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  1. Barnsley v Coventry City A Birmingham City v Rotherham United H AFC Bournemouth v Norwich City D Bristol City v Sheffield Wednesday D Cardiff City v Reading H Derby County v Blackburn Rovers D Huddersfield Town v Nottingham Forest VOID Millwall v Brentford A Preston North End v Stoke City D Queens Park Rangers v Middlesbrough A Watford v Luton Town H Wycombe Wanderers v Swansea City VOID
  2. Blackburn Rovers v Wycombe Wanderers H Brentford v Huddersfield Town H Coventry City v Queens Park Rangers H Luton Town v Derby County A Middlesbrough v AFC Bournemouth A Norwich City v Preston North End H Nottingham Forest v Cardiff City D Reading v Barnsley H Rotherham United v Millwall D Sheffield Wednesday v Watford A Swansea City v Birmingham City H Stoke City v Bristol City D Stoke v Bristol City D
  3. theres one glaring type o player were desperate for and thatsan attaing midfielder or rather a lin player from midfield to the attack. someonethat can dictate things if you like. juninho,merson tomlin,souness,are all such playersthat stand out on previous sides that filled this role. its all well crying out for wingers but for every downing theres a hamill. its pretty much a lucy dip how well they will perform and how consistantly. morsy may ea important addition as he is capable of controlling the rear and centre part of midfield from wat ive seen of him,but the gaping void is still 15 yards higher upfield . not convinced tonight with spence and his positional sence. hes extremely raw and we needto strengthen the squad in the role he filled .
  4. D Barnsley v Luton Town H Birmingham City v Brentford H AFC Bournemouth v Blackburn Rovers H Bristol City v Coventry City D Cardiff City v Sheffield Wednesday H Derby County v Reading A Huddersfield Town v Norwich City D Millwall v Stoke City D Preston North End v Swansea City D Queens Park Rangers v Nottingham Forest D Watford v Middlesbrough H Wycombe Wanderers v Rotherham United
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    i,ll join it might remind me to enter every week
  6. 4/10 from me, im at odds trying to summarise that score and was going to start by saying what he did in 1986, saviour of the club and all that gave him a massive credit to begin with, but looking at it more circumspectly he actually showed then, early signs of his ruthlessness to wear the crown, firstly accepting sole acclaim as the saviour then wallowing in fans god like status for all these ensuing years. he stepped in alongside others to back the club financially but the real honour of ressurecting the club should be given to bruce rioch. so that said his initial credit is lower than my first point of opinion. theres been a few good appointments hidden amonsgst the horrendous and poor ones as correctly identified with unargueable reasoning. but i still trust in his love for the club and that he genuinelly cares. signings wise theres the likes of rhodes and downing that ,for mewere personal vanity projects, and the upshot of those led to a deterioration of trust and friendship with karanka which was the start of the end in that tenure. now we come to the reason ive lowered his score from mid range to 4 ,... my perception of him as a human being and his manipulation of the local press, he has become a puppet master and shown himself to be egocentric and arrogant. i dont like him as a person these days and dont trust him, dont believe him and dont have faith in his decisions. he oprates the strings of the recruitment department , tried to do similar with managers , some backfired others like woody were plain bad choices of puppet. where he will fail and will lead to his downfall is attempting to operate the strings of the supporters.
  7. i have had word that we are showing interest in 2 midfielders that have recent championship experience, this word comes from a couple of scouts.the two players are kieran lee from sef wed and kevin macdonald from fulham,who i believe we have been linked with previously.LEE big pffff rom me macdonald could do a job. SHOCK HORROR TIME also the same source mentioned that the undisputable king of defensive cock ups, phil jones will be playing chamonship football this season .his guess blackburn...managed by Moga, lino. i refuse to put two and two together given our need for defenders IN THIS CASE. hows that for vitriolic debate material.
  8. apart romthe obvious 2(souness and junino)my favourite boro players have been viduka and craig johnston, johnstone is my choice for who id have back. he played a style that weve been badly lacking for many years enthusiasm and orward thinking , always looking to carry the ball at pace from midfield to the opponents box. he was a big reason we became a attack minded team at the time and ive not witnessed any player since that had the ability to transform the tempo as he did.
  9. Looking at that list,it seems brazilians treat free kicks as a penalty
  10. sorry if a repeat question, but what date do the fixtures come out?
  11. re the brondby debate, genuine question. is it actually a place and if not which town or city is it situated? one player ive been impressed with having watched the play offs is guehy a good prospect CD currently on loan at swansea from chelsea and they have a track record of following up a young players loans to the same level.
  12. also wilst nitpicking, the backroom staff been working on transfers for weeks?....i always spely 4 with a u in it.
  13. its not about who is the manager and individuals at the end of the day. our priorities are to gel together two sucessful and competent units within the squad , a defensive unit and a midfield unit. if we do this that takes care of 8 of the 11 for the teamsheet. from there we can see which strikers we can plop up front that hopefully can manage a good goal/game ratio, id like a sound keeper too that communicates well and is happy collecting crosses. coaching staff are vital to put in place in our current position.. re that midfield unit i hear lots of cries for a couple of wingers or number 10 types , i believe what we actually are desperate for is a player that links midfield to the forwards and can run or better still dribble with the ball doing so , think back to juninho, merson, tomlin then gaston they were that type and you wouldnt say they are not remembered in a bad way. the nearest weve had in recent seasons were adama , besic and roberts. all of which could be singled out for also having faults to thier play too. look at the sucessful sides and theres a link player that stand out fot them , hernandez at leeds, benarahma at brentford,diangana,wba and before them cairney, buendia, knocheart, ritchie etc etc.
  14. ive got a feeling Brentford will not get to the play of final , im going for a fulham v swansea final and fulham winning it. if im right it will be a massive injustice to brentford.
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