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  1. Stadium of light is probably the one I've been to most, although stopped going a few visits ago as got sick of the polices inability to control a crowd and basically treat you like ***, they caused most of the problems when we were there
  2. I said this for a joke the other day. Interesting thought that to be honest
  3. I think he'd be s really useful signing, definitely gives us different option, he's not to shabby with the ball at his feet either for a big lad
  4. Only really went in it towards end of the last season at ayresome park. Was quite busy and a bit squished at times but the atmosphere was really good
  5. I'd be more surprised if he never got 10+ Think he will create many more and that's what we need
  6. For those with Sky TV, and kids, or even just for yourself... Mid you go to the sky store and search for Rio, it lets you download it for free (comes up at £0.00) to your box in HD and they send you the DVD. Might be useful for those with kids, especially as you get next to nothing else from sky! Not sure how long it'll last or whether it's a bug but it worked for me an hour ago
  7. Think we should have got more to be honest, 3.5m seems low. Hes got 5 days to fit into the bournemouth way now, basically fall over constantly and complain to the referee constantly!
  8. Good to see the Venkys haven't improved their reputation of being a joke. Think its time to move on from Rhodes now, hope they sell no one else and remain in transfer embargo for the rest of the season... sod them! Then when they next try to sign a player, hopefully the selling club just keep moving the goal posts and adding to the price, with no intention of selling. What's good for one, is good for another, they should stick to playing with chickens!
  9. andrewparkes


    Exactly how does this international clearance work? Is it some hand written letter from some high up bloke nobody has ever heard off that is sent by carrier pigeon? Youd think in a digital world, it would be as simple as clicking a button, therefore taking seconds not weeks. It seems that certain other clubs end up with international clearance more or less straight away, yet others seem to have to wait ages for it
  10. andrewparkes


    Is his international clearance being hand delivered by someone trying to walk through Calais? Seriously, how long can it possibly take?
  11. Guess Sheff Wed think they are Leeds then. Used to like going there, wont be going this time. Joke of a price
  12. Love that Espanyol link and Google Translate... Especially this bit... "In his three seasons in white and blue, Stuani has taken a step forward in his career and entitlements alternating the role of shock from the bench, scored almost thirty goals as a parakeet." So there we have it, sign a few animals, Karanka can be Noah and they should get goals galore! :)
  13. Panic over its just been confirmed he is wearing a medium boys top Why is this picture not showing on my phone? :( do you have the link? Your phone is to small, it's struggling with the size of the "image" :o
  14. Downing could be this season what Merson was in 97-98! It's looking more and more like a done deal each minute, can't see him going anywhere else as he so obviously wants to come back home. Rumours about stuani are that he's more or less signed up, just waiting for him to come back from Copa America. Big statement of intents being sent out, let's hope we get the crowds behind us for more than a few games and give it a bloody good go! # believe2016 is underway
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