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  1. Just seen it on twitter. Was the same account who got forss number correct.
  2. I think the line up will be Steffen jones fry lenihan McNair giles Howson Crooks. Mowatt forss. Akpom
  3. Pretty sure wilder or someone explained. They need to be registered by 12pm the previous day to play in the next game. For all we know he could of been registered yesterday anyways, just all his media and that needed doing .
  4. After catching up on a few pages. 2 things stand out, mowatt is at rockcliffe. The other being, the sun has got to a lot of people😂. Very aggy
  5. Been away yesterday. Have I missed anything? Any rumours or ITK snippets?
  6. I’ll be honest, I’ve got no confidence we get anything on Sunday. Confidence is shot to s**t, I’m not bothered about going out the cup. Just the same old story of missing chances, hopefully this gives the recruitment a kick up their back and get at least another player in before sunday
  7. Who’s trying to find an issue? Can people not have opinions, or is it just automatically an issue. Jesus 😂.
  8. I don’t think anybody “detests” the football club. It’s just abit sh** having our new player come out to an more or less empty stadium against Barnsley in the first round thr of the league cup. Doesn’t mean they detest the club 😂😂
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