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  1. Wow Millwall are right back in it now as well.
  2. I'm happy to admit I was wrong 2 weeks ago saying the playoffs were finished, Boro have not only done their job well to stay in it but Fulham have pushed on to make sure they win it. We win now and we got every chance now, thing I'd go for as many goals as possible if we are winning make it comfortable if we can (hopefully have Preston thinking I cba) and pile on the pressure on Sheffield united as well.
  3. Better hope Luton and Bournemouth tomorrow, keep the insensitive for Fulham to beat Sheffield United to win the championship or this is finished despite our result. Fulham have nothing to play for the champagne will be out united will win.
  4. Happy we got 3 points, this was thankfully was against a poor side as they didn't really have much threat. Second half was a lot better particularly with movement going forward. This has to now give us a lift and get us to start the game more like the second half against Stoke start the game like this one and we will get beat as Stoke better side than Cardiff.
  5. Yes get in, we really needed that hopefully players will believe now.
  6. Yep, I don't think we hang on till end with just one players too nervous by the end of game need a second
  7. 10 more minutes of this and off to the gym. This season feels completly gone
  8. Preseason friendly this feels like. I mean we might win but this is due to them been poor and both teams on holiday not because we played like we needed to win.
  9. Ive went away for a few hours and had a think, I still feel the same as I did during the game despite the season not mathatically over for us mentally now, I think the players won't recover enough from going 4 games on the trot without winning to mount a serious promotion challenge as they'd need to win every game. Mentally for them it's another game we haven't won. I would go as far to say any loan players who are we or them not interested in been here next season don't play now, build the future and give chances to players on the fringe players. Use the rest of the season to do s
  10. Sporar was so greedy then, he could have worked his way into the box then with Connelly in their as well.
  11. We don't win and its finished in my opinion, it be another game in players minds they haven't won. We won't have the confidence to recover in other games I don't think unless we win.
  12. Im glad we are having a go this half, even if the quality isn't there either end. Balogun for Watmore and Payero for Howson for me we need to go for the win to keep ghe season alive.
  13. Im pleased to hear that, that will hopefully give defence confidence for the run in having stable keeper in goal. Problem is how do you solve the problems going forward get that right and I'd say there's no reason why we can't win our remaining fixtures......Problem is I dunno how to do that as none of the strikers are giving me confidence.
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