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  1. He usually seemed a bit dangerous on the ball but so rarely delivered. All the best.
  2. Danny Graham seen eating a parmo in pallister.
  3. I like Kevin Doyle. He has EPL experience, always plays with a smile on his face and works very hard for the team. He won't score too many goals but he may just win over some fans and justify his transfer.
  4. Considering in the 10 games leading up to and including the qualifiers in 2013, they scored 27. 2.7 a game. Not bad for a team that doesn't attack Are you ***ing serious? Honestly England scored 22 goals in 4 ***ing games against Moldova and San Marino.
  5. England would need to attack to do that. They wont. They didn't at Euro, they didn't in qualifying.
  6. The ball was in for mine. Just in is still in.
  7. Well that's pretty derogatory. Cheers. hand it over man:D
  8. Yes, yes there is. All metrosexuals must hand their man cards over and have them buried never to be used again
  9. Can you repeat the bit about Rooney the fat ginger metrosexual ***er being better than Mata. I need that in writing. Again.
  10. Yes, Sunderland must win to qualify.
  11. Eating pies is not training.
  12. Birmingham V Yeovil...HOME Bournemouth V Watford...HOME Burnley V Sheff Wed...HOME Derby V Brighton...HOME Doncaster V Wigan...AWAY Middlesbrough V Charlton...HOME (Carayol) Millwall V Ipswich...AWAY Nottm Forest V Blackburn...HOME QPR V Huddersfield...HOME Reading V Bolton ...AWAY
  13. If you can't point at a single flaw why have you only given him 9? :P Always room for improvement :p This:D If he had taken maximum points from the 10 games and bought me dinner at the outback steakhouse then maybe, just maybe, he gets a 9.5
  14. Can't point at a single flaw so far. Early days yet but in the first 10 games 9/10
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