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  1. The scenes when Payero and the Brazilians don't materialize and our summer business consists of below average championship sloggers.
  2. See Nmecha has gone to Wolfsburg for 11m + a sell on %. The guy really must have improved since us.
  3. What time is kickoff?
  4. You are such a utter bellend. Dunno how you constantly get away with your childish outbursts of name calling on a forum that's so quick to mod anything they deem "offensive". Thankfully the views shared by you and some others in this thread are a small minority that are only a force on twatter or forums.
  5. I agree with you to an extent, on paper anyways. But when you look at our matches Italy was the first 50/50 game for me, and again Southgate has shown he just isn't really a very good football manager. Look at Italy's run to the final, Belgium, Spain then us, all games you'd say are real 50/50's and Mancini showed his worth navigating them through. It really felt like a stars align type situation for us. Had as easy a run in you're likely to get at a major finals, home advantage for most of it including the final. Even the toughest match against Italy we got lucky in that they were
  6. I'm not sure why you were surprised? We've been quite negative all tournament in our setups, just up until now weve had a massive quality advantage. Gutted we've lost. I fricken hate walking run ups for penalties.
  7. As others have said, toughest match we've had for a long time, definitely under Southgate and the first time in this tournament we haven't gone into the match with a far superior man for man advantage. Will be interesting to see how Southgate goes about it. The Trippier for Grealish change against Denmark gave me the Willie's so I'm kinda expecting him to go very cautious. Really hope he pulls it out the bag.
  8. You aren't missing anything, it's not important. It's just fashionable to be outraged about anything and everything and if it's about England/the English then even more so. Nevermind though, they can all suck eggs because ITS COMING HOME!
  9. Pulisesque decision by Southgate. Hope it doesn't bite him on the backside.
  10. Don't feed him mate. He'll be crying into his lucky charms tonight if we win.
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