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  1. Checked Facebook for the teams at 2pm, only to realise the game is tomorrow.... Gutted
  2. Maybe, he's one of the "gambles" NW mentioned?
  3. possibly Grosicki (but don't think he;s played upfront) or maybe Phillips is availabel after West Brom signed Snodgrass? Or possibly an U23 fringe player?
  4. was the striker the none league guy who went to Huddersfield?
  5. Andre Greene has signed for Sheff Wed, how big is their squad now?
  6. further down the order, or a bench replacment? becuase boro and walker wanted more game time? '
  7. or pay 5m for an injury prone midfielder and make him play in defence
  8. maybe it's somethin personal? ex-girlfriend, stole his parking spot? refused to friend him on facebook? all very sad
  9. Browne may only be out for a few weeks, if scan goes well
  10. So does anyone know which 10 u23s went down to Brentford for the game?
  11. You do realise that Warnock has managed Balosie previously? Arguably bringing the best out of him during his tenure.
  12. Burell would be nice, plus the likes of Dodds on the bench
  13. Guess the team Brynn Spence Fry Wood Coulsen WIng Hackney Folarin Robets Jones Akpom or Watmore
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