL apparently satisfied, ground seems to be the only contentious issue but all concerned seem to believe it won't be a problem. It's also the issue everybody online seems to be focussing on. I think it's a shame for the creditors missing out on 65% of what they are owed, however, liquidation would have seen them miss even more so I don't see them being a stumbling block. Positives? Contracts exchanged. CK providing funds from next week. No points deductions for failing to pay wages. No -15 points for failing to meet the minimum paymen
  2. Oh well. Just back from my 11 day tour of England. We're down, you're stable and Wycombe have made it to Wembley in the playoffs. Still all a bit up in the air but it's looking like I'll have a club to support next season. Hopefully, the new owner, whoever it ends up being doesn't spaff cash we don't have. Get it sorted this week or next and we should be able to retain some players we want to keep. Any longer and we will be looking to replace almost all of the squad..... hey ho, that's the way it goes. I'll be happy consolidating next season. Anything better than that would be a huge bonus. Th
  3. Quantuma has been running the club since it entered administration September. Best ask them why they don't appear to have made much leeway in the debt department. IMO Morris should step up and clear up the mess HE made but that's not going to happen, just like Ridsdale didn't fork out to reduce the LUFC mess. Just like the previous owners at Leicester didn't. Creditors will end up being shafted, as happens with all companies who enter admin, whatever their business is, be that sport or manufacturing or..... We're hoping that Kirchner offers enough to a) satisfy creditors and b) avoid a further
  4. Done and dusted. Considering the -21 and the sanctions on squad size, no transfer/loan fees, wages cap, 39 players out the door (says Rooney) since January 2021 and just 6 in. We've done incredibly well to get this far. The irony of it all is that Rooney has done so well despite the sanctions yet, had Mel not vastly overspent, then Wayne would likely have been sacked at the end of last season. He wasn't because we couldn't afford to sack him, having won just one of the final 15 games of the season. The club, from the top to the fans has never been so united, not even in the glory days and I've
  5. The season lives on. Derby still in with an outside chance of survival, against all odds and needing the revived Reading to implode. Boro now have the playoffs back in their own hands. Here's to us both keeping our hopes alive as long as possible.
  6. It's a possibility that has been commented on but not much. Now we have a preferred bidder, Rooney thinks he now knows what he has to work with, financially, gets on with Kirchner and is now making plans for recruitment and offering current players he wants to keep extensions. He's intimated many times over the past few weeks that if his preparations for next season are hampered through not knowing what room he has, he would no longer do the job. Looks like he's staying although nothing is certain in football. We're all putting our hopes on Frank keeping Everton up and getting the summer to bu
  7. Reading's win over Stoke has made things even more improbable. Kirchner named as preferred buyer this morning. No mention of the size of the bid or whether it would meet the EFL minimum to avoid a 15 point deduction. I hope it is large enough to avoid the -15 or next season will be another long, long fight against relegation. This time to L2. It is what it is. IMO the only hope is that the current situation plus the naming of a PB will have the same "bounce" effect on the team as new managers often do. In reality, it will be L1 next season, hopefully starting on 0 points. I'm still flying back
  8. Brunners, QPR is away. Yes, our away form is awful, 2 wins from 20 games this season. Redcar Rioja, I've heard the same. We'll probably never know how close we are to extinction but it must be very close for the admins to go cap in hand Kirchner. Been there before though in 1984. We were 10 minutes away from liquidation in the High Court when Stuart Webb (managing directory and club sceretary) finally managed to put a deal together to save the club. The "saviour" back then was Maxwell. Little did we know he was robbing the Mirror Pension Fund to pay for Derby and his next yacht, G
  9. I've ignored all the reports of a preferred bidder being announced. I received a PM last night saying my mate had been told this by 2 reliable sources. Today we see the local BBC Radio, local paper, Sun and the BBC all saying Kirchner to be announced and that the announcement is "imminent". I hope it's the generally accepted meaning of imminent and not the Quantuma version 😉 If it's not sorted soon and Rooney gets told how much he has to work with AND the EFL tell him what sanctions remain in place with regard to transfer/loan fees, squad size, wage cap etc (as things currently stand he has 3
  10. If that's true, how could we get a sanction for exceeding FFP AFTER 2018?
  11. Surely, the acid test should be was any rule or Law broken? There wasn't, it would appear. As I said previously, Mel vastly overspent and that ended up with the club going into Admin and getting a 12 point deduction. Absolutely no argument from me on that point. With regard to the sliding scale amortisation methodology, it's a valid and legal accounting method, previously not banned by the EFL. Any and all Limited Companies, and DCFC is a limited company as is MFC and all other PL and EFL clubs, may legally use it. That is a fact. Another fact is that the EFL has now chosen to disall
  12. Using a sliding scale for depreciation is legal. Many businesses use it. HMRC is happy with it.
  13. EFL aware of the change from 2015. Not saying you are the EFL Brunners. I'm merely a fan trying to make sense of the situation. If linear wasn't a rule, what rule did we break? If we broke a rule, like we did by going into Admin and getting a 12 point deduction, I wouldn't be disagreeing. However, it now seems, confirmed by the EFL statement this week, that linear depreciation wasn't a rule, which rule did DCFC break that led to the £100K etc?
  14. Since when did unwritten rules have any foundation in Law?
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