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  1. Just taken Sporar and we get a plenty....wonder who will take this.
  2. Owww lol, Mowbray had to sell hard his players and got very cheap players in return i dont accept its the same situation. Its more like the Pulis ending situation for me.
  3. I think we need to score before half time, I think Peterbrough are in for a right telling off by the look on their managers face so they might react after half time.
  4. wow that attempted cross......
  5. I think its time we did something bold like we did when we brought in Karanka, instead of the usual merry go around suspect's. Id love someone like Steve round to be offered the position and see if he can cut it as a manager, he knows the club and he is highly regarded as a great coach worked under some brillaint managers. If you were to ask me which of the usual supects Wilder would be the odvious chioce but id prefer Lampard I dont think he did much wrong at Chelsea or Derby.
  6. Hoof hoof hoof, thats why. Warnock out
  7. Ah that was the chance to win the game, cant believe he missed.
  8. Jones is the one to put on with everyone getting tired to put energy into us and blast past them. Also Tav you greedy sod that pass to Sporar was by far the best option.
  9. This games bloody boring, all i can think is its destined for a 0-0
  10. Good win, Warnock got the team and subs spot on I believe in this one. This takes the pressure off Warnock a little bit I feel, we got to follow it up though with another good result/performance against Hull or whats the point.
  11. Id agree with that, Jones for Watmore at this point i dont think would be a bad move. Plus Jones would really stretch United now with his pace.
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