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  1. I love how they refer to warnocks new 1 year contract as 'a long term contract'
  2. also wanted by Bordeaux https://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2020/bordeaux-want-psg-central-defender-loic-mbe-soh/
  3. With Wing, its important not to forget that this was essentially only his 2nd pro season.
  4. I agree and was going to type the same earlier. but then thought that the likes of Wing and Mcnair are saleable assets that will help fund key positions and that probably trumps everything else at the moment
  5. but that was from the outside, maybe his perception has changed from within?
  6. same rumour as last year? a mate of mine made a good point. Warnock mentioned in an interview he wants consistent players, who will always give you a 7 or above, and that in our squad we have too many where you don't know what you're gonna get on a game day. Mcnair and Wing are probably in that bracket
  7. Try to do what warnock did with Spence and Dijksteel, wingback goes forward in the a 532,and the outside CB slots into FB like 442
  8. Actually Jones did very well at kilmarnock and had options before his free transfer and choose rangers. He looked good in his first few games but after his sending off and injury vs celtic, he had failed to get the confidence I him self or from his manager. He is easily Championship standard
  9. Apparently warnock has told 5livesport that his first 4 targets have till Monday to decide, if not we move on
  10. poor lads, had to settle for European and Domestic cups Keane a lot more, good thing he was there as the likes of Beckham and Scholes etc broke through - oh and also good leaders in their own way. Man City has a squad of players confident in their own and their teammates abilities. everyone of them is a leader.
  11. The players that have left were possibly around 5m a year in total
  12. Joe Bennett started the same and warnock eventually bought him, so there is a chance
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