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  1. I don't think you'd have to shoehorn him in. No reason he can't take Howsons spot. Hell you could even give Tav a run in the middle with Payero going where Tav is.
  2. I'd put Payero in Howsons spot for the next match. Wilder doesn't really play with a proper DM, at Sheff United he had 3 in the middle who were all-rounders. Howson doesn't really offer much defensively anyways, not like say a prime Clayton. From the small amount we have seen of Payero he looks to have all the tools to play that role. Good engine, technically competent, wasn't afraid to get stuck in. The midfield last night was crying out for someone to get the ball to feet from the back 3. Instead we just ended up lumping it to crooks half the time.
  3. I've not been ott with praise for Crooks previous or jumping on the bandwagon slating Tav. Imo Jones is helping Crooks look a much better player whereas Tav is being hindered by Peltier/Taylor. Need to sort out that lwb.
  4. ***, before his injury he was looking better than our other midfielders and that was with Warnockball. He is tailor made for a Wilder team as the lad can do a bit of everything.
  5. Looking that way. Shocking he cant get on the pitch. We are going to do ourselves over by not signing a Lwb aswell. We have literally no threat if Jones isn't in the game.
  6. Getting a little concerned that Wilder only seems to know how to switch strikers or throw more on. Was expecting a little more invention from him. On a personal note I'm getting really *** off that Payero cant get on the pitch. Wtf has the lad done?
  7. I personally would love to liquidate Derby. Bunch of thunderc##ts.
  8. Its mental really. For a lad who is still working on that final ball he is a assist monster and in big moments. I doubt any player has got the number of assists he has since Wilder came in and this is still him being quite raw. Scary to think where his ceiling could be.
  9. Wilders subs are the one thing I haven't been impressed at all with. Refuses to change the midfield, only seems to change strikers over.
  10. Not to try and put a downer on things as I'm generally delighted with Wilder but I must admit I'm a little concerned we are going back to Pulis/Warnock style of British based players only. I was extremely excited by the prospect of Scott and more Payero/Sporar type signings however it seems we've done a bit of a u turn and are going back to English experience only. I hope we haven't given up on that avenue for signings.
  11. You've got to wonder if there is some legs to Tav being off. Otherwise we seem to be doing a Pulis and stockpiling central midfielders. You'd think Boyd Munce and Mcgree would be replacements.
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