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  1. Once they scored we just did not look like getting back in the game, we just needed to put one of them chances away which we seemed really unlucky at times. Weirdly today in Moggas team I saw Pulis that's exactly how id expect his teams to setup and play which is kind of weird as wouldn't have expected that from one of his teams. A lot of what I wanted to say has already been covered further up the thread by majority so don't want to go over that. One of things though I noticed again, Roberts promises a lot is really exciting but when does he actually deliver? again today he was trying to do way too much and kept losing it, I actually thought we were worse when he came on. First season he was here I thought get a good team around him and he be great as he will trust other players more with the ball so will use his skills but not try do it all, we have a better team than last season but hes still trying to do it all himself and maybe that's the issue hes a talented player but will never reach his potential because he tries to do too much. Unfortunately at this point this season now we are scoring more team goals than individual pieces of brilliance I would send him back.
  2. lol I think that was offside, never mind them decisions usually even out of the course of the season.
  3. Long bus ride that one lol, hurwoth to darlington>darlington to middlesbrough and then walk from middlesbrough bus station. How many privileged players would want to do that?
  4. Anyone notice in the first half in particular we did not close down when they tried to play out from the back? how many times have we seen us nick it high up the pitch and look dangerous. I feel like had we tried to get on the front foot straight away and got that goal wed of beaten these easily as theyd of collapsed, waiting till they score before we start is suicide against a karanka team even one as out of form as Brum as we all know.
  5. They fell apart at the back once we scored....thing is dont score and they wont fall apart. I honestly think although spirited performance it wasn't that special they were just that bad once we scored.
  6. You do every time we go to get into the top 6, we lose, we then recover in games after getting the chance again to move into top 6 again few games later but lose again.
  7. Good game, on another day could have taken that to extra time really pleased for Hackney hes really made a case for seeing more of him as he always looked forward and wasnt afraid to spray the ball around. Not going to crucify Folarin as its his first game but I feel like hes probably had better games, maybe it was a bit of nerves creeping in but pleased he got his goal as that should give him confidence. Onwards and upwards that was always going to difficult with the amount of first team squad out, under the circumstances the kids did well filling in on the whole.
  8. Works hard and seems to put himself in good positions which occasionally gets him a tap in, incidentally that's something Britt very rarely does.
  9. Thing is Warnock will have seen that now, defiantly would like too see him more this season even with a fully fit squad hed be a good bet to come on from the bench when we are struggling to lay a glove on opposition in certain games.
  10. We really need to get these first team players off I think to make sure they are okay for Brum (as thats a very winnable game), I am glad Wood has recovered and seems to be okay but id take that as warning shot if I was Warnock.
  11. If thats true it take 8-9 weeks to recover and get back to full fitness.
  12. I think give it 15-20 mins and start putting kids on in second half for crucial players first team players. We really cant afford to lose any more first team players as we have got to think of the Birmingham game next week as well. I am not saying deliberately lose the game deliberately but tell the youngsters to give it everything and see what happens.....might be surprised as I don't think under Warnock they'll just give it everything and not play with any fear.
  13. Got mixed feelings after that game, we seemed to dominate periods of that game but let them dominate periods as well when we backed right off. Going forward overall we did really well and took our goals nicely (we went through strange 5 mins of periods of no movement upfront and everyone standing in a line), at the back defended well overall but seemed to have switch off periods which was weird to watch. This game was very similar to Brum game where we did well overall but started slowly and had the occasional lapse in concentration. Anyway happy with the three points but we cant do that against top sides in the division theyll just simply get the goal then not let you back into it.
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