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  1. I reckon two before the weekend. Don't think Wilder would've mentioned it specifically on Saturday as he could've given the stock answer really. Who the two are, I have no clue but I think one will be a CF. Think the club will hold off announcing anything until Friday.
  2. I'll never forget when he said "I wanted them to play out from the back but I didn't have the players". He seemed to forget he was part of the coaching structure for a couple of years before that so saw most of the players each day so should've been aware of their strengths. If Woodgate was unlucky, Warnock must be very lucky as he had a tune out of the same players within weeks.
  3. Connolly got booed when the subs were announced before the game but booing before he came on was noticeably louder. I'm sure that will do wonders for the lads confidence! Having watched him for several games he plays on the shoulder of the last defender and the lad makes some good early runs but often the pass isn't made or goes sideways and he has to check his run. The most frustrating part of his game is the falling over and not getting free kicks so we lose momentum. The kid doesn't deserve booing, and the constant changing of stike partners isn't going to help him find any
  4. When did we last score from a direct shot from a free kick. McNair had one disallowed Hull away but can't remember another. Therefore first goal will be from a set piece of some description.
  5. Although this season isn't over yet assuming we are in the championship, how many players do you realistically think we need to add. Priorities seem to be New GK Left footed CB Additional CB cover assuming Sol retires or if Pelts leaves RWB cover for Jones Another CM as we have been short at times this season 3 or 4 strikers to match up with the 5 we've had this season. Potentially another 9 players needed. Not factoring in if we don't agree contract extensions with those out of contract. A busy summer rebuild ahead for CW!
  6. Wilder has taken up a new job.....ITV weatherman by the looks of it! Least Burnley isn't on the map!
  7. I truly belive Wilder is going nowhere. Not sure why he has to say he isn't going to Burnley and respond to what is essentially speculation in the media. The club haven't had a formal approach from Burnley and would have to agree compensation with them. SG would play hardball if it ever gets to that point. Do I want him to go? No. Do I think he is the best manager we've had for years? Yes. The Boro were here long before CW and we'll still be here long after he has gone.
  8. I think the problem with Lumley is concentration. In games where he is busy he does well. When he is rarely involved his mind seams to wander which I think is why he comes charging out at times or drops a cross/shot. He should've saved the shot on Saturday but if Howson or Djkes headed the big clearance instead of letting it bounce the attack doesn't happen.
  9. I'm trying to buy season cards online for one adult, an u18 and two u11s. Trying to buy them in the family zone but getting error messages about the u18 card so it won't let me complete purchase. It'll let me buy them if I take the u18 off . Error message is about adult/o65 ratio. Anybody know why this is?
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