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  1. Unfortunately mate there is about 6 other players that will need to be missing/injured before that happens.
  2. Was just about to post this. Although transfermarkt has him at 3 assists and a goal in 10 appearances last season which isn't bad at all for a guy that hadn't played for a while before joining. I would bet my house that had Robert's been given the luxury of start after start even after terrible performances like Johnson has, his numbers would be much better than any of our other attackers.
  3. I think the Roberts situation is nothing to do with footballing ability. There is obviously something behind the scenes with him, maybe it's injury related, maybe Warnock making a point as someone brought Roberts in over his head? Who knows. But Warnock has gone out of his way to not play him. Nelson would be a fantastic signing.
  4. I doubt it will be him but Kebano would be about as good as we could get for the playoff push. Fulham fans are annoyed that he isn't get games above Cavalheiro, Loftus Cheek, Kamara and even Mitrovic as they believe he brings more to the party. Would give us that little bit flair we dont have at the moment and hopefully allow Tav to drop back centrally with Watmore going right.
  5. Would of much rather seen Tav central with Roberts given a game but happy Howson is back.
  6. Think it was Browne that signed a new contract? Pearson is a very good player. Basically prime Clayton. But hes injury prone and we are already littered with def mids. Edit: It was Nigel anyways.
  7. Been linked with Rangers and smallish clubs in Germany so maybe hes lowered his demands quite a bit. He was on a free and a top prospect when Palace signed him so that's probably why he got that obscene contract. Doesnt hurt to ask the question.
  8. Max Meyer had his contract ripped up by Crystal Palace. There's our Gaston signing for 6 months! He was on 170k a week though.
  9. I don't know what the weird situation is with Roberts and Warnock but it's absolutely infuriating. *** me off no end. Tav needs to be the first name on the team sheet centrally and in the most advanced position. Stop bloody shafting him out on the wing to make room for 3 plodding central players. We lose so much attacking energy without him buzzing around in there. The less said about Warnock's love affair with Johnson the better.
  10. No not at all, but as others have said we were knackered due to Traores clause. You look at the likes of Webster 20m+. Norwich want 40m for Buendia. I think Tav is well worth 20m, we dont need to sell, hes tied to a long term contract plus hes only 21 so lots of time to improve.
  11. We should be taking anyones eyes out for Tav. Bidding starts at 20m.
  12. Not really. I guess it depends what you call a target man. A target man to me is someone who is physically dominant, wins his 1v1 tussles, has a great first touch and can play people in around him. Diedhiou does none of that to a good standard. He's a decent championship striker, but from what I've seen and read more in the mould of what Akpom Fletcher and Britt are now. Didnt we have a few Greek fans telling us how good Akpom was aerially before he joined? Don't suppose it matters when you're feeding off 1 or 2 decent crosses a game.
  13. If you think Diedhiou is a target man you are going to be disappointed mate.
  14. That is probably the best outcome for us. Depending on how close Fletcher is I'm not even sure we need another forward atm? Seems Warnock has gone well away from playing 2 up top.
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