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  1. I know we are winning and I can’t complain about that. But my god this is boring.
  2. I'd just love to know how he got it back so often. Like surely he didn't find it on the Elland Road turf, he must have been pulling them out of his... You can tie dreadlocks with your own dreadlocks. That will be why they kept coming out after.
  3. I know they have all been friendlies and I don’t want to be the pessimist, but, I can’t help but start to feel like we might be totally ***ed.
  4. It just gets renewed if your an existing holder I've had the same one for about 5 year now I think they don't even bother with a new card, season ticket for 16 year and I didn't even get a fixture list last season. I have changed stands this season so I thought that I would get a new one because of that?
  5. Has everybody had their season cards delivered? Mine has not arrived yet.
  6. Penalty or not in the Liverpool - Everton game? No way for me
  7. I would never boo one of our players while they were on the pitch, unless they personally gave me the finger. But there are much better options available to us when we are chasing the play offs.
  8. Seems unbelievably harsh. The lad has played 440 minutes.. less than 5 full games, yet for example has the same goals as Bamford and more assists - clearly not a waste of space.. Whenever he comes on he looks bereft of confidence, doesn't help with the crowd all over him either. Exactly this - if he was a kid from Stockton we'd be backing him and giving him time. It's not his fault he came with a huge price tag - now he's here lets give him time and support to be a success It all stems from Barnsley away when I was explaining to my non-boro supporting mate that I did not think that Fle
  9. I hope Fletcher never sees another minute of football for us. He looks like he can win headers and bring the ball down but he has no desire to get the ball at all. An absolute waste of space.
  10. Let's hope the game's not a write off :P This second leg is just a case of dotting the i's and crossing the t's :D Can you guys stop BICing around. You've made the threat go stationary. I fancy us getting a PENalty on friday.
  11. I do hate Leadbitter's corners. They always seem to go right to the keeper. How many goals did we score off corners last season?
  12. Didn't he say that about the 3 players we would sign in a week?
  13. Watching the match yesterday I did detect that perhaps by having friend (who likes to bomb forward) and carayol (who doesnt like getting back to defend) on the same wing could cause a problem. But it seemed to me that Mowbray must have said to friend not to get forward as much as usual, which is a shame because friend is a good attacking defender.
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