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  1. Southampton also targetting Tav so may be the news leading to that tweet was confused from dorset/hampshire rumour mills. as for Fry, newcastle may dip thier feet with an offer from reading the local papers here(consett)
  2. happy for Sunderland, about time they got out of the third tier. so, thats another to add to the play off hopefulls next year
  3. considering the attitude and quickness to fault pick on posts that dont match thier view that a fair few of the more prolific posters on here, have. thats a bold statement and i admire you for stating your opinion, which in all fairness is quite an accurate assessment. if we get the Ben Gibson of the AK era ,then im not against resigning him but his form at the first half of this recent season was not a patch on that. add to that his wilderness years at burnley and the fee/wages ,well yep im in with the dont sign crowd. hes got most of the boxes ticked and tbh im not bothered wether hes
  4. regarding keepers, someone i think may be a decent shout is Matt Ryan. he looked good two seasons ago at brighton but struggled at arsenal . hes a solid reliable and experienced keeper, commanding and experienced. unfortunately the stumbling block would be wages. and hes australian which has worked before.
  5. JUNE 23RD.. 9 am... next seasons fixtures released for anyone interested
  6. i love this compo too much to not participate again, health and laptop permitting. id be up for helping run it too but the way my lappy is at present id not be much help but the intentions are true and good. thanks so much for your time and effort youngy you did a great job, and well done el blanco a worthy champ.
  7. anyone watch much of the bundesliga ,ive been trawlin thru the rumour sites and i noticed were interested in a mainz forward, jean paul buotier or summat like that.
  8. were really short of a tough no-nonsense centre back that will compliment the more refined players we currently have. fry,dijksteel and mcnair are good defenders but can be bullied and we have struggled in melee situations to hoof the ball clear, id be looking at porteuos from hibs
  9. its time to be ruthless with a few outgoings, a good half dozen are simply not good enough and maybe 3 or 4 more may go to add to funds. i think we need to address all departments with keepers and attackers being the prioity. im sure we can retain a half decent small group of midfielders to maybe top up with one key addition. as said, theres a dearth of squad/subs bench quality. we dont need a firesale as such but if we make 4 0r 5 key signings, a couple of good loans and weed out around 6 of our poorer players and sell one or two players that can fetch a few million we,d be in good shape.
  10. what ive heard, and i dont know how reliable the source is, is that next seasons away colours are goingto be sky blue and white, havent any info on the design though.
  11. oh, Mogga, you prophet. it really does turn out to be a case of "it is what it is". we havent been good enough or consistant enough and certainly not proactive enough in terms of taking the games to the opposition in the vast majority of games and as a result we are where we are and deserve to be. at the moment it feels like were a wounded or dying animal just waiting to be put out of its misery but as the saying goes... its the faith that kills you. any long standing boro fan can smell the outcome of this season , we dont seize opportunities and will fall short. to be honest a final placin
  12. were in a horrible state as far as what we need to put right with aditional players is concerned. yeah we are crying out for a prolific goalscorer, we also need a midfield system that vastly increases in assists and shows much more intent to carry or run with the ball into the attacking third. we are in need of a reliable , safe and quality keeper but finally i think we are missing a tough no nonsense central defender to compliment fry who is lets say more of a cultured defender. i guess youd call that a whole spine of a team thats required.
  13. to me ,we need to readjust in every department , we should be looking at 5 new additions all of which have to offer something different in thier particular area of play to what we currently have. ok firstly GK , weve been saddled with a string of flappy,error riddled keepers since Randolph and its vital we sign a keeper than inspires faith and trust from both the defence and the fans, then theres the long time missing link , a LWB to compliment jones or what spence gave, perhaps the most vital addition we require ,and it hasnt really been mentioned as much is a good old fashioned hardman CD
  14. I,LL Treat it as it was, a rumour, so hes still here it seems and personally i think hes got us moving in the right direction in general but we still have a knack of fluffing at the big stage when we get that far. thats not on Wilder persee so im putting a ton of faith on the summer revamp as i believe that with a trustworthy keeper, a couple of proactive midfielders and a striker that can and will test the netting consistantly ,we are a good shotfor promotion . wilder has been a godsend after the dark days of pulis,woody and warnock but its lodged in my mind that he wont be totally comitted
  15. Posted February 19 Derby v Coventry H Sheff Utd v Barnsley H Bristol City v West Brom A Huddersfield v Bournemouth D Hull v Luton A Middlesbrough v Cardiff H Reading v Blackburn A Stoke v Millwall D Swansea v Birmingham H Fulham v Nottingham Forest H QPR v Peterborough H
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