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  1. Do you not think we might have to cash in on someone to wheel and deal? It'd probably be out if Fry/McNair and Tav who'd get interest.
  2. I'd add our young keeper too. Why the hell we playing one of the worst journeyman around instead of giving some minutes to a highly rated youngster.
  3. We are so bad. How can anyone want Warnock to stay on?
  4. I didn't know that, is it definitely just the championship and not the whole EFL? Norwich and Watford are almost certs. Hard to route for Bournemouth though.
  5. Pulis levels of negativity. Please just *** off Warnock. Does anyone think there's a chance if our end to the season is dreadful Warnock could get the kick? That early contract for him was another one in a catalog of dumb decisions by Gibson.
  6. That's hardly a leap since it's been that way for pretty much the last decade.
  7. Really glad we got in nice and early to nail down Warnock.
  8. If we are going to continue with hoofball next season (99% probability) then we may aswell sign a striker to make us accomplished playing that way. Diedhiou is nowhere near that, he is a slightly taller Britt but has the same weaknesses. *** poor first touch and link up play, he doesnt press well either. No idea who is around but someone with pace, strength a good first touch and link up play is what we need. I was impressed with Uche Ikpeazu when I've seen him a couple of times. His finishing is crap and he can look a bit ungainly and raw but I think he could be a good fit for our (lack
  9. Shocking decision. Why do it now? Makes no sense. At least wait till the end of the season. Hopefully fans vote with their feet. Fecking Boro.....
  10. That's the team for me to. Could possibly put McNair in ahead of Saville and Hall at the back with Fry. Gives us someone hopefully who can drive with the ball from midfield and it avoids us playing Saville so it's a win win. Still no word on Bolasie? You put Bolasie and Fletcher in for Watmore and Akpom and that's arguably the best attacking players we've had on the pitch for about 5 or 6 years. Shame it's still Warnock managing them though.
  11. Reiziger would be a good shout. Knows the club. There's maybe a possibility Brighton *** the bed and get rid of Potter if they get sucked towards relegation. He'd be my ideal candidate. Brighton play some nice stuff but seem to be let down by their *** poor forwards. A problem that's much easier solved at our level.
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