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  1. I must be watching different matches if Saville has been our best midfielder. He was good against West Brom, as the whole team was and hes ranged from average to invisible the rest of the time. I'd love to know what his qualities are that make him a good midfielder because from what I can see he can't run (don't think I've seen him do a sprint), has absolutely zero dribbling skills, can't pass, isn't exactly a threat going forward and isn't exactly a defensive linchpin either. Basically he's crap.
  2. That's exactly what I'd love to see. Dont think Tav has been as good last couple of matches when moved further forward. Howson is far more mobile and hopefully has picked up some better defensive nous so could fill that role well. Wing could challenge Mcnair/Tav with Clayton/Saville playing backups. As you say it does kinda scream out for a left sided attacking player although no reason Fletcher / Nemecha couldn't fill that role and have another look in the summer.
  3. Exactly. Oxford could still be seen as the dm to replace clayton and if Howson moves on. If Ayala moves on too then we could do far worse with a fry/gibson partnership.
  4. 2 things for me, Gestede should be used as a super sub and nothing more. I really really dislike the Saville/Clayton partnership. Offers nothing and both are absolutely shocking with the ball.
  5. 3-4-3 I would say given how high Tav and Roberts played.
  6. God I hate Derby the jammy tw#ts. A cross that flies in and then their dm turns into fricken Del Piero. Saville is still pants.
  7. This is the type of lineup that I hoped for when we got rid of he who shall not be named. Well done Woodgate for having the balls to put it into practice. Should be a exciting watch.
  8. probably same thinking as when we blew tons on gestede and Bamford. Probably thinking they have a top champo striker should they go down.
  9. Is it only Villa that could be interested? Was just looking on Villas transfer page and they only seem to mention bigger signings, a lad from Milan. Nothing much said about Britt.
  10. It's all gone very quiet regarding Britt. Is he actually injured or is it another Randolph situation with him?
  11. If we get Maddison and Clarke to add to Roberts I'm thinking one of midfielders is off, Tav,Wing or Mcnair. Screams that Woody is wanting to go to a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3. Both of which would leave us pretty bloated centrally.
  12. Do Sheff Utd not play 3 at the back still? Could be Fry or Ayala as well tbh. I don't really think selling any of Mcnair/Tav or Wing would be a good idea. I don't think we'd get anywhere near their potential market value as they are all kinda just starting to show what they are capable of.
  13. It'll be interesting to see what formation he goes to if he gets the wingers he craved preseason. Personally I'd love to see Spence and Coulson as the 2 fullbacks in a back 4 and move Howson to battle with Clayton for that DM slot.
  14. Excellent coup that. Could turn out to be the best winger playing in the championship second half of the season.
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