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  1. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Watched a few replays and paused on when he planted his foot and started falling over, couldn't see any contact.
  2. I don't think he touched the striker. Looked like dembele planted his foot in front of Lumley and went over without contact
  3. If we're sticking to the 3 at the back, if like to see either Jones in for Uche as the main change. Alternatively, Pelts as CB and Howson as the wingback. Crooks may have struggled at times yesterday, but his recovery speed is really useful in the 6. Payero has to keep his spot to progress. Otherwise we will never get the best out of him.
  4. Replacing uche with Jones made a huge difference. Payero and tav pushing from the centre, and Jones offering more guile than tav on the wide positions
  5. Side note, Payero won't have to quarantine on his return as Argentina has been removed from the red list
  6. my interest has not waned, but I am as disappointed as I was during the back end of the Karanka era. I wanted and expected so much more.
  7. maybe the club have compromised, and he wil leave after the Cardiff game? then he can say goodbye to both sets of fans?
  8. https://www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/12382/7418227/warnock-gone
  9. hold any updated news until this is solved...
  10. he then said that the Cameroon management had told him JLS will be playing both games
  11. got to agree with that. with the squad we had going into the last international window, i expected much more.
  12. Just think, if it wasn't for some awful refereeing over the season, we may well have been fighting around the play-offs, regardless of the poor performances. wonder what the mood would have been then?
  13. i'm guessing the international break, and players being told to chill till Thursday gives everyone space.
  14. yeah, we papered over the cracks, rather than fixing things
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