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  1. If Newcastle don’t loan him out, then they have to pay his wages. If they loan him or sell him to Championship, they do at least get some of his wages paid, so from their point of view it maybe better to pay him off and get him off books totally.
  2. But if the Owners are being realistic, Blackburn probably aren’t going to get promotion. Losing Lenihan and Rothwell has weakened them a lot. I can’t see Diaz stopping after this season, so they lose him on a free next season, or cash in this year. No one in Premier League seems interested, so a fee of £15m to £20m seems pretty unlikely.
  3. Sheffield U game switched from Sat 13th August to Sunday 14th. No time yet - it’s not due to Sky but is a knock on effect due to the SU match at West Brom being switched to Thursday night 11th, because of Commonwealth Games at police request.
  4. I think the bit in bold sums it up well. The costs of assembling a team good enough for promotion have increased greatly with the effects of parachute payments hugely benefiting the relegated clubs ( unless you have two or three brilliant academy players coming through to first team at same time). Most teams simply can’t afford to invest that much, even with a generous owner. So you either accept the best you can do is the luck of the playoffs or you look for another route that limits your exposure. this is the route Forest went last year, with 5 loanees I think, and I will be extremely hap
  5. City signed him in 2019. According to Transfermarket, they extended his contract in Nov 2021 to run to 2025. Why extend his contract after 2 years, if he isn’t good enough? And if he as poor, or average, as some posters believe possible, why are Man city so keen to have him back at the end of a year? Why not at least put an option (or requirement) to buy in and hope we get promoted. As far as next season is concerned, perhaps we also hope Zac Hemmings will prove himself in Scottish Premiership this year?
  6. There’s a real element of luck there though isn’t there? A club like Burnley could go from Premier League to division 1 in 2 seasons and it would be financially ruinous, but does that mean they have to allow for that and not spend while in the Premier League, just in case it happens? Do you have to allow for interest base rate going up from 0.5% to say 5%, even though it seems very unlikely? With the smaller clubs an owner can be happily funding the club then have a disaster at his other businesses and be unable to pump money in to the club. you would have to have done fairly severe rule ch
  7. A regulator sounds a good idea on the face of it. What exactly will one achieve though? How wide will their remit be? And what happens when they are pressured politically to influence the EFL to bring in new rules that most fans don’t want? For sure it will interfere in the workings of the sport, but how much of that will be beneficial and how much will it be to act as a sop to public opinion. I really doubt how much good a political appointment will do - the next non conservative government will probably want to replace any one the Tories appoint and the league will simply be caught betw
  8. You're right - but how do you ever define what is a reckless risk - one mans reckless gamble is another mans calculated risk. Obviously the EFL couldn't put owners in prison, so it would have to be a general law. Most of todays millionaires/billionaires have all taken risks to get where they are today. A lot of them have had failed companies. Put them in prison and no one would risk being self employed and starting up a company.
  9. I wouldn't be too sure. Yes - SG was very tenacious and ethically he was right about the stadium sale and change of accounting rules. However, it turns out neither was against the then existing EFL rules. (that was confirmed by the Independant Tribunal). The only thing they actually got Derby for was the technical error of not saying in the accounts that they had altered the way they amortised players. I don't think you can actually blame the EFL either for not having the rules in place that they have now regarding change of accounting rules and sales of stadia. I guess no one foresa
  10. Well, if as we believe, 2 other clubs have agreed our valuation (Forest and Brentford?), then it is definitely the going rate and he can only mean that our “high” valuation is a problem with Mr. Levy! On the other hand, if Forest and Brentford have accepted our valuation, then it is fairly common for the selling club to announce that they have accepted a bid, or bids. Even if it wasn’t Spences choice, saying that would pressurise Spurs. That hasn’t happened in this case, so maybe Forest and Brentford are offering lower amounts or haven’t actually put in a firm bid in writing - which means no
  11. I’m not too sure about that? Over 2019/20 and 2020/21, they lost £8m. Admittedly with no gate receipts. That includes £5m profit on selling players though. So a total loss per year averaging £6.5m before player sales. Over those two seasons the only players that cost them money were Gyrokes snd Hamer - reportedly £2.7m in total, but only an element of that will be costed in accounts. Those losses are fine if you a Gibson able and willing to fund those losses. With a lot of clubs though, they aim and need to break even and selling a player for a few million each year is way they do i
  12. Short termism maybe, but it worked for Forest this year.
  13. DM reckons Jarred Branthwaite is going on loan and Sunderland, Sheffield United, PSV and us are interested.
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