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  1. No idea what Saville has done to get a start. Has been absolute tosh every time he's played this season/ pre season. Would rather Tav got a game.
  2. Probably tactical tbf. Fry can cover fullback and so can Shotton.
  3. I'd have him Claytons position against Millwall. I hope that because it didn't work at all having him as the furthest forward it hasn't put Woodgate off using that midfield 3. We need some players further back who can actually pass a ball. The trio of Clayton Ayala and Shotton is giving me nightmares.
  4. With our complete failure and lack of ambition in the transfer market Woodgate may have to curb his ideas on his favored 4-3-3 and switch to 3-5-2. At least we have the players to actually make that formation work. Fletcher and Johnson are just not good enough from the wide areas and Browne looks like he needs some time to ease into championship football.
  5. To be honest with the total lack of confidence flowing through our team it was going to take a scrappy/lucky win to get us started. Hopefully a little confidence is gained and we can play better against Millwall.
  6. I'm watching Boro on sky red button with Birmingham vs Barnsley's commentary ha
  7. Really hope Browne puts a stamp on this game, lad looks to have amazing natural ability.
  8. Fantastic is pushing it a bit like, I thought he was naff.
  9. Yea daft move for me. If we are signing young lower league players we need to give them a decent chance. Think Howson may be undroppable as far as Woodgate is concerned though.
  10. Assuming Friend and Fry are still injured? didn't look at the subs like.
  11. Good selection although I'd rather he stuck with Djiksteel.
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