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  1. Is it too late to ask Aitor very nicely if he’ll pop back and finish what he started?
  2. Couldn't disagree more with that statement. If Pulis fails then it's going to be a very tough ask for another manager to come in and succeed with the squad that will be left behind. And with parachute payments eventually petering out, we won't be able to buy our way out the league. Gibson knew what he was getting when he brought in Pulis, and Pulis is definitely capable of pulling it off (no innuendo intended) - so it's now very important that we do achieve promotion in the next year or two. Flint and McNair (plus a left winger and keeping Traore) could yet prove to be the types of players that flourish in this system. Is he...? The way I see it is that we weren't convincing with him at the helm last season, and the squad is considerably weaker this season. There'd no better manager to keep us in the Premiership, but his outlook is far to negative to get us out of the Championship. I don't disagree with you on the parachute payments and the financial implications of us not getting promoted this/next season. But my point is Pulis wasn't the man we needed at the time if Monk's sacking, and he's even less the man we need right now. We're not building anything pragmatic or forward thinking under him, and so there's no longevity in this system. Christie for Shotton, Braithwaite for Harrison, Bamford for (potentially) Waghorn - they're all huge steps backwards. We've splashed on a CB - who I rate highly - but that wasn't a problem position. If there's a lack of money / desire to spend, why splash it on one of the most solid areas of the team whilst leaving the creativity behind the striker and on the left flank totally unresolved? The business Pulis has done in the transfer market has been laughable barring Besic (and potentially McNair) - either on the pitch or in terms of pragmatism. Is our squad ‘considerably weaker’ than last season? How?
  3. It’s a fairly standard breach of the restrictive covenants found in most employment contracts. If the individuals in question have been stupid enough to breach them without negotiating their release from them with MFC then the club is well within its rights to pursue them in the courts.
  4. Braving the roundabouts of Chichester? Jesus... that is the biggest commitment to Boro I ever did see! ....so many roundabouts ! I went to University in Chichester. Every day was an experience...
  5. Redknapp is a terrible manager who bankrupts almost every club he goes to. But Firing him at this stage of the season is utterly ridiculous, particularly after the financial backing he received. Either trust him and let him have a fair crack at the whip, or don't bankroll him and bring in someone you do trust.
  6. Perhaps if we hadn't incorrectly been reduced to ten men in the 4th minute of the game we wouldn't have needed to resort to those tactics?
  7. Agree with Humpty. Normally I'm a fan of blooding youngsters etc, but given that this team needs game time together to gel, this game is another opportunity for that.
  8. 1-1, Wood. Edit: Didn't realise Wood is going. Ha, that's hilarious. Erm, no idea who plays for Leeds, so I'll say Cattermole fgs.
  9. I've enjoyed it, and I've even engaged with it!
  10. Have to say I disagree with you all. I thought there were some real positives to take out of that game - the link up between the front 3 was great at times and for 25 minutes we looked like we could score every time we attacked. We also managed to contain a Sheff Utd side that was high on confidence for almost the entirety of the game. Are there areas to improve? Of course. 25 minutes of good play per game won't be enough, it needs to be closer to 90 minutes, but that will come with time. Personally I'm very optimistic about the season, particularly with the 4-3-3.
  11. We're in the relegation zone as it stands. This is completely unacceptable given how much we've spent this summer.
  12. Christ Nowt like being deliberately contrarian in the morning is there? Please tell us, o' great sage, who we should have signed instead? Which players would have strengthened the team in a way you find suitable? And while your at it please explain to us how a squad that has experienced such a turnover in personnel can be expected to instantly know how to play together to the best of its abilities? Especially when most evidence shows it clearly takes time? He won't, he'll say it's not his job to find appropriate players and that's what our scouting system is for.
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