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  1. Bristol City v Nottingham Forest D Derby v Luton H QPR v Blackburn A Sheff Utd v Millwall H Stoke v Bournemouth H Fulham v Cardiff H Huddersfield v Birmingham D Hull v Peterborough H Middlesbrough v Barnsley H Preston v Coventry H Swansea v West Brom D Reading v Blackpool H
  2. Cardiff v Middlesbrough A Birmingham v Swansea A Blackburn v Reading H Blackpool v Preston H Bournemouth v Huddersfield H Coventry v Derby H Luton v Hull H Millwall v Stoke D Peterborough v QPR A West Brom v Bristol City H Barnsley v Sheff Utd D Nottingham Forest v Fulham D
  3. iwould like to take the opportunity to give a mention to my opponent,Blanco, on a brilliant piece of predictioneering haha its not my first drubbing by the irish maestro either . in past seasons hes racked up an 8 and a 9 against me but bar luton winning at reading yesterday he went through the card . well done mate.
  4. THANKYOU MATE, i dont feel great about robbing maccarone of two points but tbh i originally thought id won 4-3 as the sky sports teleprinter gave out that same game, stoke v wba as 0-0 but corrected it later.
  5. so,im finally about to ditch sky its way too expensive. the alternatives leave me with 3 options , talk talk , good vfm but ive been there before and vowed never to return, Now looks interesting but im drawn to freesat seeing that i will likely have a sky dish and cable still attached. i need help as i dont want to buy the wrong apparatus. has anyone got this or can recomend a good set up box. bt is not much different to sky in price and virgin isnt an option due to not being cable ready area.
  6. ah ok mate, im happy not to slag leo off ...felt a bit dirty.
  7. i hope warnocks failings doesnt stretch to allowing blackwel and jepson partake in training matches, you have to think that maybe a big part in the injuries picked up. also on a similar note, our keepers seem to have deteriorated significantly since leo took over gk coaching .....bar randolph
  8. honestly,Macca, i hope you do climb upp the le,ague, youre better than the position you were in......but....... and sorry to nitpick , i had our score down as 3-3 but it was given 4-3 to you.
  9. West Brom v Birmingham H Fulham v QPR D Blackburn v Coventry H Bristol City v Bournemouth D Huddersfield v Hull A Middlesbrough v Peterborough H Millwall v Luton H Nottingham Forest v Blackpool H Preston v Derby D Reading v Barnsley A Sheff Utd v Stoke H Swansea v Cardiff H
  11. for his "part" in the rescue act of 1986 Gibson ,rightly accrued a whole lot of leeway with the fanbase, incredibly some still allow that leeway but looking at the cold hard facts ,surely his godstatus is very much in question with what has transpired in the last 15 or so years. he has become a despot right in front of our eyes and if were honest the signs were there at the beginning when he happpily lapped up the full acclaim for himself. I loved the gibson of the robson/mclaren era, happy to take a back seat whilst letting those two managers and the likes of juninho,ravanelli,mendieta,hassel
  12. Stoke v West Brom D Coventry v Fulham A Barnsley v Millwall H Birmingham v Nottingham Forest D Blackpool v Blackburn A Bournemouth v Sheffield Utd H Cardiff v Reading H Derby v Swansea D Hull v Middlesbrough D Luton v Huddersfield H Peterborough v Bristol City A QPR v Preston D
  13. Cardiff v West Brom D Huddersfield v Blackburn A Hull v Blackpool A Middlesbrough v Sheffield Utd H Preston v Stoke D QPR v Birmingham H Barnsley v Nottingham Forest H Derby v Reading D Fulham v Swansea H Luton v Coventry A Millwall v Bristol City H Peterbrough v Bournemouth A
  14. talking of one-off pinpoint crosses, i vaguely remember phil stamp hurtling down the right wing and sending across a pearler for a goal . cant recall who headed it in or who against but was in north end of riverside. bizarre boro recap
  15. ok that moves him up to De Pena or Digard level
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