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  1. Really wish Warnock would *** off trying to sabotage Payero by sticking him in a 10 role and lobbing the ball over his head. You could see how much better and impactful he was dropped deeper in a 8 role. God I hate Warnock.
  2. Dont be so dramatic. All the supposed Itk guys get a lot more wrong than right. I personally enjoy any titbits.
  3. Got all my fingers and toes crossed.
  4. Reiziger and Lampard my first two. More importantly I'd rather we didn't get someone in that instantly splits the fan base like our previous 4 appointments. I think probably 95% of the fanbase would get behind a Lampard or Reiziger. Makes it much less toxic.
  5. Hes more than welcome to do one then. I don't think there is a club going nowadays that just let's the manager have 100% of the say on signings. If he looked closer to home regarding his methods and tactics he might get a clue as to why he can't work with our current crop.
  6. I personally think we could afford and attract names like that. We were paying Pulis a eye watering amount, probably double what Lampard got at Derby or Reiziger is getting currently. Its been shown at Leeds how much benefit can be gotten by putting money into the manager. Instead of putting a million or two into lumps like Crooks why don't we use that money on a decent manager?
  7. I said in the match thread Reiziger would be my first choice, probably followed by Lampard or a left field foreign appointment. The biggest thing for me though is we start playing some better football. We've had Agnew/Monk/Pulis/Woodgate then fecking Warnock. Youd be hard pushed to make a list of more either clueless or negative managers and quite frankly I'm bored bloody silly by it. A bit of excitement around the place like the early Karanka time is massively needed.
  8. Alex bloody Neil? You lot really love punishment don't you.... As for players falling out of favour with a new man, it's inevitable and if those players were Crooks and Uche I wouldn't lose much sleep over it as let's be honest neither are top 6 team starters. Remember when Kranky came in and kicked Steele straight out despite him at the time being arguably our most promising young player.
  9. Michael Reiziger would be my first choice. After that I'd give Lampard a go and I'm sure Scott has some foreign gems on his list. Warnock is never gonna get anything out of this squad. On paper we've actually got quite a technical/ball playing team and Warnock only does well with his lumps. Any of the stat guys know where we'd be in a 2021 table? I'm guessing bottom or there abouts. This isn't just short term form.
  10. Completely bypassing the midfield as per. Would be nice to see Payero get a touch.
  11. As others have said, good result, crap performance. Its so frustrating watching us play with such a dated plan. I think of how we played under Aitor, Leadbitter and Clayton controlling games and having a billion touches, our patterns of play seemed deliberate and well coached. With Warnock its literally shank/hoof or find any way to get it to one of our wingers and hope they can either create something or get fouled to win a free kick or corner. I'd love to see what a proper coach could do with this group, however it looks like we're going to waste the positive new signings and the likes
  12. Assuming we setup like that it's probably the first time I've agreed with the lineup. Just hope we get it down and play a bit as that team is defo capable and sporar doesn't look like the type to win hoofball.
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