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  1. West Brom reported to be interested in Uche https://www.westbromnews.co.uk/2022/01/26/west-brom-want-to-sign-uche-ikpeazu/
  2. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/st-mirren-jamie-mcgrath-told-to-ignore-middlesbrough-and-birmingham-transfer-interest-3539768 Surely sighing McGree put an end to this for us?
  3. There was an article published last night saying he was going back to his parent club and then leaving permanently. If I was a gambling man, off to the middle East would be a good option for him
  4. let Wednesday and Wings agent do the legwork, no need for us to get overly involved. rather we concentrated on players we need to move on, or bring in.
  5. yeah, the club card thing makes it annoying. I went to an Ajax vs Utrecht game pre covid, it was so one sided! on the plus side the free beer and food in the hospitality was great. I've been to Aalsmeer a few times, there is a guy who sells Keter tuinhuises from his farm near there, that I've used a few times.
  6. tbf Gary didn't belittle the claim, he said if football is a family then the clubs would drop it, even if the claims are legitamite. He also then pointed the finger back at Mel and the administrators. It was clear he was generalising and didn't have the full facts, but he was basing his responce on what happened to Bury. However, that was a much milder screw up than Derby, so not a like for like comparison
  7. you glory hunter! if the JC Arena is 20km from you, then other clubs aren't that far off. PSV was my closest stadium (less than 1km), now, it's technically Utrecht, as I moved to Breukelen
  8. Hopefully, Brynn is being drilled in what Wilder wants in a keeper for next season.
  9. hmm, there was a notable edit after CW's joke about Coburn being the team captain, and that you don't loan your captain out. Possibly something being held back for tomorrows papers?
  10. He was training with the first team in the latest video. Surprised Coburn isn't in the U23’s today, I'd rather he play today, than sit on the bench tomorrow. Fingers crossed he gets a loan for game time
  11. That's assuming they still exist...
  12. Latest from Wilder from the clubs preferred news outlet. Remember to open it incognito mode. https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/19868366.middlesbrough-transfer-news-chris-wilder-says-outgoings-close/
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