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  1. That's my point, Bola did nothing wrong then out after 1 game. Johnson has been the worst player on the pitch 6 or 7 times and hes still getting starts.
  2. Pulisesque lineup, 9 men behind the ball and hope Robert's or Akpom get something out of nothing. Not sure what Tav has done wrong while the irrelevant duo of Saville and Howson keep their places. Same as Bola for Johnson. Johnson got to have 6 terrible performances without being dropped. Bola had 1 half decent one then hes out the side?
  3. Rubbish mate, I'm pretty sure someone has already posted that about 8 or 9 of the top 10 in the championship did so playing attractive football. Did they all have 250m to spend? Pretty sure more than half of them had nowhere near our budget.
  4. Johnson must have reminded Warnock about those pictures he has.
  5. Can someone tell me what Howson and Saville offer? Both so anonymous. We really can't create anything from open play. So poor to watch.
  6. Absolute *** as per with Gibson, Bausor and co. We must be the most ineffective "big club" going when it comes to getting players through the door.
  7. Cant argue with Robert's and Bolasie. Weve been crying out for someone with a bit of flair even if it doesnt always come off. These two will definitely make us easier to watch. UTB
  8. I'd have Fry right and McNair left. Hall as backup with Dijksteel and hopefully a new guy full backs. Fry looks 200% better on the right side and McNairs pace and comfort on the ball makes him the ideal partner imo. Just haven't been convinced by Hall but I guess hes a option depending on what team we are playing. My only concern would be Mcnairs willingness to make that his position though. I always get the vibe he spits his dummy out a bit being asked to play in defence.
  9. Would point towards Warnock really wanting to go back to 433 wif we brought in Bolasie and a LB.
  10. We've been so bad but probably just about deserve lead. Ref is disgustingly bad. Why on earth we are playing wingbacks with those players on the pitch is baffling, Tav of all people at fecking rwb.
  11. Warnock must really dislike Coulson. He was the brightest of the youngster's last season and can't get a look in over Johnson who has been diabolical. At least with Spence who hasn't been much better you can see why he's in the team with no real competition and he brings pace which we don't have anywhere else.
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