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  1. So the millionaires have called a draw in the biggest *** competition and we could get on with the football Enjoyed the day, observations, comforting to see the same fake stone island stall in Derby market has a franchise in Boro,gotta keep the 16 year olds looking individual!Why the police didn't keep us behind for 15 minutes while we were having our end of match singsong I don't know but they had to show off their shiny new riot gear I suppose, Great atmosphere created by both sets of fans,had we kept it to 1-1at half time it would have made for an interesting 2nd half as it was po
  2. Along with 2k fellow sheepshaggers I will be coming to Boro on Saturday and along with the vast majority will not be smashing up the toilets or singing the vile Gibson song, although I am sure the Derby dies song will be on repeat. Who out of Morris, Gibson and Ashley is going to win the *** swinging competition I don't know but I do know that for 2hours on Saturday everyone in the Riverside will be roaring on their team and unlike the sanitised football tourist atmosphere of the premier League,we are football supporters and it matters. Yes, we both have our share of bellends but hopefully the
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