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  1. He could only be arsed to play one decent game last time for us on debut when he showed us what he was capable of, the rest of the time he was just pure lazy. Why would you then employ him again?
  2. It be nice if the Hartlepool mail are right about Bolasie .... https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/middlesbrough-fc/middlesbrough-fc-transfer-rumours-potential-development-after-everton-departure-plus-sunderland-interest-dismissed-3262166 I think we take the punt and get him if hes free, we freed up alot of wage with Britt and Fletcher going out the door anyway, makes sense to bring Bolasie in particularly if we dont have to fork out an massive fee. You can guarantee we have to do that for one of the strikers we bring in, fork out big money for them.
  3. I reckon if hed of had that same period under Warnock this season and had been as poor then id say i honestly wouldn't want him back at our club for good, but am pleased hes found somewhere hes doing well at and maybe getting that confidence he couldnt get here at the time.
  4. He was in an awful team last season with bad management, I am sure that this season he could have blossomed or at least probably about the same level as most of players which is about average.
  5. Wow Aresnal have sacked Steve Bould, someone who had been accredited as a big part of Wengers success particularly bringing through youth players. I would tempted if I was Gibson too swoop in and get him the staff, id suggest scouting would be a great move.
  6. They will have more budget from getting to the playoffs, minimum they should expect I reckon is mid table next season.
  7. I think this will end up 3-0 to Swansea this game, can only see Barnsley get desperate and then get picked off.
  8. If Sunderland go up then id defiantly stay, a bigger club realistically in the same league that consistently gave me a chance to prove himself. Over a smaller club albeit home town, that rejected him. If they don't go up, Id think I proved myself in league 1 now already I got to do it in championship so I would move for career progression reasons and to move back to home town club.
  9. We already had him in our academy and let him go. I dont see him coming back after we did not give him a shot and just loaned him out.
  10. As someone who use to be a ref I got to give credit to the ref, hes decisive and isnt influenced by those around him he makes his own mind up. He also takes his time over his decisions when he needs to think, walks away from the players to get more thinking time when needed. Other thing is hes taken into account the game which is actually a very difficult thing to do sometimes.
  11. That should have ended either in a brilliant save or ball in the back of the net, cant believe he missed completely.
  12. haha love it Brentford manager already saying Bournemouth are time wasting.
  13. Correct..... Bournemouth fans
  14. Brentford need to score quickly now I think or this game is gone, they are not playing like the brentford weve seen all season..........bloody shame really. Need a goal to get that confidence.
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