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  2. sorry MM ESPECIALLY BUT also to everyone involved too, but sadly i have to admit defeat and retire from the compo this year. im really struggling since my stroke late last year and having to come to terms with my brain not working 100 per cent ,add to that my copy and paste (highlighting) is fecking with me on my PC SO IM NOT MANAGING TO WELL AT PRESENT TO DO EVEN THE BASIC TASK OF TAKING PART . HOPE THE EASY POINTS DUE TO MY NO SHOWS COME AS A NICE BONUS TO YOU ALL THAT NEED THEM , except Trekkers haha.
  3. try Spotless on Netflix , excellent .
  4. strangely enough the first 3 that came to my mind that improved or hit thier best form here Hendrie, Wilkinson, Slaven were around during our last dice with the third tier. id add Burns to those 3 also. , and a decade before that i give you Fatty Foggon.
  5. we are still miles off being a fluent unit but tbh the forest erformance was better than most recent ones and we were unlucky not to get a win. gestede played well enough to keep his place, the areas that might warrant changes are in midfield ,where by chance we do have options , CLAYTON LOOKS LABOURED AND MC NAIR DOESNT INFLUENCE ANYTHING . TAV HARRIEDBUT LACKED ANY MEANINGFUL MOMENTS , WING can get us a goal but is lacking in the fundamentals of a midfielder saville again failed to have any imact whatsoever. howson struggled in the defensive role so id maybe shove him back up into midfield .btw why isnt the new gk getting into the squad.
  6. yeah imon board with Karanka being the stand out answer, but id not necessarily be bold enough to tie that down to improving individual players performances or more aptly abilities. What you cannot argue with is that he absolutely got a team structure and tactical set up that made us as good as ive seen as a unit , not just defensively btw. going through individuals id say Dimi, Ayala, Gibson, Friend, Clayton, LEadbitter, Adomah, Tomlin, Kike and Bamford all may well look back and see that during those first two seasons undr AK at boro enjoyed thier most consistantly good levels of play.
  7. brilliantpost earlier on mr mards btw ,agree with it completely. and its refreshing to see/read that Gibson isnt going to come through this unscathed as he really really shouldnt. We have slowly but surely become a pupprt sow of a club and Gibson is the puppet master supreme. theres the manager , the local media, the scouting team, back room staff and to a degree ,us the fans....all being controlled by gibsons strings. maybe a small section of the fans will choose to cut thier strings and though a few of the die cast followers and pro gibson zombieswill no doubt turn in thier graves at the mere thought of calling him out ,will pipe up religously in his acclaimand in support. after all didnt he single handedly save the cluband bankroll our glory period. it needs putting in perspective imo for all that crdit he amassed you simply cant distance his immense level of blame in the current crisis. yes Woody is the worst manager in our history and wont nor cant get better but hes Gibsons puppet. do you as a fan ,wish to be a puppet too ,hopefully not if youve any pride at al left in MFC. it pains me to say it but we need a fresh start at the very top level of the club if we want the pain to ease and future success. weve changed managers aplenty with only one single successful choice in the last half dozen and that was the only one that any other bugger than SG HAD A SAY IN APPOINYTING.
  8. interesting thread this, i shamefully admit that after the wba and reston away wins i actually studied the table and in my wildest dreamy moment of blind regained faith in the club(not woody)harboured stupid thoughts that we,d be THAT SIDE THAT COMES FROM NOWHERE to gatecrash the playoffs.anyway that moment of foolish optomismhas since been well and truly rammed back in my fkn face and the humble pie should be brought out for other teams much more deserved future causes. right at this moment us fans and boro followers feel like weve been in a wrong side of a one sided boxing bout and have been battered black and blue round after round but our corner wont put an end to it sending us back in the ring to suffer more punishment. thank you steve gibson, jonny woodgate and whatever hotchpotch of 11-14 pathetic excuses of professional football players line up for MFC each passing game week in week out for making my life so horrible . you dont deserve me/us. i actually feel for sunderland fans if they had to endure a lot longer of this pain than were having to. re. Woody ... whats the opposite of ....the cream always rises to the top.
  9. two recent posts by BWS AND MBP have just about hit the nail on the head as to where were lacking and failing. id put it as a mix of both posts reasoning. what were needing is a player or two to put themselves about in midfield a,la hamilton, glover and prior to that souness they will get a good section of the crowd back onside through sheer endevour and commitment.addd to this we are and have been for yonks, desperately missing a maverick type attack minded midfielder that can give us around 15 assists a season and get the crowd on thier feet. adama was a low level version ,very much a project but tomlin was the last player that fit the role. we need to show bravery in our play in as much as that one or two players need to stop playing the easy pass and start attempting the more adventourous toch.
  10. if you want any semblence of fence sitting on this ,im afraid imnot your man. as many others have stated... he should NEVER HAVE BEEN EVEN CONSIDERED for the job but against any other eoples reasoning ,Gibson in his latest fit of egotism and self importance did what HE wanted and hey ho ,all us lesser mortals have our misgivings show themselves right in front of our eyes. Wodgate is actually proving to be WORSE THAN I FEAREDhe would be, infact id go as far as to say hes possibly the worse ever manager to have managed in the whole history of english league football . hes beyond incompetent. YES YES YES HE NEEDS TO GO. .......AND HIS COACHING BUDDIES TOO. HELL ,EVEN GIBSON IF IM OFF THAT FENCE. IVE UNFORTUNATELY HAD THE BAD LUC TO BE SADDLED WITH HAVING TO COMMIT MY FOOTBALL SUPPORTING LOVE WITH MFC FOR 50 PLUS YEARS AND SPENT VAST AMOUNTS DURING THOSE YEARS WITH A HANDFUL OF GREAT MEMORIESPLUS A BUCKET LOAD OF SAD MEMORIES TO TAKE WITH MEBUT THE SHEER HELPLESSNESS IFEEL RIGHT NOW IS MAKING ME REALLY DOUBT IF I CAN STICK BY MY HOMETOWN CLUB. IF gibson doesnt satisfy the masses before its too late woodgate will take us into obscurity and drag gibbo into the abyss with him and the mere fact that neil fecking warnock is being heralded by some fans to rescue us tells us how low the hope has fallen. crisps...........i lost my keeness for them when tudor was bypassed and im oldscool packet colour wise blue is vinegar browmis beef green/cheese n onoin red ready salted my faves were and always will be beef or cheese n onion, but no crinkle style or weird shaped things crisps should be thin . pringles are the only other option.
  11. Moderators 337 12,870 posts Report post DBarnsley v Middlesbro:..(wing) DBirmingham v Sheff Wed:. DBristol Cty v W.B.A. H Charlton v Luton. H Leeds v Reading. H N/Forest v Q.P.R. H P.N.E. v Hull. D Stoke v Cardiff. D Swansea v Huddersfield. H Wigan v Millwall.
  12. were deffo in a position of having to beware of getting relegated for me, that comes as no real suprise given the choice of manager the top man made. woodgate is a boy in a mans world and the way things have materialised adds smoke to that fire. its almost like woodgate recieves a special gift from a rich uncle but being not the brightest star in the sky and having a destructive nature ,he is way too thick and clumsy to work out how to operate the gift, how to look after it and how to understand how it even works in the first place. the first three months after getting it he coulnt get his brain round how it works and how to assemble it properlythen he resorts to just pressing every button blindly to see what happens amd miraculously he stumbles upon a setting that provides a good performance ,but then being both thick and destructively inclined he fiddles once again thus breaking it . how many children have had to be told in the past.....dont keep fiddling about with it ,youll break it. it was a breakage waiting to happen and maybe the issue of blame lies with the gift being given to the wrong person in the first place so the rich uncle carries the can on that maybe he is just a bad judge of people and thier abilities to succeed. having said all that theres other problems within the club ,notably the recruitment and scouting personnel , the coaching staffand the players themselves. to single out a few players i,d mention firstly the midfielders , we have plenty to choose from but amazingly there all ,at present completely devoid of both affectin our attack and preventing teams attacking us . Clayton was argueably the best defensive midfielder in this division under Karanka but these days hes slow across the ground ,offers nothing offensively (or anything beyond half way) and seems to have completely forgotten how to cover for othersand spot danger, which were his top attributes. Mc nairand Saville were bought when not needed and never seem to do any thing of note Howson ,this season has proved to be a valuable player but not in the way many hoped or even envisaged with midfielder abilities. he slots in quite adequately as a makeshift defender and im not sure anyone saw that coming, unfortunately and blaming nobody ,we lost our first choice goalkeeper and again possibly the best in this division but PEARS and Mejijas cant have filled anyone with confidence as replacements defenders, in a season littered with doom and gloom what a welcome plus point or at least something to give a modicum of optomism is the emergence of Spence and Coulson, flint leaving was also a positive in my eyes. so that leaves AYALA who by default of Randolph leaving and the sheer inadequcies of the others ,still may walk away easily with player of the season , hes had off days, but escapes ridicule imo. FRY on the other hand has suddenly become poor in every dept defensively and his value has possibly nosedived in many poeples minds. i still think theres a good player there and would put his drop in performance down to having to operate on the left side of the CD rather than his obviously preferred right . up front theres always been a problem but surely its time to put Britt and us fans out of misery and try someone new. Fletcher unsuprisingly to me has got a teeny weeny bit better of the remaing players Tav and Wing come out with a little bit of praise as they have showed a will to move forwards rather than sideways or backwards at odd times. Shotton i can cope with either keeping or letting go. anyone else not mentioned as yet doesnt warrant a mention.
  13. Members 138 2,410 posts Report post Wigan v P.N.E. A Barnsley v Sheff: Wed: A Blackburn v Fulham. .)Brentford v Middlesbrough. (1st Boro Goalscorer Members 138 2,410 posts Report post Posted February 1 Blackburn v Fulham. A Brentford v Middlesbrough. (1st Boro Goalscorer.) D.....FLETCHER Huddersfield v Q.P.R. H Luton v Cardiff. A Reading v Hull. H Stoke v Charlton. H Swansea v Derby. A N/Forest v Leeds. H
  14. exactamundo, so refreshing not to see the pats in the last two rounds of matches. cant argue that the strongest two got through and all things considered its a tough one to call but the 49ers have less weaknesses. mahomes will have his say in things thouugh.
  15. god loves a trier. lol i still managed to get one of them wrong.
  16. D Watford v Tottenham. (Alli.) D Q.P.R. v Leeds. D Birmingham v Cardiff. H Bristol Cty v Barnsley. D Derby v Hull. A Hudderfield v Brentford. D Millwall v Reading. H P.N.E. v Charlton. D Sheff Wed: v Blackburn. H Swansea v Wigan.
  17. im not annoyed about the sale of radolph and i think we got a reasonably good deal allthings said, what i do have an issue with is that we contrived to put ourselves in the position financially to have to do so.
  18. in amongst all the names ive seen mentioned theres two more that ive heard rumblings about other than those thrown outalready. one is an attaking midfielder/winger from accrington stanley, Jordan Clark. the other is the rangers goalkeeper that cant get back into the first teamsince McGregor arrived.
  19. HBarnsley v Huddersfield. H Blackburn v P.N.E. A Charlton v W.B.A. DHull v Fulham. DLeeds v Sheff Wed: A Luton v Birmingham. H Middlesbro v Derby. (Wing) DReading v N/Forest. H Stoke v Millwall. A Wigan v Bristol Cty.
  20. the worrying thing about the bit i heard about west ham wanting randolph was the proposed fee involved even bearing in mind they wanted him as a back uo opyion. around 3m wed be giving him away at that price imo
  21. its very rare i get info regarding transfers in or out and also rare that i post in this section nowdays as you can be left open to ridicule or worse. however theres a few bits ive been told that i,ll pass on. west ham ARE monitoring randolph as a back up option to fabianski, and WE ARE QUITE FAR ALONG IN BRINGING A CURRENT lEEDS STRIKER IN ,IN JANUARY. BAD NEWS .....ITS NOT Bamford good news...ITS NOT GROT EITHER THE NAME IVE BEN GIVEN IS TYLER ROBERTS GIVEN THAT INFO I WOULD ASSUME britt may be moved on if a reasonable bid was recieved. also ,re ben gibson, we did enquire again about a loan deal which burnley turned down..again.
  22. D Bristol Cty v Brentford. H Fulham v Reading. HMillwall v Luton. H Birmingham v Wigan. D Huddersfield v Stoke. H N/Forest v Blackburn. D P.N.E. v Middlesbrough. (Britt) H Q.P.R. v Cardiff. H Sheff Wed. v Hull D W.B.A. v Leeds..
  23. H Brentford v Swansea. H Cardiff v Millwall. A Charlton v Bristol Cty. Barnsley v W.B.A. A Blackburn v Birmingham. H DHull v N/Forest. A Luton v Fulham. H Middlesbrough v Huddersfield (Fletcher) AStoke v Sheff Wed.
  24. D Everton v Arsenal D Cardiff v P.N.E. A Fulham v Leeds. DHuddersfield v N/Forest H Hull v Birmingham. A Luton v Swansea. H Millwall v Barnsley. H Q.P.R. v Charlton. AReading v Derby. H W.B.A v Brentford.
  25. H Barnsley v Q.P.R. A Brentford v Fulham. H BristHDerby v Millwall. H Leeds v Cardiff. D Nott For: v Sheff Wed: H P.N.E v Luton. H Stoke v Reading. H Swansea v Middlesbro: (No Boro goalscorer.) D Wigan v Huddersfield.
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