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  1. didn;t our CFO come from Charlton?
  2. combination of gut feeling and his abcense from training
  3. I suspect/guess its Dijksteel
  4. These are financial accounts not ffp accounts, isn't it?
  5. i honestly don't know how WIng is getting a game, his allround game has been terrible for a while, well of form, litteraly only playing as he has a punchers chance of scoring from distance, but has been offering little to the team lately
  6. lop sided again swap shotton for spence and swap positions with hoswon switch clayton and wing for Mcnair/morrion and Assombalonga
  7. Connor Malley has scored his first senior goal tonight, putting Ayr Utd up 1-0 against Greenock Morton Browne has an assist for Oxford, and Bola has started on the bench again for blackpool
  8. we lack the width and pace provided by the wingbacks, but can't afford to do that cause we get caught out with balls over the top
  9. similar or possible a diamond in midfield Pears Howson Moukoudi Fry Spence McNair Coulson Wing/Tavernier Saville Wing/Fletch/Morrison Britt/Fletch
  10. must have been a hell of a last 5 minutes (+injury time)
  11. Isn't that for under 24s only? If they are offered a contract on equal or better terms but reject it, clubs are entitled to a higher compensation if the player refuses it and signs elsewhere
  12. more like falling with very little contact, hasn't got the youth level mentality out of his play. though think it should have been a foul in his behaviour before the 2nd goal
  13. Lad on other boro forum saying Patrick Reading of to Stevenage on a permanent deal
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