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  1. Be a shame to lose Bola but he's only ever looked like an decent out and out LB. Plus his injury record is concerning. Can't say I'm arsed about Gayle or Mcgoldrick. Hoping it's only one of them if so. Our business this summer is starting to look a little short sighted. Wish Spence would hurry up and feck off.
  2. Would imagine we're really strong wage wise too, especially with Howson contract lowered. Can only think McNair being on big wages now.
  3. I'm not sure it's lack of work rate or attitude with Balogun. I just think he really struggled with the physicality and pace of the league. There is definitely a player in there. He has that great snap shot, bit like JFH used to have, and he's technically very good. I could see him going to a league like Holland or Portugal and smashing in a ton of goals. Maybe the English leagues are just not for him, or possibly if he bulks up a little in his mid twenties. Either way I think it's best for both him and us we just move on.
  4. You'd hope that. But if you were gambling your savings on who would replace say Crooks after his inevitable suspension and you had Howson and Payero on the bench would you place your money on Wilder picking Payero? I know I certainly wouldn't.
  5. Happy with Howson signing as long it's as a squad player role. I just have this concern that because Howson is a model pro/experienced he's always gonna get way more game time than his actual performances on the pitch deserve. Possibly at the cost of other players we'd like to see get minutes like say a Payero.
  6. Not for me, should be kept away. Keep the group together who will be going into this season. No distractions. Not like the guys who are leaving can't find perfectly good training facilities elsewhere.
  7. Few times I've seen him hes nothing like Jones but equally effective if that makes sense. Haven't seen much of him dribbling past people. Don't think he's particularly athletic. More of a quality delivery and passing ability type of player.
  8. On a positive, because of the Spence sale, anyone wanting to buy Jones or Tav for that matter are going to have to pay real top dollar. I'd expect we'd be looking for 20m+ for Tav and 25m+ for Jones.
  9. I'd be all over Twine for 3m. Partner him with whoever we can get over line/a better deal on between Gyokeres and Armstrong. Think that would be a far better forward line that what we were working with last season and would compliment each other well.
  10. I'm with you there, we definitely need a partnership built. Personally I'd rather go for a busier quick forward alongside side a deeper playing technical forward but can still appreciate the workhorse/target man type if we go that way.
  11. Think Piroe is probably out of reach. For whatever reason he seems to have quite a bit more hype/interest in him than the others mentioned. Hasn't he also refused to sign a new contract as he wants a prem move? Just seems overall like a non starter.
  12. I'm with you to an extent. As excited as I would be for the likes of Armstrong/Gyokeres and Choudhury these seem like the opposite from what we were trying to do with Payero/JLS etc (which obviously hasn't worked well up to now). It's exactly what most of us didn't want lurching from one plan to another. I'm wondering if the Spence windfall has brought this on? Gibson's just though "f##k it, let's have a go". Because let's be honest the players we're been linked with this summer 90% of the forum could of picked out. Hardly scouting masterstrokes.
  13. Just looked through the Leicester forum and they reckon Choudhury is on 80k a week or something. Mental.
  14. Do you not think that's because of how poor all our strikers were? I can't remember Sharp/Mcgoldrick getting subbed and rotated like we were last season.
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