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  1. i think Wing struggles with a few aspects of the midfield role and can be easily caught out of position when we lose the ball. But given his abilities as a ball striker and threading through balls it would be worth trying him just offf the striker(s).
  2. that was my thought too CT . But there again i still doubt things that SG supposedly says these days.
  3. Wigan werent robbed. the less worse team won . but that says more about them than us.
  4. that first half ,bar about 10 minutes was painful to watch and we looked national league level . terrible passes ,there must have been at least two dozen that either went straight to an opponent or directly out of play and you cant pin those down to one or two players either. players not showing for the ball and that (added to the previous couple of displays) lead to a morgue like atmosphere in the stadium. the goal was completely out of sync with everything that went on around it as it actually came from some good passing and build up play. Second half we settled down passing wise but needed a second goal against what was probably likely to be the worst team we will encounter this season. we didnt get it which lead to a fear of dropping two points if somehow Wigan could muster a goal from somewhere. Happily though despite all those points , we got a welcome 3 points that may ease a bit of the tension that was building on and off the pitch . some bizarre refereeing decisions again especially thier corner in injury time after thier player clearly headed it behind. Browne in my mind was substituted as he was perilously close to being red carded . plus points in a drab game individual wise were decent performances in patches from Bola, Howson and Fltecher.
  5. Barnsley v Luton. H Blackburn v Cardiff. A Charlton v Brentford. D Fulham v N.Forest. H Huddersfield v Reading. D Hull v Bristol Cty. D Middlesbrough v Millwall. (1st Boro Scorer.) H (HOWSON) Preston NE Sheff:Wed D QPR v Wigan. H Stoke v Leeds H
  6. i coose not to get into mod issues as a rule but in this case i must admit i was shocked during the original posts . but full marks to DS for clarifying the situation with an explanation of the case involved. See how easily you can get everyone onside with open-ness. all it needed was CLARITY. are you reading MFC.
  7. A Crewe v Aston Villa. A Leeds v Stoke. A N.Forest v Derby. A P.N.E v Hull. A Rochdale v Carlisle. A Oxford v Millwall. H Watford v Coventry. H Fulham v Southampton. A Newport Cty v West Ham A Crawley Twn v Norwich
  8. of all our squad. the three guys that should be first on the teamsheet at the moment are Randolph, Ayala and Clayton (add Fry when fit) the simple reason being that they are very good at what they do . by that i mean ,when being asked to do what they do best (in Claytons case) i agree he isnt going to worry the score stats but no other member of our squad can play the anchor role as effectively ,the only questionable issue is Does he perform better with a partner in there as with leadbitter in the AK days. Personally ,i think so . i admire Woodys intention to play a more offensive high pressing 433 but we havent got the players with either the technical mindset or discipline to do that as it stands . for me at present we need to utilise the players in positions they are most adept in and in thier comfort zone . Wing needs to be the furthest forward of the midfield and maybe even playing in a similar role to how we percieved Vossen or Tomlin. We need his potential goals and assists desperately but he can sometimes be caught out of position or loses his man when playing centrally. i think the two best options with what we have are 4231 or 442
  9. we can only hope or trust (depending on your personal stance) that JW manages to suss things out ,because realistically can you see SG eating humble pie . No, i dont see it myself so were stuck with what weve got so lets hope things get better rather than worse . such is the investment ( maybe an ironic term) that SG has placed in this appointment i could even imagine there being more likelihood of him bailing out himself rather than face having to sack Woodgate if the worst scenario arises and we get marooned at the relegation end of things.
  10. the deflating thing for me is that in the Luton game . even though there was flaws in the system , you could acceptably put those down to infancy in its application and all in all i was pleasantly suprised with the intent we showed in our offensive intentions. today i got the feeling it was completely back to what weve had to suffer for many many away games in recent times, there was no optimism that we were capable or even prepared to open up and get at them. Blackburn to be fair arent amongst the elite in this division and it just felt like we had no ambition and thats the soul destroying thing .
  11. Gestede = ****horse Downsouths guess......racehorse good attempt but not quite right . any more guesses ?
  12. very good post mate and extremely fairly put across .
  13. D Barnsley v Charlton. H Blackburn v Middlesbrough. (McNair ) H Brentford v Hull. H Bristol Cty v QPR. A Luton v WBA. A Millwall v Sheff Wed:. H N.Forest v Birmingham. D Stoke v Derby. H Swansea v Preston NE. A Wigan v Leeds.
  14. Woodgate has got a free ride as far as im concerned . im not gonna be calling for his head despite the losses . that doesnt mean i have total trust in him , he wasnt my choice but i like what he is trying to do playing style wise and i cant knock his intentions one bit. . i sincerely hope he makes a successs of things but i worry for him tbh. if it all goes wrong , in my eyes the blame will lie at other doors ,or rather one particular one. the need for a win is vital in the next few games as we really dont need a lack of confidence hitting the players this early on in the season.
  15. im not disputing any previous statement . i was just adding a general comment.
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