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  1. He 21 year old and from Palace, but never played for them. On loan last season at Dover. Probably signed him with a view to next season when Bazanu will have gone back to Man City.
  2. If we’d been well behind he might have done. Presumably thought his rocket at half time would improve things - and it did. I think he recognises that the forwards need to get an understanding and also Connolly needs to get match fit and to come to grips with the Championship style of play. For that reason, I suspect he might persist with him for a while. Bang on with comment about midfielder though.
  3. A lot of “tactical” fouls - particularly from Boro early on. We couldn’t cope with their midfielders breaking through and took a few yellows to stop dangerous situations developing. Got a feeling ref was evening things up a bit later on and he seemed a bit trigger happy with his card.
  4. That sounds good - the problem is that any football club is a limited company and so EFL can’t dictate the process. It’s laid down by the insolvency laws. Obviously complicated, but in a nutshell, they state that if a company is trading insolvently (I.e. can’t pay their debts), then the directors have to appoint an administrator. In practice, unless it is a big plc with hundreds of shareholders, this means the owners are the ones appointing the administrators.
  5. I seem to remember this was about corporation tax losses. If you make a loss in a company, then you can carry that loss forward to future years and deduct it from any profit in that future year, so you only pay tax on the net profit after deducting the loss. In a group all owned by the same holding company, if one company makes a profit and is due to pay tax on it and another makes a loss, then instead of carrying that loss forward in the loss making company, you deduct the loss from the profit of the profitable company and only pay tax on the net overall group profit. Obviously Bulkha
  6. They played some nice football today - better than some sides we’ve seen at Boro. Some good young players as well, so you can see why they are trying to avoid fire sales. The inexperience seems to be letting them play without any fear, unlike many teams at bottom of league, though maybe that inexperience is what leads to their downfall in some games.
  7. Pretty fair article in The Times overall. The paragraphs after the above one are:- No, the issue here is with Morris and the £29 million still owed to Revenue and Customs and millions more to other creditors. Perhaps most significant of all the liabilities is the £20 million loan from MSD Holdings. Morris secured the loan against the Pride Park stadium that he still owns and also provided a personal guarantee for the money. If the administrators cannot raise sufficient funds from a new owner, the US investment group presumably goes after Morris. As Rooney said yesterday, Morris is th
  8. Wilder is still saying he wants more, though. He admits he needs to balance books but still seems hopeful of getting other players in, in a couple of positions, according to Northern Echo interview. If we can’t get rid of Uche and JLS, then maybe we might still get a good prospect on loan to challenge at LCH or LWB. Premier sides might be more willing to consider loans at end of month if Covid issues abate a bit.
  9. Not clear how genuine or realistic this offer is, but will be interesting to see whether it brings out the supposed other two parties interested into the open. I assume Quantuma will have to make a statement at some point about the supposed bid - either that they are talking seriously to them or that the bid isn’t being considered/isn’t true etc. I do hope it is at least a true bid and has some realism to it. Imagine Derby reaction if it was all fake.
  10. Not so sure it is removed from normal administrator work. Bear in mind their bosses are members of professional bodies and are subject to disciplinary action/barring if they don’t follow laws and rules. the EFL have said that Derby have to show by 1st February (end of transfer window) they have the money to finish the season. Quantuma know that and if they don’t sell anyone and can’t find the money they won’t finish the season - so it’s self defeating. if they are refusing to sell players, either they reckon they can find the money from elsewhere to finish the season, or they reckon th
  11. Surely every club, indeed every business, that goes into administration, costs the taxman money? It used to be the law that HMRC was a preferred creditor and were entitled to all their money before ordinary creditors got paid. Government changed this as people complained it was unfair to other businesses. So any football club now going into administration will cost HMRC and us as taxpayers money. It’s only defrauding if they are misstating true assets in order to give taxman less that he is entitled to. Is this happening? I’m sure they are manoeuvring to minimise the taxman’s take, but eve
  12. Games are 27th January and 1st February. We play Blackburn on 24th in evening, when it’s already 25th in Aus. So he will have to be on his way before our game.
  13. The interesting new point for me in SG letter is the first point. What he is suggesting is that if Derby go bust, then Morris is on hook for the loan against the ground - which Gibbo says is a substantial loan. I think his point is that the administrators need to be asking Morris how much he will put into the pot to help save the club - by agreeing to sell the ground to the new owner at a knock down price, instead of the rumoured £20m, otherwise Morris is on hook for all of the loan until and if he can sell the ground - and who would bid for the ground if the football club wasn’t there?
  14. The business already done has made me pretty optimistic. I wouldn’t be surprised though if there is still last day activity. Sometimes clubs insist on getting their other deals done before selling/buying your player or the one you want. Think Siliki could be a last minute deal by someone for example, trying to get him on the cheap and us wanting to get at least part of his wages off the books.. With what we have already done we can afford to be relaxed about it. Difference this year is that any more deals will be the icing on the cake, not a stale mouldy old cake itself.
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