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  1. Only six subs? No Payero either. Surely one of the young lads could have been named for experience.
  2. The Times is saying Newcastle had agreed a deal with Boro for Traore at £15m plus Matt Ritchie, but Benitez blocked it because he didn’t want to lose Ritchie. Part of an article comparing Traore with Sainte-Maximin, who NU signed instead.
  3. Probably easier to agree to a short extension than run the risk of an appeal based on “inflexibility of EFL” when Derby “were trying their best to comply”.
  4. Yes, I read that at the time That’s what I was meaning. Usually the club issues a statement - like with Browne, saying what the injury was and then about his op and recovery time. With Fisher, there’s been absolutely nothing, so you do wonder exactly what he has done and the likely prognosis.
  5. Has there ever been a proper statement about what injury he has? (I know is was his knee and it was a freak accident, but that’s all they’ve said). All the stuff in July said he was pretty likely to need an op and be out for season, but at that stage Warnock said he was waiting for info from medics and I can’t see club have ever reported whether he is going to have op, or whether it has happened. That article about Browne only had one-liners about Fisher and Ameobi and it seems to be a rehash of what they said in July, not really a confirmation from the club of anything.
  6. Players with potential to go straight into first team squad, I’ll give you, but he should have a long list of younger players who have potential to move up from U23 squads or from non league/league 2. With those players, there’s bound to be some that make it to premier league , those just good enough for Championship and others who never make it at all. You sign those that interest you most, and who want to join you and then hope they progress. Find one or two gems and they can be worth a huge amount in today’s market, so Norwich won’t just ignore all the ones he has been keeping tabs on. The
  7. He is, which is why he would be stupid to been seen publicly in a position such as our bench. On the other hand, meeting Steve Gibson and Neil Bausor behind closed doors to “go through the fine detail of his contract”, “agree his priorities for when he does start” etc. etc. Is the kind of thing that goes on all the time with people on gardening leave. At that kind of meeting, it is amazing how the conversation can stray to topics that shouldnt be discussed until after the official start date. It would be very unusual if Scott hadn’t discussed possible targets and strategies with Gibson - and
  8. He doesn’t have to be there. Might still want to be, though. Or could be a last minute issue that needed him to authorise. Or, a breakthrough in an alternative player bid that could affect an existing offer. Just seemed coincidental that he cut a presser short just before the signing deadline and said we would see tomorrow.
  9. When did the press conference ends? For a player to play tomorrow, the transfer would need to be completed by 12.00noon today. Could that be reason for him rushing off?
  10. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned on here, amongst all the Star Wars stuff, but Ciaron Brown of Cardiff is out for up to a month, injured. It explains why he didn’t appear in Carabao Cup game. Either means he’s odds on to come here, or we will have moved on to other targets - maybe why we’ve been reported as interested in Guinness- Walker?
  11. Even if he’s got no intention of coming to Boro, it is in his agents interests to say he is willing. If we up out offer, he then goes back to Fulham and tells them they need to up their offer of wages to match our new offer. If they match it then he looks good to his client, if they don’t he can still say Muniz has turned down the higher offer because he really wants to come to Fulham. Can’t lose either way!
  12. Is that definitely the case? IF we sign this player, then the first thing most fans will do is look up his details, current club, stats etc. It could be then that they are shocked to be signing somebody with those stats. I don’t know many of the players in the major European Leagues such as La Liga or Bundesliga, but if we signed the leading scorer at any club in those leagues, I would be “shocked”even if I didn’t recognise his name.
  13. Its on goal difference according to site I found, so Australia can’t get into top two positions unless they win.
  14. It’s up to both clubs to negotiate what the transfer fee is and when it is paid - it’s purely a commercial decision and normally the selling club is interested enough in getting cash in to refuse any extended terms over and above the norm. If Liverpool are prepared to accept the cash at a later date, then there is nothing to stop them. the point is though that the timing of payment doesn’t normally affect FFP rules. You depreciate the players worth over the length of the contract - so if Wilson is going on a 5 year deal for £12m, say, then the cost for FFP is £2.4m per year irrespective o
  15. I thought Bamba hadn’t played for months and was with us to get fit? Whether we offer him a deal or not, his fitness levels are likely to be a few weeks behind the first team squad, so staying at Rockcliffe and doing specialised training would be logical. Playing for U23s will give him game time without going at full throttle. Can’t see this tells us anything about whether there is any chance of offering him a contract or not.
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