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  1. hypothetical and controversial question. Would you swop Gibson for Ashley right now? Newcastle probably would in a heartbeat, in no way am i wanting this btw , plus it just isnt gonna happen ,,, just thinking out loud and curious to see if anyone would.
  2. The house is in ruins and is crumbling by the week, weve tried bodging it up to disguise where the problems stem from ....its foundations.
  3. D Birmingham v Blackburn. A Millwall v Cardiff. H P.N.E. v Leeds. H Q.P.R. v Reading. H Sheff Wed: v Stoke. D Bristol Cty v Charlton. H Derby v Wigan. H Fulham v Luton. D Huddersfield v Middlesbrough. (Britt) H N.Forest v Hull.
  4. really enjoying this world cup and especially the quarter finals. im not usually a big watcher of rugby but not completely ignorant of what im watching. England have been very impressive both technically and entertaing wise , New Zealand are what New Zealand are . To quote a phrase used in football, if any team finishes above or does better than them ,they will be champions . Wales v France was a close run thing in the end probably dictated by the stupidity of the sending off. Now the final Quarter Final sees Japan v South Africa. South Africa were and are still my tip as finalists and even in thier defeat to NZ i saw evidence to stick to that prediction. But this game is thier banana skin , Japan have been joy to watch and are even better than four years ago technically add to that the passionate home support and youve got to respect thier chance in this game. tbh im enjoying watching them so much that i want them to win today and for me SA are slight better than Wales on the whole so if they do manage to win this theres no reason they cant actually make the final. this match is one im really looking forward to . the winners imo will be in the final. but will lose the final.
  5. were a car crash at present. im drained of any optomism and actually laughed to myself at recent results. i have little or no expectations other than keeping the scoreline below a two goal defeat. could be another embarrassment i fear.
  6. H Chelsea v Newcastle. A Barnsley v Swansea. H Brentford v Millwall. A Charlton v Derby. H Hull v Q.P.R. H Leeds v Birmingham. A Luton v Bristol Cty. A Middlesbrough v W.B.A. (Ayala) A Reading v P.N.E. A Stoke v Fulham.
  7. the precept of the Nations league is farcical. its all about revenue. at the time people enjoyed it but there doesnt seem to be much credo for the winners ,infact its nigh on forgotton already . Now it really gets murky when you look at teams like Scotland who still can qualify for the euros due to thier gruop placing in the nations league , AT a time when everyone was crying out for fewer games they added this to the calendar . similar to the system within the champions league where the third placed team goes into the uefa cup . makes a complete mockery of the initial qualifying for each competition.
  8. settling down ready for the game at Tottenham. Me vs Smog Dane supporter wise. tbh both teams are doing better than expected thus far. Wasnt too confident without Cam this season but Allen has filled in well and MacCaffrey has been immense lately. I Predict a high scoring close game. Panthers to nick it .
  9. D Blackpool v Rotherham. A Bristol Rvrs v MK Dons. H Burton Alb: v Bolton. H Ipswich Twn v Wycombe Wand: D Oxford v Doncaster. H Peterboro v Lincoln. H Portsmth v Gillingham. A Rochdale v Accrington Stan: D Southend v AFC Wimbledon H Sunderland v Fleetwood...(McGuire)
  10. gotta feel for BD . 6 wasnt enough to win last round so this time he gets 7 (second best score of all) pity the one person that bettered it was his opponent. hard to bear that.
  11. ive noticed this too , well a similar version of it. we seem to telegraph each pass , its almost like were sending a strobe light in the direction its going prior to passing it. were so easy to read . as much as ive defended Clayton , hes the worst for this.
  12. A Aldershot v Dover. A Barnet v Bromley. H Barrow v Boreham Wood. H Eastliegh v Maidenhead Utd. A Ebbsfleet v Torquay. A Halifax Twn v Chorley...(King) H Notts Cty v Dagenham Red: D Solihull Moors v Sutton Utd. H Wrexham v Harrogate. D Yeovil Twn v Woking.
  13. im in the same camp as BD . ive gone through plenty of bad times in the past as well as wonderful times . ive seen players ranging from absolute top quality down to rank bad . right now what i see is arguably the worst its been since i started following the club i love. its not an over reaction as ive thought it through , many will point to the years immediately prior to our lowest ebb in 1986 as the worst time , but i was around and witnessed it , it was very low but i still felt a tinge of optomism that with each managerial change or incoming player we might turn things round , admittedly in that era pre social media and internet forums we had less access to the bigger issue of the state of finances other than reading gazette reports about problems with Amer and other higher associates, but player and management wise there was always a degree of hope. Then some will point to the Strachan days , but my main discontent about that era was the terrible signings from north of the border that we made. dispise him as much as you like but Strachan was a guy that at least had some experience to fall back on . Right now where are we ? We have a owner that is now dividing opinion and thats being kind. Sothgate was a huge mistake, Agnew was a similar mistake and still he follwed suit with this appointment. Gibson strikes me as someone who likes and is too used to getting his own way in life. maybe sorry and i was wrong are not in his reprtoire but unless he has an epithany and makes his own adjustments in the first place , youve got to worry for our immediate future. Then theres the already lambasted Merry Melodies recruitment team and grinmeister himself ,Bauser whose most positive aspect on his MFC cv is that hes managed to make Keith Lamb look effective. another stick to beat the decision maker with. The Manager, hes obviously not ready or experienced enough to deal with the issues which lie in front of him and too naive to see those behind him, its not his fault , he means well and had the best intentions but wont be able to carry them out for many reasons and now is starting to doubt and dabble with the intentions that won the percentage of fans willing to give him the benefit of doubt , over. Finally the players, ive read numerous times how they cant adjust to this new style of play. WHY? . These are the ones deemed to be the players that stood out from the many thousands of young lads dreaming of making a living of playing professional football . Surely theyre capable of adapting having reached this level . hate to say it but were horribly broken at this point in time and a lot of parts need fixing.
  14. regarding doing the ugly things , i dont think thats our main failing , we do spend a lot of time tracking back putting in challenges and trying to close opponents down . but the problem is thats a direct result of the simple fact that we cant string any decent moves together and end up losing possesssion in the first place. Adama aside no-one in the last 3 seasons has offerered a threat going forward on anything remotely close to any consistancy. we have a group of midfielders that allow opposition midfielders to move into space far too easily then they react . we capable facing sideways and spend far too much gametime facing our own goal but totally toothless when we have the ball facing forwards. Mc Nair got singled out for losing his man for the winner and its something that he has been guilty of previously as it is with Wing regularly , Saville is also guilty of this , Howson too to a lesser extent ,but worryingly Clayton this season has picked up the habit. Honestly as it stands only Randolph and Ayala are doing thier job to the level required .
  15. i really dont think anyone on here is actually bigging up Pulis . theyre just using his time here as a comparison to highlight the regression and state of things .
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