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  1. Lets hypothetically say we show as much fight and determination that we did against Qpr in them games, then id go with - Hull (h) Loss barnsley (h) Win Leeds (a) First away win Charlton (h) Draw Forest (a) Loss Swansea (a) Loss Stoke (h) Win
  2. If Leicester keep improving then it could be between them and liverpool.
  3. I want to have a rant but i cant this has been one of the better performances this season in the first half, which is why its so annoying we are behind.
  4. Is it just me or so far has going into the relegation zone taken the shackles off?
  5. Alex Baptiste 2 years at the club, 1 cup appearance in that time and injured the rest.
  6. - Will Boro score a goal (if so...who and how)? Derby own goal (would that count?) or Ayala power header - Can we keep a third consecutive clean sheet? no I think 2-1 result either way. - What would be your team / formation? Pears, Howson, Ayala, Fry, Coulson Clayton McNair Fletcher Wing Tav Walker Got to try something different upfront, Britt and Fletcher just not doing it i cant see an end to them missing sitters, just tell him no expectations just enjoy it, play his game and see what comes of it. You never know we might be surprised.
  7. 2 points in 6 games, who in our team can score to get us out of this?....I cant think of anyone tbh Britt when hes not scoring doesnt do enough and Fletcher misses sitters at crucial times. Get a striker in someone like Kike whos going to work his socks off and wants it from a foreign club (English players are too expensive) and we might survive.
  8. Britt was selfish just then with 4 on two he should have passed.
  9. Defiantly the right move this games starting to stretch and he will get at them.
  10. Could shake it up a bit the second half go 442? Pears Howson Ayala Shotton/fry Coulson McNair Wing Saville Tav/Johnson Fletcher britt Coulson i think would give them a problem by occasionally by overlapping who ever is on the left and trying to take on his man. Britt maybe after 60 mins when they start to tire.
  11. Live stream thats working for me guys - http://gomostream.org/channels/305/skysme-live-free-streaming-x
  12. Agreed Yellow was soft but you cant change the decision retrospectively after you've given it, so from that point on he had to be careful which Browne wasn't in the slightest if he had stayed on we would have gone down to 10 men.
  13. Browne was lucky to stay on the pitch only reason he was left on there because of the ref.
  14. I reckon this is gonna finish one nil but thats because Wigan are so poor going forward not anything we are doing. Expect Wigan like us to finish in the bottom 5.
  15. Guys the thing is I don’t think you have a problem with the idea in principle, I think you have a problem that we couldn’t get someone of Wenger calibre in which I’d have to agree because of the wage and why would he want to come? Hypothetically however when mogga was here, couldn’t that have been an avenue we explored once he had stabilised the club? Yes I know he wouldn’t move from Blackburn to boro now before anyone says it.
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