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  1. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/faces-eight-football-fans-court-24384719 Football hooligans who appeared at court A string of football fans have appeared in court for their behaviour at the Middlesbrough v Derby clash. The match took place in February at the Riverside and was assessed as 'high risk'. Extra police measures were in place to ensure safety but despite this a total of 18 people were arrested and charged amid "pockets of disorder". Sergeant Adrian Dack from Cleveland Police said it was 'the worst match he'd ever seen' in terms of bad behaviour. T
  2. By sound of things (from payeros own interview and how wilder reacted) sounds like he still has a chance in pre-season but that's all at moment, needs to get fit and earn his spot, maybe being more tactful also as you mention too akpom, uche, coulson have all been written off previously in January, so they already had their cards marked as leaving one way or another in the summer, so can see why these are in their own camp
  3. plus every time the owners put their own money into the club it will go down as debt unless its done as a share issue. This is done to protect your investment in the event the company goes bust your a secured creditor, also done for tax purposes too. like we are probs about 200-300m in debt to steve gibson, he won't ever take that back out of the club, but its there just incase something bad happens, or on the table to be written off in the event he decided to sell the club.
  4. that's the fans tho not the player, he still come back and done a professional pre-season until he got his way and was moved on
  5. I always thought if he had to he would come back, he is not stupid even if acts immature at times. He won't want to turn up for his new club out of shape and it is only pre-season, plenty of previous players classed as problems have come back and completed good preseasons and still moved on
  6. did it come from the higher echelons of the hierarchy by any chance? you have to be rich to be able to obtain that level of debt, if you don't have the income and or the assets you wont get the loans
  7. well think its clear he was frustrated when mentioning he was injured again, and left it at an awkward point to end that part of the conversation to move on. Maybe he isn't in the same group as Uche because he wants the lad to prove him wrong/step up to his potential or there isn't and offer acceptable to the club to move him on. Uche has clearly been written off as unsuitable like the others, but maybe payero isn't written off right now but that does not mean he isn't frustrated with him, as looked like he should have played in this one.
  8. his body language (to me) and way he moved on hints at he not happy with being injured either this instance or repeatedly over the last year.
  9. only people that wouldn't fight over that sort of money are those who don't have that money
  10. Knew they would be alright in the end, if there wasn't the buying interest there then they wouldn't of had the deadlines constantly extended.
  11. I honestly think no one knows the truth and are just spreading tit bits they are being dropped from "sources"
  12. what would you do to restore it other than pumping it up and maybe cleaning it, you dont want the autographs touching up by someone else as that would effectively deface them with someone elses markings over the signatures. Just something in the long term you have to accept with signed footballs as most marker pens will fade like this over time.
  13. Rob


    I use Brave Browser on my phone and pc and do not see a single advert. It's basically chrome but blocks out the adverts, chrome won't block the adverts out for you as a feature because google get paid for a lot of the adverts out there. makes a massive difference for me, like when you go on the gazette site you also don't see any adverts, proper game changer on horrible sites like that
  14. don't usually work that way as most clubs amortise the players fees and player as an asset over the length of their contract. so you may spend say 10m on a player and give a 5 year contract so they usually booked 2m per year to each years accounts, so they would do the same and book the costs to their accounts like that even if bought before july.
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