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  1. my one and only visit to Loftus Road was in times long past and we got hammered. 6-1 , in the days of thier plastic pitch. i actually feel we could win this game , but it will need a lot of things and players to click back into gear, theyre deffo beatable . now where the hell did that little ray of positivity come from.
  2. as much as i agree with Wilsons general post ,Woodgate(and the coaching staff) has to be accountable for the way the team is failing to function and individually regressing far below thier own standards in many cases, i accept the confidence levels play some part but theres just a nothingness to any sense of things improving . going back to wilsons main point, , i definately agree and stand by my initial reaction to Woodgate being appointed , He was Gibsons choice from day one and any failure is solely on Giibos head. he didnt strike me as being ready for it and hes flailing week by week. its seriously looking like the only thing keeping him afloat now is Gibbos refusal to admit his mistakes.
  3. the majority of fans were ok with the probability of dropping away from the top6 while the transition period developed but finishing bottom 3 is not gonna swing it for anyone and shouldnt even be considered as anything but complete failure. btw was i dreaming this but what happened to the talk of Brum having points deductions this season.
  4. No Boro Scorer seems to be turning into a banker for at least 1 point
  5. whilst i agree wholeheartedly with your general statement NB4 ,i think it would be more accurate to state that Pulis did neither a good job or a bad job . He did a Pulis job. we basically got what it says on the tin as did everyone else that employed him.
  6. . i went from concerned to worried then apathetic followed by that stage youve reached DS of actually laughing at the sheer ineptitude , now im just pure angry with how the situation has been allowed to develop. this charade has to end now Mr G. Admit the gross misjudgement you made and releave JW of his post. He clearly isnt up to the job . i guess you get what you pay for like many bargain bucket purchases.
  7. one of the disapointing realities of our whole current situation is that Randolph apart theres not one first team player that is vital to keep hold of moving forwards. Its a mixture of aging, underperforming ,not being up to it and financially unviable personnel. if we actually DO find ourselves a division lower come next summer then a complete rebuild woulnt perhaps be as bad a move as putting belief in the current lot changing thier mindset and attitude in thier own performances. that being said , the complete rebuild shouldnt in any way be restricted to players . this is the first time in my 50 plus years of following Boro that i find myself wishing the season away as things stand.
  8. H West Ham v Newcastle. A Blackburn v Sheff Wed. H Brentford v Huddersfield. H Cardiff v Birmingham. H Derby v Middlesbrough (Wing) H Fulham v Hull. H Leeds v Q.P.R. A Luton v N.Forest. H Reading v Millwall. H Sunderland v Southend
  9. yes Gestedes right up there ,no doubting that . theres a few definitions of bad signings , overpaying for them, just plain rubbish, non essential positions at the time, to name just 3, and id put gestede along with the likes of Guediora, kike sola, gook, all strachans scottish league signings , Saville, Bent, Euell, to name a few off the top of my hed in those definitions, but for me the ones that really stick out are those that really let me down as i was expecting a massive amount more from them so i,l mention , Davenport, Senior, and Gascoigne .
  10. hate to do this to BD after his recent luck but youve missed my point for the Hull win MM.
  11. horrendous performance that by Soton , mind we could have that happen in the wrong circumstances (us at our worst and good opponents at thier best) the way things are going. lets hope we are slowly improving enough to shake that thought.
  12. D Watford v Bournemouth H Birmingham v Luton. D Huddersfield v Barnsley. D Hull v Derby. A Middlesbrough v Fulham. (Johnson) A Millwall v Stoke. H N.Forest v Reading. H P.N.E. v Blackburn.. H W.B.A v Charlton. A Shrewsbury v Sunderland.
  13. makes absolutely no difference to me either way . i can see sense in both sides of the arguement. but sadly the outcome itself just looks like turning into a *** contest .
  14. injured in training i believe . was posted yesterday.
  15. Woodgate whether he realises it or not is simply Gibsons Puppet. in fact he has steadily assembled a whole group of extensions of his own puppets around the club as an entity. from the gazette to the non playing staff and this stage is now the management and coaching staff which are a mixture of easily manipulated guys and token fan friendly stop gaps that will inevitably and in his time will be made accountable. the players are better than were seeing but thats down to dwindling confidence to express themselves born by inexperienced coaching which week by week is getting desperate and cloudy. Go back to the begginning of Gibsons tenure at the helm , a time where he rapidly became the messiah and had virtually if not total repect and admiration from our fan base and you see a guy that took a back seat and let the players and staff make on field decisions , His appointments were astute and clever gambles and no one can say that the day we lfted our first silverwear of note in 2004 he absolutely didnt deserve or warrant to take all the acclaim he got that day . Nor can they say he didnt deserve to wallow in the fantastic uefa cup run and final accolades. maybe his luck ran out after that but he still had tons of credit with the fanbase . But something either changed or more likely came to the fore with the man himself . the business man , the guy that more often than not gave the orders and expected to be the figurehead of his empire came from out of the shadows and took on a higher profile on the playing side of things . Since then Karanka aside (which very likely he for once wasnt the most inflential party in the decision) weve made astoundingly bad choices . Now to loosely quote Mr Keith Lamb , were getting the club the mismanagement deserves . Steve Gibson incredibly ,bearing in mind what he oversaw between 1986 and Eindhoven has become high up on the blame table and it doesnt give any true supporter one ounce of comfort that its transformed into that . im not sure hes willing or his ego will persuade him to return to that back room (playing/coaching squad / transfer target wise) but he would win back a massive amount of the fanbase credit if he started the ball rolling and realised his strong points and weak points . id 100% rather have that than a change of owner , but im not sure how many more bad moves he has left in the present set up .
  16. no disrespect to Woody but the vast majority of fans were extremely sceptical of his ability to step into management from the beginning . its being very quickly shown to be a true assumption. i dont believe for a minute that resigning is going to happen any time soon nor do i think Gibson has his finger anywhere near the trigger at present , but, if we dont string 3 or 4 good results together before mid december latest , then any lack of intervention from the chairman would be a severe lack of respect to the future of the club. . i wished JW well despite not wanting him at the helm because i was keen to see him given the chance to put in practice what he said he would do with making us a more positive and adventourous team . once he reneged on those principles to save his own skin he lost my support . Weve regressed in every department and look completely disjointed and cant even string any semblence of a move together most games. At present even this early i genuinely dont see any team in a worse state as a cohesive unit in this division .
  17. hypothetical and controversial question. Would you swop Gibson for Ashley right now? Newcastle probably would in a heartbeat, in no way am i wanting this btw , plus it just isnt gonna happen ,,, just thinking out loud and curious to see if anyone would.
  18. The house is in ruins and is crumbling by the week, weve tried bodging it up to disguise where the problems stem from ....its foundations.
  19. D Birmingham v Blackburn. A Millwall v Cardiff. H P.N.E. v Leeds. H Q.P.R. v Reading. H Sheff Wed: v Stoke. D Bristol Cty v Charlton. H Derby v Wigan. H Fulham v Luton. D Huddersfield v Middlesbrough. (Britt) H N.Forest v Hull.
  20. really enjoying this world cup and especially the quarter finals. im not usually a big watcher of rugby but not completely ignorant of what im watching. England have been very impressive both technically and entertaing wise , New Zealand are what New Zealand are . To quote a phrase used in football, if any team finishes above or does better than them ,they will be champions . Wales v France was a close run thing in the end probably dictated by the stupidity of the sending off. Now the final Quarter Final sees Japan v South Africa. South Africa were and are still my tip as finalists and even in thier defeat to NZ i saw evidence to stick to that prediction. But this game is thier banana skin , Japan have been joy to watch and are even better than four years ago technically add to that the passionate home support and youve got to respect thier chance in this game. tbh im enjoying watching them so much that i want them to win today and for me SA are slight better than Wales on the whole so if they do manage to win this theres no reason they cant actually make the final. this match is one im really looking forward to . the winners imo will be in the final. but will lose the final.
  21. were a car crash at present. im drained of any optomism and actually laughed to myself at recent results. i have little or no expectations other than keeping the scoreline below a two goal defeat. could be another embarrassment i fear.
  22. H Chelsea v Newcastle. A Barnsley v Swansea. H Brentford v Millwall. A Charlton v Derby. H Hull v Q.P.R. H Leeds v Birmingham. A Luton v Bristol Cty. A Middlesbrough v W.B.A. (Ayala) A Reading v P.N.E. A Stoke v Fulham.
  23. the precept of the Nations league is farcical. its all about revenue. at the time people enjoyed it but there doesnt seem to be much credo for the winners ,infact its nigh on forgotton already . Now it really gets murky when you look at teams like Scotland who still can qualify for the euros due to thier gruop placing in the nations league , AT a time when everyone was crying out for fewer games they added this to the calendar . similar to the system within the champions league where the third placed team goes into the uefa cup . makes a complete mockery of the initial qualifying for each competition.
  24. settling down ready for the game at Tottenham. Me vs Smog Dane supporter wise. tbh both teams are doing better than expected thus far. Wasnt too confident without Cam this season but Allen has filled in well and MacCaffrey has been immense lately. I Predict a high scoring close game. Panthers to nick it .
  25. D Blackpool v Rotherham. A Bristol Rvrs v MK Dons. H Burton Alb: v Bolton. H Ipswich Twn v Wycombe Wand: D Oxford v Doncaster. H Peterboro v Lincoln. H Portsmth v Gillingham. A Rochdale v Accrington Stan: D Southend v AFC Wimbledon H Sunderland v Fleetwood...(McGuire)
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