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  1. CHRIST , Where do you even start to disect our failings both individually and collectivally. im going to pull no punches and start by naming the players that simply arent league standard and need binning , bettinelli ,an expert in managining to aviod being anywhere close to the ball as it crosses the goalline en route to the net. ... coulson, enthusiasm... yep thats it, thats all i can muster as a quality he possesses, hell he dont even look like a footballer ,more an Amish pig farmer. . Spence, 5m, snap whichever clowns offer this, hands off. like coulson , i still dont know what
  2. havent we already had a rhys williams . that aussie lad from around ten years ago.
  3. not phil jones thank god. heres the names ive got and the central defender is the most interesting . gk ...wayne hennessey, cd rhys williams, centre forward .. sam gallagher, lb from mk dons forgot name .
  4. ive been scrambling around asking for any bits from the guys i know that have access to info and what i can disclose is slightly more encouraging than some of the suggestions ive read thus far. None of the CURRENT loans will be here after they expire but we have looked into financing a way of signing Bolasie, doesnt look promising so far though. Ive managed to worm out four names regarding genuine interest , two of which are from premier league clubs so im assuming loan deals the other two are a champpionship striker and a left backfrom div 1. the two premiership loans could be good if they h
  5. Barnsley v Norwich A Blackburn v Birmingham A Bournemouth v Stoke H Bristol City v Brentford A Cardiff v Rotherham H Coventry v Millwall D Derby v Sheffield Wed A Middlesbrough v Wycombe H Nottingham v Preston D QPR v Luton D rEeadingv Huddersfield h Watford v Swansea H
  6. really enjoying Norwich,s destruction of Huddersfield, the movement off the ball and immagination between the half way line and opponents box is brilliant. ironically the area of the pitch where we are pathetic in those two disciplines . what im not enjoying is Lee Hendrie,s input. im certain hes on commision for the amount of times he can cram "really" into the commentary..........i really do
  7. Both Coulson and Spence are etremely limited players and for me, arent solid enough to merit regular starts at this level. theyre basically a left and right version of the same player. none can be classed as anything more than enthusiastic. and both seem to operate tight to the line and are most useful between the 18yd lines, both wet behind the ears higher or lower than these parimeters. along with Bettinelli. Britt, and Akpom id have no issues if we offloaded as none of these offer anything resembling a hope of better things. the latter two dont even seem to have the will to put more effort
  8. Im convinced Warnock will be given first dibs but not convinced he will want another season here. So who next?... at the end of the day one man and one man only will get a say and a casting vote but chances are,given his track record , thats not going to make things better. for me its a lottery and a game of chance. As with picking a striker to net you lots of goals you just have to hope you happen across the perfect fit. im happpy to appoint a totally unknown and hope for that outcome . Bruce Rioch is a prime example , no one had any clue about his abilities as a manager but he did a marvell
  9. Cardiff are everything we dont want to be up against at present, Boro are everything Cardiff want to face. this could be ugly. not wishing that, but im getting prepared for a drubbing . our only hope is a typical boro result. hopefully we can be put out our misery today and stop clinging onto the weird hope of play offs, were nowhere near good enough or ready in truth.
  10. A fter reading through the replies on this thread im still unable to add any half decent suggestions to the questions raisedin the OP. T he main conmclusion going thru my mindis that its thrown up another importantly needed addition in the summer. no-one in the current squad stands out as a serios contender and my personal take on Britt being given it was to try to give him more reason to involve himself in games but it hsnt happened.
  11. i dont think its so much a question of wether Warnock should stay here ,more of ishe really ready to throw himself FULLY into the challenge? because i get the feeling he hasnt fallen completely head over hels with us as he did at cardiff and sheff utd inparticular. hes won me over in my general opinion of him as a manager and arrested the freefall Woody led us into, but theres a lack of total warnock enthusiasm thus far. whoever we go forward with needs more from the board ,more from the players and needs the fans on board from the start. weve climbed a few rungs of the ladder from bottom
  12. i agree with recent posts, i didnt react to this defeat to brentford as a humiliating defeatdespite shipping 4 goals which always seems a serious ly poor deficit verging on thrashing. the transfer window was encouraging in that we seemed to get things done more clinically than the usual . im actually happy that we have enough options to shape a half decent promotion chasing team now but still feel we need to add a central defender and another keeper. oh and a striker that hits a purple patch wouldnt go amiss either, god knows weve had more than our fair share of prolific strikers that have mal
  13. ill be watching as always since around 1984. isnt the two teams i was hoping for tbh as i was rooting for th Bills in the latter stages. the one side i dont like in the NFL is the pats and i put that down to just being fed up with seeing them win almost every year, tbh i thought the dislike spread to Brady for the same reason but hes won me over this season as i have a soft spot for the buccs. Mahomes is beginning to irritate me as i can see him developing ito that serial winner category that turns me againt players or teams so i wiill probably be cheering on tampa tonight despite brady
  14. and here i am watching sky sports offering this weekend......OH GOODY ...Watfod....again. ps added moan , wonder what minute they get a pennna and deeney scores it......amazingly 28 of his last 35 goals have been pennas pps less amazingly manyoo have had 30 pennas awarded since fernandez joined them .
  15. despite reading and hearing that this season is so strange and unpredictable from so many outlets , for me the championship , positional wise is pretty much going to plan. i thought at the outsetthat norwich and swansea would be the two probable auto teams with a decent sizes bunch of usual suspects in the play off mix, US not included. so i cant quite get too excited with the term play off rivals . having said that, its a great bonus to be involved. some teams likecardiff derby, forest, and preston have dissapointed whreas we and reading ,stoke and barnsley have overachieved expectations
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