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  1. It's a very short term approach. Which nearly all the links seem to be. Nearly all late 20s.
  2. The names linked in this window have to be the most depressing list in the riverside era. I get why Chris Martin might work in a Warnock team, but the guy is literally the most immobile striker in the championship. Do we really need someone like that to add to our list of plodders?
  3. Wonder if Sam Morsy is in our thinking? Cant say I know much about him but when having a neb on Wigan forums for a take on Moore I seen only positive things about him. Reminded me a bit of Clayton on here during promotion season. They reckon hes been their best player season and would be cheap as chips.
  4. Don't see the point in Gunter unless club has a nice offer for Spence incoming. Mediocre championship player at the end of his career while imo we have two very promising players in Spence/Djiksteel already for RB. Would still love to get Roberts back. Think there is more to come from him. Amos for Mcnair could be good business if we get a silly fee for Mcnair and if we could get Gibson in him along with Fry/Hall would be a decent set of CB's to start with.
  5. Pontus Jansson 🤣🤣🤣🤣 w#nker
  6. Friend is well past it but I can see the merits of keeping him around as a squad player and general experience. Johnson I just can't. Hes turd. I think what annoys me even more about Johnson being kept (which isn't really Johnson's fault tbf) is that he seems to act as a massive cockblock. Personally I'd much rather see some of the younger lads (Coulson, Browne, Walker even) getting those last 10/15 mins and cup games rather than Johnson stinking the place up which is very likely to happen.
  7. I'm all for selling McNair and Wing as long as we put the cash to someone more exciting than Jonathan Hogg. We have to be careful though. We are taking out 13 goals from the lowest scoring team in the league and people seem happy to start the season with 1 goal George Saville and 0 goal Jonny Howson as our starting midfield pair. Personally I'd much rather sell Saville. Not really seeing these improved performances I keep hearing about. Hes a 4/10 in every aspect for me, no pace, no pass, cant dribble, cant shoot, cant tackle. Doubt anyone would be daft enough to give us money for him though unfortunately.
  8. Robinson would be near the top of my list. I doubt West brom will want him permanently since hes kinda already flopped in the prem. Pacey, can play anywhere across the front 3 and scores goals. If we do have money to spend he would be a good place to put it.
  9. Hall signed, Blackett, Hogg, Hoorn and Jones mentioned. Just the exciting players I expected us to be signing under Warnock. On the plus side at least they're all freebies. Pulis spunked 20 million on mediocre championship signings.
  10. Fulham have attacking players coming out their wazoo. Don't think he even makes Fulhams bench.
  11. Probably not but hes done absolutely sweet fa at Bournemouth. He certainly wont have any prem teams after him. If hes coming to the championship he may have to be realistic with his demands. Signing a contract as a promising youngster after a big money move is a much stronger position than a relegated sides reject who hasn't played for 2 years.
  12. Hes out of contract I think? Sounds like a typical Warnock signing. Hoilett mk 2. Could be a good pickup if Warnock can get a tune out of him.
  13. Its not only one side of the story though. Its the only side of the story when Warnock has spent money. You have cherry picked 5 freebies that came off which is great, but you've only actually showed one side of the story because for every Bamba I can link at least 2 freebies that did absolutely nothing. If you have enough goes you eventually get some right. Its a little like Mogga at us. Lauded and rightly so for bargains like Adomah and Friend, but lets not forget the amount of Maulary Martins and Frazer Richardson's. It easy to rose tint cheap signings. Truth is Warnock is no better or worse than most managers at unearthing the occasional bargain however he is definitely poo when it comes to spending decent money.
  14. Out of interest have you taken a look at Warnocks transfer dealings? I'm quite the opposite and I'm not sure where anyone would get faith to trust Warnock in a squad rebuild. Without exception all his bigger money purchases have either been bang average or absolute duds. Glatzel 6m dud, Flint 5m dud, Josh Murphy 11m dud, Bobby Reid 11m dud, Gary Madine 6m dud. There's a ton of 2/3m purchases none of which have pulled up any trees. Add to that when was the last time you seen a Cardiff player move on for big money after a cracking season? Don't get me wrong. Warnock has plenty of qualities. He's refreshingly honest, makes his teams graft and hard to beat. But tasking him with a squad rebuild (especially if money is available) has not shown to be his strength.
  15. Not happy with Warnock for same reasons I've said before. Very excited to see the likes of Gunter and Danny Graham joining the club for one last payday as we grind out next season for a 10th place finish. Happy days. Feels like weve just missed a huge chance to rebuild in a more positive manner.
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