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  1. Superb result, loved the discipline haven't seen that sort of performance since Karanka I don't think. Well done Warnock and the players deserved that.
  2. Take your point about the fact we flip flopped its something I think everyone here will agree with, it actually goes back to what I was saying end of last season the next manager after Warnock i dont think should be able too choose his assistant the coaches in the background should stay constant now we have got Blackwell and Jepson if the mutual feeling in football is they are 2 excellent coaches. I feel that would help stop the flip flopping having 2 coaches who are constant and hopefully next time you also pick a manager who sees the potential in some of the players that are here not someone who wants to rip it up and start again.
  3. Fine okay lets say Warnock doesn't stay for a min at the end of the season but come the end of the season he makes 1 or 2 good finds in the January transfer window (permanent players on a few years contract) and doesn't get us promoted but at least makes the season more enjoyable than last. Going back to your original point why do we need a rebuild? surely we shouldn't be thinking evolution not revolution if the squad is finally going in the right direction. On your point on last season and I am curious why do you think that should have finished a lot higher? with Clayton and friend almost completely lost their legs, Guestede playing 19 games last season upfront for us, Shotton considered a good option at the back (i watched him at derby when was at uni and of course with us hes really not a good option), Nmecha and Ravel coming in on loan who rank bad, Britt most of the year diddnt look bothered and playing kids who tbf were the best players in the most part but many hadn't played before last season so they were always going to get taught lessons by the better teams in the league along the way. I dont think anyone would have got promotion with that squad last season even with Pep or Klopp in charge from the start honestly nobody.
  4. How do you know that Warnock didn't ask for a one year contract just in case he didn't feel like carrying on after this season? to put a spin on it what if Gibson asked him to sign for 2-3 years but Warnock said no and asked for 1 year because he wanted to review at the end of the season. If it comes to the end of the season with us just outside the playoffs, id put a bet on Warnock staying on for one more season and to further that I don't think the majority of the fans would see that as a failure particularly after last season. Give Warnock 2 seasons if he wants too carry on and I think we get into playoffs and maybe even get promoted, I think its too much to expect for him to do it this season with the players badly coached after last season, the limited transfer budget hes to play with and the rebuild he's having to do, we be close somewhere in top 10 but just miss out on playoffs I reckon. Them additions hes brought in this season I think we look back as some cracking finds in years to come with the bonus of not spending loads of cash and id say give him another 2/3 transfer windows this could look a balanced solid side.
  5. We weren't far off getting relegated last season and 10 months of players been coached by dumb and dumber (proven by small improvements with players that were here last season since they departed), if Warnock gets us mid table surviving comfortably at the end of this season. Surely next season we become automatically more attractive to any transfer who is looking at us and Gibson because of the better league position has more money to give? if that is the case instead of rebuild id give Warnock another go see if he can turn midtable into challenging at the top of the championship.....it wasn't instant success for Karanka either and he had a solid Mowbray squad to start with alot more than Warnock had to start with.
  6. I am not gonna get carried away but 2 of the 4 were relegated teams and qpr were on playoff form since the restart last season so not easy fixtures. Theres always 3-4 teams that are above the rest in the league and 6-7 that could get relegated but everyone else has an outside playoff shot I think we could be in that bracket if the improvements keep coming slowly through under Warnock.
  7. Well done Warnock and the team for getting that 3 points at home in the league, no bad performances as such today I thought. Kind of feel like we needed them 3 points as the next two games are against Reading and Bristol city who are both flying. If we can get that Home form going I dont see a reason why we cant be upper mid table as away form is good, its just home we need to address it hopefully today was the start of that.
  8. Morsy could become that leader in the middle that we haven't had since Leadbitter in my opinion.
  9. I think we got to be careful there is a way back in the game for them but it take a red card, if I Warnock id be thinking of taking 1 or 2 off that have yellows just in case as this ref seems trigger happy towards us.
  10. I think he was level but would need a replay, I think with Britt today I think he thinks hes Troare trying to beat everyone.
  11. Jesus, every player went towards the ball then so we had 3 at the near post and the ball went to the back and nobody their. Surely someone would think ill go around the back just in case everyone misses it.
  12. I wouldnt, Savilles 3-4 times this game has anticipated passes when theyve played out from the back and won the ball high up the pitch. Wing all he seems to do is give the ball back to opposition recently.
  13. Problem is its probably not cost effective otherwise theyd of had too open more stuff up and with only been 1k of fans their anyway.
  14. This wont be picked but this what I would go with .... Bettanali Dijksteel Fry Hall Tav Saville Morsey Coulson . Browne Britt Fletcher Everytime Coulson or Tav cross the ball in from open play id want all three of them in the middle in the box trying to get on the end of it. I think against this Bournemouth team you sit back and you will get beat you be brave and you might just get something.
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