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  1. Saville improved once Clayton went off and he was paired with McNair.
  2. why is the tottenham manager sat in the QPR dugout? (its a lookalike)
  3. So apparently we have a couple of players on trial
  4. how many of the out of contract players do you think will leave? I think Clayton is highly likely, we'd begrudgingly take a decent offer for the likes of Howson or Ayala. Shotton was almost gone in the summer, and even though he has played everygame, he's on way too much money - so yes And Rudy, if anyone will take him ofcourse.
  5. we've been as good as we have been bad, and equally unlucky this season. if you add that up with the overall situation as a club and rookie managerial team.... I'd say we're heading in the right direction
  6. So, did any of the young lads go out on loan yesterday?
  7. Well we did better than I thought. Lots of positives, and now we have time to improve on the training pitch.
  8. Their simply further down the road than we are when it comes to approach and consistency in tactics
  9. anything better than a 3-0 defeat would be a bonus for this game
  10. the businessman in me would risk it to save 30k a week
  11. for me he can play across the front 3, and drop wide.
  12. hopefully get to see more of Ste Walker in the 1st team now that he's training again
  13. Wasn't this Pic used last transfer window?
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