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  1. ConcourseColin Ofer on FMTTM seems to think Giles is there today. He seemed to have a contact yesterday and called the fixtures today.
  2. He’s improved since that agreement - Levy playing hard ball. Hopefully 20mil - but think that would be a total package.
  3. Awesome - not a fan of Cardiff City FC mind. Looks like Bale is heading there.
  4. Sounds like a plan. don’t want to derail the thread though. 😮
  5. I take it he was a pain? I’m not a time waster - just love the Boro. Absolutely no links to the area but once a fan always a fan……since 1994.
  6. Long time reader first time poster. Boro fan living in Cardiff; I try and get to a few away games a year down the south west. really enjoy the transfer threads and appreciate the snippets from some of the posters. I have no knowledge of transfers but know a load of Cardiff fans who rave about Ryan Giles - saying his delivery is outstanding. Here’s hoping. UTB
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