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  1. Well, I hope we can keep him, but this is really a two way bet though by the club, isn’t it? Either we do keep him, or we get top dollar for him, instead of being ripped off as he nears the end of the contract.
  2. Oh, right. Didn’t realise that. Sounds like it was definitely a family issue, not a personal one and a proper emergency.
  3. Or, to turn it round, despite personal or family problems, he made a really special effort to help his country out in a hugely important match? Wasn’t is described as a family emergency? Warnock seemed understanding of his decision not to travel to Brentford, so you would imagine it is something pretty significant. Just hope it all ends well for him and he can get back to playing immediately after international break, without anything weighing on his mind.
  4. Good to hear he is back - but if it means Fry has to go back over to left, that’s a big minus in my book. The difference in his performances since Fry got back in the centre is massive - he just isn’t comfortable over on the left. If McNair is fit, then we have to leave the back untouched - or at worst put Hall on right and move Dijksteel across to wing back. The way he has been playing and the lack of anyone else to slot in naturally for him means McNair is probably the lynchpin at the moment
  5. This is part of the problem though, isn’t it? I would be that in 10 or 20 years, maybe a lot less, BAME will be deemed as unacceptable as previous terms are now. The fact is that whatever term is used now, will be used in a derogative manner by some people and this will lead it to become off limits to a new generation. When I was growing up the charity Scope had a different name, coming from the medical definition related to cerebral palsy. Kids used the shortened version to insult someone and so the word became offensive - but whatever the charity had been called would have had the same result. As far as Clarke is concerned, I think he is simply a bit ineloquent, clumsy and not quick enough at thinking under pressure. That alone probably makes him unsuitable for the FA job, but not necessarily racist or sexist. What I mean is, he is of an age when,for a long time, words and phrases now banned were in common use and things like gay marriages, or even admitting being gay, would have been totally unacceptable and illegal. As a kid, I used rhymes and words that I wouldn’t dream of using now, but which almost everyone used then. Even though everyone knows not to use them now, it’s almost impossible to stop your brain from remembering them. It’s easy for young people who have no experience of this to assume anyone stumbling or using certain phrases is a racist, but it’s often not remotely accurate.
  6. 100% agreed - but what are the chances of the rules makers actually using rational thinking?
  7. Must admit, I hadn’t read the rule first to see that it is “ initial point of contact with ball” that counts. How accurate is VAR in assessing that? I read it operates at 50 frames a second, but if a camera doesn’t have an exact view level with foot coming in contact with ball, then it could be a frame or two out surely? Looking at the player being tested for offside, Usain Bolt can travel 10 cm in one hundredth of a second. Obviously most players are nowhere near that speed and often aren’t moving at full speed anyway. Say, though, you have a defender advancing to try to make an attacker offside and an attacker going forward fast, then they could be passing each other at nearly that speed - doesn’t that mean a 20cm difference over the (one fiftieth of a second) time between two VAR camera frames? Add that to any timing issue in when the pass was originally played and it is obvious that there needs to be a tolerance built in to the system. Offside was originally written in to rules to stop goal hanging by forwards, no one ever envisaged a system like VAR and it needs to be changed to give attackers any benefit of doubt again. I read that the FA are talking about removing the decision lines from offside decisions before giving them to the TV companies next season to stop complaints about this rule. If true, it is typical that the “solution” proposed isn’t to make the rule fairer, but simply stopping the average fan realizing what stupidity has been created. agree totally that discussions between refs and VAR officials should be broadcast, but that also seems too transparent for organisations like FIFA, or FA one final bit of nonsense . On front page of VAR handbook that is a quote relating to implementation . It says “minimum interference - maximum benefit”. They should read what average fans think and then review the rules to try to achieve that instead of the current mess.
  8. In anything but offside, it doesn’t deal with absolutes though - does it? For fouls there is often a degree of subjectivity. Did he catch him or not? Sometimes they need to look at slow motion from a lot of angles and even then you have disagreements from pundits and ex referees as to whether a particular incident was a foul or not. Then the referee gets final say - which is how it should be. Similarly for handballs - did it brush his arm or come totally off his chest? even with offside, they are trying to make it absolutes when in reality it can’t be. When is the pass made - is it when the player first touches the ball, is it when he is pushing through it and the ball deforms as the pressure is put on it or is it when the ball actually leaves the foot. With VAR a player could be offside, onside and offside again depending on which interpretation you make and how the freeze frame technology manages to freeze the action at exactly that point. The football rules were never designed to cope with this - they were designed to try to cope with a linesman running and watching both the defender and attacker at the same time. FIFA need to recognize this. A little bit of common sense should prevail. Update the rule to interpret it when VAR is operating. They could say either only the torso and head could count, or say the player must be at least 6 inches offside, according to VAR, to ensure the technical limitations of timing etc. don’t make a player offside when he might not be. That might not suit the purists, but it would get a massive vote from all fans everywhere.
  9. I think for each member of the FL there is always one company that owns the FA/FL registration - I.e. allows them to play as a team in the FL. The £60m must presumably include that right, or asset, as part of the deal. Other than that you’re right, it could include any combination of things. Knowing the reputation of Morris, it will include as little as he can get away with including.
  10. I guess if you are Mel Morris, you wouldn’t be stupid enough to include the ground at a value lower than the ground was sold for, not when the EFL are still nosying around the sale. Far safer to keep it separate. I bet we will find it has been leased to the club buyers at a peppercorn rental for the next few years whilst the arguments over the value die down. At some point then, it will be sold on.
  11. He was the same Sheikh ( from Abu Dhabi) who tried to buy Newcastle - but in 2019. It fell through, but I don’t think it ever got as far as the Premier League having to approve the deal. It just seemed to be one of those continuing sagas where Ashley was trying to screw the most money out of a buyer and they couldn’t agree. it was another deal this year with Saudis that the Premier League were objecting, partly due to the pirate broadcasting of Premier matches in Saudi not being stopped.
  12. Exactly right. im also sure NW realizes all this and will be working on it. When you think about it though, it must be easier to start by making the defense and midfield more organized and get a secure foundation - which he has done. To instill discipline into players and make sure they are covering each other and doing their job properly is fundamental and it’s a real indictment of Woodgate as a coach, that as a International defender, he couldn’t even do that. I think it is more difficult with forwards. You want them to be unpredictable to the opposition, but predictable to their teammates, if you understand what I mean? When you look at the top Premier League strikers, their own team seem to know exactly what they are going to do and play the balls to where they know the striker is going to head. That gives the striker that yard of space against the defense. It will take NW longer to even start on getting that thought process instilled. At the moment we have got a lot better in defending and in bossing midfield. We also seem to have reduced the endless recycling of the ball along the back four. Up front though we don’t seem to be able to pass balls through a defense and have a forward latch on to them. We also don’t get round the back of defenses much to drill balls across the goal. It needs quickness of passing and quickness of thinking. I’m sure NW will be concentrating more and more on this as he becomes more confident in the ability of the back players to stop the opposition and he will improve us, over time. What he can’t do though is make a player into an instinctive one - one who naturally makes space for himself and knows without thinking what he should do. Take Brill’s header last night. The problem was not so much a bad header as the fact that he didn’t make space. A yard moving backwards initially would have allowed him the space to see the ball better and jump in time to get over the ball. the other issue at the moment is our free kicks and corners seem predictable. You don’t see many preplanned routines or variations, which makes it easier for defenses to counter.
  13. The fact that we’ve been delaying it - Warnock said he wanted him but was delaying it until after the international break, suggests every penny is being counted. The strange thing is that If we are trying to save a couple of weeks wages with Watmore, it suggests we won’t have any significant money to spend in January, yet we were supposedly so close to signing Bolasie. Be interesting to see whether this contract for Watmore, if it materializes, is until January window only or for season.
  14. Coulson’s lack of playing time has been mentioned once or twice. Sounds as though Warnock felt he needed a kick up the proverbial:- Extracts from Gazette interview with NW Neil Warnock says the penny has dropped for Hayden Coulson, with the wing-back now showing the Middlesbrough manager what he's capable of. Coulson hasn't featured much because he hasn't impressed in training, is the honest assessment of Warnock. But in the last fortnight that's changed. He's got to be better than what he was in pre-season. It's my fault as well, I played him right wing-back against Barnsey and he had a nightmare, that was my fault. "But he's not been good in training. But the last two weeks all of a sudden something has dropped and he's been fantastic."
  15. Wasn’t it Parry who was part of setting up the Premier League and parachute payments? As for the unsustainable losses he mentions - that’s been happening for years and the EFL as a whole hasn’t done enough to try to stem the losses and make clubs play within their (normal) income. The government has made a right horlicks of much of the crisis, but I can’t imagine many people outside football fans being happy to see huge sums going to clubs when they were never living within their means. I mean, Boro managed to find money for Akpom, didn’t they. Does the taxpayer have to subsidize that and the spend of a lot of clubs? i can understand why he compares football to theatres and the like, but theatres tend to produce a budget and stick to it, matching income (albeit sometimes with public subsidies) with costs. They don’t rack up huge losses in hope of moving up the “league” and they don’t get bought and sold with new owners determined to spend more that previous ones. Think he has a fair point about getting fans back though. All the newer evidence seems to suggest that the overwhelming majority of infections occur inside and particularly where there is little air ventilation.
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