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  1. I heard them say on the news that online shops will be still be allowed to trade? Will that be Ebay shops and the like? May help people through this if you can still get a hold of things to relieve boredom whatever your hobby may be. Was always going to happen with the amount of plonkers treating it as a extra summer holiday. The amount of kids just roaming my area is astonishing.
  2. Pleased that supermarkets are now limiting people from stockpiling items. Just a shame they have to in the first place. There's a lot of selfish idiots around.
  3. Downing too. Add that to the fact our last Prem contracts and majority of silly season barring Britt come to an end this season and I think we are considerably lower than that. Lack of ambition imo is more our issue, despite what Gibson says.
  4. You think Howson did well? He got skinned a few times aswell as being caught out of position. Personally I think Howson has been poor for ages now.
  5. I just hope when he goes, which will likely be soon, we don't fall back into defensive dinosaur country. I couldn't take another Pulis reign. Out of interest who would people like to see? I'd personally like us to look abroad for someone doing big things in a smaller league. As crap as we are being in the championship is still a big pull for likely every manager outside the top half of the bundesliga, seria A and La Liga. Another shout I'd put forward is Lee Bowyer. Done well at Charlton despite zero backing and a shocking injury ravaged team.
  6. Could be, Howson and Friend are likely to get murdered playing that though.
  7. You'd play a 3 of Tav/Wing and Saville as part of our front four? bloody hell mate. Tony Poolis esq
  8. Someone mentioned it in another thread but in the championship a good quality manager gets you prompted above throwing money at players. You look at Wilder, Bielsa, Bilic recently. Wba although a strong team last season fell short so opted to put the big money into Bilic. Leeds noted a huge improvement putting money into Bielsa over players. Imo we should follow the same suit. As bad as they've been recently there is a core of good exciting team here. Accept a bid in the summer for one of the higher value players and put in into management. I'm pretty sure everyone on this board would swap Britt for Bielsa if given the chance.
  9. Could also be 4-3-3 with Johnson playing right attacker/Fletcher left. Sure we played that quite a bit earlier In the season.
  10. No pace or excitement in that team. Looks like he's gone into Poolis mode. Hopefully Morrison turns it on. No idea why you'd have Johnson in over Coulson.
  11. I guess that's half the trouble with younger inexperience players. Midfield for example, Saville utter trash until recently, Mcnair best player until recently then utter trash, Wing utter trash most the season but pulls out worldies and gets us points. Tav utter trash played out of position further forward. Was our best player for 4 or 5 games in the middle. Who the feck knows what our best line up is.
  12. Imagine spending the last 4 years buying central midfielders only for them all to be poo. Only the Boro could do such a feat. On a serious note I've really wanted us to go to 4 at the back. Mainly because I really want Spence and Coulson bedded into those positions long term. But I have to admit it doesn't suit our attacking players at all. I've probably been Savilles biggest critic but he was our best midfielder yesterday. I will say though he had the "easiest" job of the 3 and tons of space with which to do something with the ball. God knows whats happened to Mcnair and Wing, just shocking. I really really wish he'd stop putting fecking Tav as one of the front 3. Hes not good there, actually hes abysmal there. He was running the show as one of the 3 central midfielders, energy and a willingness to carry the ball plus although hes not quick, he is nippy enough to beat most central players. The less said about our forward players the better really. I really like Fletcher, but I do often wonder whether hes just not good enough to be playing in a decent championship team. There is times you think he might be kicking on but there is just always a niggle with him that mentally hes weak and it doesn't take much for him to fall back.
  13. Woodgates subs were poor today. I think between all 3 subs they touched the ball 2 times and killed any fluidity we had. Mcnair and Wing were poor.
  14. Our front 3 is just not really good enough. Tav much better deeper and central. Poor as a front 3. Johnson is just poor. Mcnair and Wing poor, Saville is just Saville. Back 4 looked ok, new lad and Dael looking good, Coulson and Howson ok. Just dint think we have the quality to beat these unfortunately.
  15. Hope so. Not really a fan of the 3 at the back and I kinda want to use the last part of the season to really bed Spence and Coulson into proper full backs. They both need work on the defensive side of their game, decent in 1v1 situations but poor positionally and caught ball watching a lot which will only get better with experience. It's essentially a dead rubber end to the season so no better time to do it.
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