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  1. iwas thinking that the way the fixtures have panned out ,weve had a realy tough run of games so far,which makes our points haul look impressive, but then after re assessing things maybe what happened to us last season particularly has sub-conciously made us see certain fixtures as tougher than in previous years. this one is normally what youd consider a hard game with two evenly matched sides but they are in a place we were in last term, we ,on the other hand are gathering belief as games go by so im hoping and edging towards predicting a win but i also genuinely believe they will suddenly wake upp from thier inertia in the next few weeks at some point so lets take the points and run . to answer the OP Questions ill say that im easy either way with Spence being in or out the team, he neither excites me or annoys me touch by touch so im happy sitthing on the spencefence. for me four or five players have stood out this season, mcnair and fry for the big level of performance change, Morsy and Akpom have been great signings and Tav has looked like he will make something happen . but ill swallow my pride and plump for Mc nAIR AS THE STAND OUT . I RECKON ronnie jepson is a beer at breakfast type of guy.
  2. another good result and a competent performance. how nice to see us appear in the top section when adressing the table. the key word there is competent and that for me is the reason we are what we are under warnock are where what we were under woody. one is a competent manager the other incompetent,which in turn transferes to the players and the set up. individually fry, dijksteel, tavernier, and mcnair are far better than last season not in ability but in the fact they do the basics correctly. betinelli, morsy, halland akpom have fitted in well, roberts and browne have given a tiny bit of flair,which is what they have in thier locker but they have shown a greater deal of restraint in not trying to overdo it ,more so in brownes case. all in all its down to compretence again and come the season end and if by some weird chance we do get promoted it wont be that we outplayed or out entertained teams it will be that we were steady away ,well drilled and competent and played to our strengths. its what warnock does . re the britt and spence debate, my take is that ill trust warnock to handle spence,s development but he is raw and has faults that need adresing but also is capable of developing into a very adepy wing back if not defender. britt last night reverted into the britt of old ,he wasnt getting involved enogh in challenges and chasing down, he seemed uninterested when a ball wesnt within his stride pattern and looked like the game was passing him by until his goal ,which tbf he took excellently. watch any forest game and you could use the same arguements against grabban.
  3. glad someone else cottoned on to ths simple solution.
  4. if theres an opposite to "HE,S WON ME OVER" that where i stand with herr gibson.
  5. SD, JUST WALOW IN THE PRIDE YOU HAVE THAT YOUR TEAM IS ACTUALLY THERE AT THAT STAGE, THERES ABSOLUTELY NO disgrace in the result ladt night or any further beatings, look at us for eample, we still proudlt lok bavk at our uefa year even though we were thrashed in the final. its a remarkable achievement for a scandinavian club to reach that level in the competitition with the current state of football where the richest or biggest clubs dominate financially and tbj its refreshing to see a minnow doing well. Celic are apprently a colossus of a club that won thier countrys league TEN times in a row(some achievement hahaha) but they cant get past the qualifing rounds, so just bask in the pride mate.
  6. TUESDAY 20TH OCTOBER H Bristol City v Middlesbrough A Coventry City v Swansea City D Huddersfield Town v Derby County H Millwall v Luton Town H Norwich City v Birmingham City H Nottingham Forest v Rotherham United H Reading v Wycombe Wanderers WEDNESDAY 21ST OCTOBER D Queens Park Rangers v Preston North End H Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth A Sheffield Wednesday v Brentford H Watford v Blackburn Rovers H Stoke City v Barnsley d. No first goal scorer this time around though...
  7. Barnsley v Bristol City A Birmingham City v Sheffield Wednesday A Blackburn Rovers v Nottingham Forest H AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers H Brentford v Coventry City H Derby County v Watford VOID Luton Town v Stoke City D Middlesbrough v Reading H Preston North End v Cardiff City A Rotherham United v Norwich City A Swansea City v Huddersfield Town H Wycombe Wanderers v Millwall
  8. Blackburn Rovers v Cardiff City A Brentford v Preston North End D Coventry City v AFC Bournemouth VOID Luton Town v Wycombe Wanderers H Middlesbrough v Barnsley H Norwich City v Derby County VOID Nottingham Forest v Bristol City A Reading v Watford D Rotherham United v Huddersfield Town D Sheffield Wednesday v Queens Park Rangers H Stoke City v Birmingham City H Swansea City v Millwall H
  9. Barnsley v Coventry City A Birmingham City v Rotherham United H AFC Bournemouth v Norwich City D Bristol City v Sheffield Wednesday D Cardiff City v Reading H Derby County v Blackburn Rovers D Huddersfield Town v Nottingham Forest VOID Millwall v Brentford A Preston North End v Stoke City D Queens Park Rangers v Middlesbrough A Watford v Luton Town H Wycombe Wanderers v Swansea City VOID
  10. Blackburn Rovers v Wycombe Wanderers H Brentford v Huddersfield Town H Coventry City v Queens Park Rangers H Luton Town v Derby County A Middlesbrough v AFC Bournemouth A Norwich City v Preston North End H Nottingham Forest v Cardiff City D Reading v Barnsley H Rotherham United v Millwall D Sheffield Wednesday v Watford A Swansea City v Birmingham City H Stoke City v Bristol City D Stoke v Bristol City D
  11. theres one glaring type o player were desperate for and thatsan attaing midfielder or rather a lin player from midfield to the attack. someonethat can dictate things if you like. juninho,merson tomlin,souness,are all such playersthat stand out on previous sides that filled this role. its all well crying out for wingers but for every downing theres a hamill. its pretty much a lucy dip how well they will perform and how consistantly. morsy may ea important addition as he is capable of controlling the rear and centre part of midfield from wat ive seen of him,but the gaping void is still 15 yards higher upfield . not convinced tonight with spence and his positional sence. hes extremely raw and we needto strengthen the squad in the role he filled .
  12. D Barnsley v Luton Town H Birmingham City v Brentford H AFC Bournemouth v Blackburn Rovers H Bristol City v Coventry City D Cardiff City v Sheffield Wednesday H Derby County v Reading A Huddersfield Town v Norwich City D Millwall v Stoke City D Preston North End v Swansea City D Queens Park Rangers v Nottingham Forest D Watford v Middlesbrough H Wycombe Wanderers v Rotherham United
  13. Essuuaitch


    i,ll join it might remind me to enter every week
  14. 4/10 from me, im at odds trying to summarise that score and was going to start by saying what he did in 1986, saviour of the club and all that gave him a massive credit to begin with, but looking at it more circumspectly he actually showed then, early signs of his ruthlessness to wear the crown, firstly accepting sole acclaim as the saviour then wallowing in fans god like status for all these ensuing years. he stepped in alongside others to back the club financially but the real honour of ressurecting the club should be given to bruce rioch. so that said his initial credit is lower than my first point of opinion. theres been a few good appointments hidden amonsgst the horrendous and poor ones as correctly identified with unargueable reasoning. but i still trust in his love for the club and that he genuinelly cares. signings wise theres the likes of rhodes and downing that ,for mewere personal vanity projects, and the upshot of those led to a deterioration of trust and friendship with karanka which was the start of the end in that tenure. now we come to the reason ive lowered his score from mid range to 4 ,... my perception of him as a human being and his manipulation of the local press, he has become a puppet master and shown himself to be egocentric and arrogant. i dont like him as a person these days and dont trust him, dont believe him and dont have faith in his decisions. he oprates the strings of the recruitment department , tried to do similar with managers , some backfired others like woody were plain bad choices of puppet. where he will fail and will lead to his downfall is attempting to operate the strings of the supporters.
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