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  1. Marcus Edwards makes sense for what Woody wants. Left footed right winger who can cut inside, not sure he has ever played ST before though? Just wanted to thank all the ITK guys for making these last few weeks lurking in this thread pretty entertaining! @Smoggydownsouth @Raf smog @nunthorpered Apologies if I've missed anyone off the list.
  2. SSN saying that once it hits 5 that’s it, no deal sheets so you can carry on after the deadline. Busy 15 minutes then eh?
  3. Sorry to burst your bubble, even he hasn’t signed.
  4. Keith (from SSN) is saying that’s why we went for Wallace and saville.. we knew about those bids this morning?
  5. Personally I think sky get information late, so that hitch has already happened and been sorted out. I still expect Mo to be in a boro shirt this season.
  6. another line from the ever reliable (lol) FMTTM... Bolasie is coming, awaiting details it’s potentially a loan with a decent loan fee and paying the rest if we go up.
  7. Villa fans saying Bryan is a boro fan? Well I never knew that.
  8. Just asked one of the northern echo lads on Twitter if they got any injury updates at monks presser and he replied saying everyone is available to play
  9. I wonder if RAF could update us on our pursuit for Josh Murphy, he has pretty solid contacts at the Norwich end doesn't he?
  10. Now comes the hardest part imo.. If his knee is as bad as has been reported in the past he'll likely fail the medical
  11. Just seen that sky bet have taken ge assombalonga market off and then saw a tweet from someone that works for sky bet saying something along the lines of 'assombalonga to boro.. Will be a very good signing that' Could hear something today maybe? Gazette have been very quiet this morning
  12. £20 on Britt to Burnley at 6/1. Although the local tag in Notts just released an article saying we are still in the driving seat as Burnley are yet to make another bid? Also says his future will be decided in the next few days rather than weeks..
  13. My word KM doesn't half remind me of a Katy Perry song.. He's hot then he's cold, he's yes then he's no.
  14. Guillem doesn't know half as much as he makes out/people think he does. It's gone a bit quiet on bojan, for now, so he's just presumed it's a no go. I wouldn't worry too much on the back of those comments there.
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