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  1. i'm going Rose Tinted and saying 2 signings today
  2. A loan for a (perceived) higher quality goalkeeper makes perfect sense this season. 1) cheaper than buying someone of similar quality 2) give's Roberts a chance to settle at this level 3) young keepers can and have gone onto loan to further their development
  3. As it's a Man City player, the story makes the BBC https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/61974761
  4. according to the live stream, he's had a rough few years, injuries, inconsistencies in performance when he does play. Could be down to lack of regular game time... but he does have to prove himself again.
  5. there's a live stream from a Yank football fan about the Zack Steffan move on at the moment (that's how live works I guess) just wind back to the begining
  6. Kept letting shots through his hands too
  7. I think Wilder has developed a good relationship with Pep from his time playing against him
  8. He was wearing a green top, that's close enough
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