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  1. We still don't pass to each other with enough pace. Especially when we start at the back. It really bugs me to see the ball trickling across, allowing the opposition to close us down.
  2. IIRC Sunderland got him from Monaco's youth system
  3. Well that explains what NW said had kept him busy yesterday
  4. in the interview, he does say his aim is promotion next season ,and the core remaning with the addiitons he wants can achieve that
  5. NW said RJ watched a couple of games
  6. can someone PM me the rumoured names, in and out, please?
  7. I think the only 'common' thing NW cares about, is players doing their best for the team, and the club. Bolasie and NML choose the boro over other clubs because of NW, so why don't you think they have more in common?
  8. Haha, no one is stopping you from having an opinion, but you seem to have an issue with people having an opinion on your opinion. And yes,in my opinion, your opinion and race bating attempt is pathetic
  9. The fact is that there are direct quotes from NW that Dijksteel is one of his favourites and that he misses Tav when he's injured, compared to your quote, where he is clearly talking about the guys currently showing the right characteristics he wants in his team. It's absolutely pathetic that you think this has anything to do with race.
  10. he didn't highlight his favourites, he mentioend some of the key senior players from the starting 11
  11. we've not been the same since we triend to be more attacking, We would potentially have been better off sticking to to the 5-3-2(ish) formation we played at the start of the season for the lase few months. However, i;m guessing that NW wants to see who can deliver in his 4-3-3 style, and if they don't fit or perform, then they can go
  12. he probably mentioned them becuase they are fit and playing Tav and Diksteel would be mentioned if they were fit, and Bola is his 1st choice left back.
  13. it was definitley the case a few years ago, but it may have changed with the last restructure. shame if it has 😞
  14. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but financially speaking, if we don't get promoted, then the best outcome for us is that the 3 relegated teams from last season are promoted back to the EPL. IIRC, the outstanding parachute payments from clubs promoted back to the EPL are distributed to the championship teams. Which could be as much as 100m if all 3 go up.
  15. Our depressing line ups often give us the best result
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