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  1. Well at least we know what Warnock record will be like next season if he stays on - home - 0 wins, 0 draws and 23 losses, away 23 wins, 0 draws and 0 losses
  2. Maybe Britts thinking about the 50 grand thats just gone into his bank with that miss.
  3. Give us a Coulson and roberts, charlton are not coming back from 4-0 down to win so may as well see if Warnock can get his 50% win rate.
  4. what ever happens tomorrow, I hope we dont play anyone unmotivated and thinks this is all over so have a lazy last game we really need that point to make 100% sure even if it means playing some academy kids that will give it a go instead of senior players who cant be bothered.
  5. Ive got a Wigan fan as a colleague at work I am sure he said Thursday the decision would be on their appeal. Thing is I am not even kidding I bet if we are sat in the relegation zone and the day after they've got to decide between sending us or Wigan down I bet they'll choose us even if they think Wigan weren't playing by the rules.
  6. Quite the opposite exactly what we wanted, they cant catch us but it make Luton and Charlton more nervous on the last day because another team could send them down.
  7. I agree with this but why would Pearson or Hughton come here? Pearson will be at watford I feel next season as hes saved them for relegation and Hughton would probably say no without help from competent people (like warnock as Dof) he will know that he cant turn it around by himself and wont want to risk his reputation on a lose lose situation. I think we have got to be realistic I think Warnock would bring in better players than Pulis, Monk and Woodgate on a budget, coach the players fairly well (or at least better than woodgate and his staff) and he would address the unbalance in the squad. If he does that it would probably be a good platform then for the next manager anyway as long as Gibson doesnt make a hasty decision over who it is.
  8. Problem is if you have a look back to the last match thread 90% of people were saying after that performance youd be crazy not to give Warnock the job...
  9. Not true, Brum only need a point if we lose.
  10. Id get rid of Wing and keep Howson and Saville they are both consistent performers whereas Wing is a bit like Britt he only scores goals. I would probably keep Fletcher and find him a partner in the window.
  11. Mowbray id imagine would try his best to help us out, leeds players probably the opposite.
  12. Not anger more like apathy.....it was more of "its too late comment" not aimed at britt scoring
  13. It is possible to think that Woodgate was a bad coach and to think this squad this season is average at best.
  14. Great Britt does it again, scores as soon as its too late.
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