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  1. on a personal note ,i hope he does well there and moves forward in his career. on a professional note i think were well shot of him, hes basically a nothing player ,not savy enough as a defender, limited as n attacker and only seems capable of operating ten yards either side o the half way line , the only positive ive noticed about him is that he is always clear to recieve a pass, thats probably down to the opponents not being worried about what damage hes likely to do once he gets possession. he looks like he will fit in at ipswich, not on the footballing side but more on the landscape of the
  2. if i remember correctly, back in te charlton era 73 ish. there was only ONE sub per team . peter brine occupied our slot regurlarly .
  3. its ok , at least its not ruined by trying to add small details here and there, its totally inoffensive in my eyes if a bit bland. fwiw, im not one of those desperate for green , im usually fine with all our away shirts ,usually because i regularly dont like the home ones.
  4. sorry, is it too late for me to enter this. im managing to get past a lot of the problems that cused me to withdraw and miss the challenge and friendship the prediction league gave me. i apologise if it would cause administration problems and if ive left it too long i understand.
  5. im 95per cent happy with the formation and players selected . was gonna post the 11 i would of liked earlier and it was pretty much as it is . having watched all italys games in this tournament i felt it was frugal to go 3 at the back with wing backs so that would be walker, stones and maguire , with shaw left side and either trippier r james right. if im honestid have gone with trippier over james based on thier displays thus far in this tournament , nothing else seperates them. the 3 centre backs pick themselves due again to thier last outings,though i feel a bit for mings especially who
  6. im nervous about the game . not a worried about denmark nervous, a worry about what england dont do nervous.
  7. pity Danny Murphy is so annoying as a commentator because i really liked him as a player. he was cultured and easy on the eye but has a sinister side with some of his commentary lines. works the other way too cos i really liked Bellamy when punditing. most annoying for me are Darren Bent, Redknapp, Tony Gale and Micah Richards. WHY DO THEY INSIST ON SAYING "LIKE I SAID EARLIER all the time when they clearly havent. plus my pet hate word.....listen. i realise now just how good Andy Gray was.
  8. We are, my brother n law is a freelance scout and has been asked to watch a few players in Norways league.
  9. tough game to guess who wins this. Spain will create better chances but Italy are more likely to be clinical enough to hit the net. Busquets has been imperious so far and olmo looks threatening ,the player that i think has been quiet throughout the whole tournament for spain is Koke , i assumed hed be the main playmaker but hes been anonymous too many games. i was hoping for a Spain win as i thought wed have a far better chance against them if we get past Denmark. got a feeling Italy win punish Spain for not being able to put a finishing touch to the good build up they keep doing and maybeget
  10. bizarrely Howsons best performances for us were when he was an emergency defender. in midfield hes been a passenger at times and we need a big improvement in his assist and scoring stats. id say Dijksteel, Taverner and Watmore were the 3 best overall performers . i know Dijksteel didnt play that much but at the beginning of the season when he was operating as part of a back 3 he was excellent.
  11. Ironically, thanks ,Humpty. thats good advice.
  12. i think you already know what my answer to your question would have been, youve also just reiterated what my problem was/is.
  13. you see why, i put in my first sentence now. so many on here waiting to shoot others down and belittle them. Durham red worded his disagreement better than Brunners, without confrontation, but no big suprise there. posting here lately is becoming a tightrope walk.
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