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  1. Any criticism and you know what Warnock will say "7 points out of 9, what you moaning about?"
  2. I think Archer would be a good backup keeper for next season, I wouldn't want him as no 1 keeper but as solid alternative to the main keeper he would be a good choice I feel.
  3. Dont do that.....I feel like Boro fans did that with Wing and the expectation got to him.
  4. Decent result, best team performance in awhile. Start Malley next game, maybe alongside Hall if hes back in a back 3 or 4. Still want more kids playing next one, feel like we and them would benfit. Good too see the players putting in the effort and well done Warnock for dropping players like Britt and Fletcher as they have been woeful recently.
  5. All Warnock needs to do with him is say stay on your line unless your 100% sure you can get the ball, if in doubt stay on your line. I think hed be an okay keeper at this level if he diddnt get caught in no mans land occasionally.
  6. Cmon on Coburn, go stake a claim for next season for some first team football and get a goal kid
  7. Howson off id say now as hes tiring, Hackney on? from memory he's a cm?
  8. What they teaching the keepers or is the keepers themselves?, Betenelli cant save a shot and Archer can but cant keep his positioning right.
  9. Cmon on boro get a third make them push so far forward it becomes really open and then get the kids on.
  10. We are actually trying to drive forward at pace, I didn't realise we were capable of that.
  11. Loved that from Saville, good anticipation reading that and driving forward.
  12. Bournemouth have the best team in the league in my opinion, anyone who doesn't get the playoffs with them at least has failed and deserves to get the axe.
  13. Tell you what the keeper didn't grab the ball when we scored but was ruled out, he had it loose between his hands still very difficult call and not having a go at the ref for this as he sees it only once but probably should have been given.
  14. Okay so the question is their, was he touching the ball with both hands but loose or did Watmore kick it out when it was securely in his hands for me.
  15. Okay that was Archers first red flag, allowed himself to get caught out in the middle of no mans land.
  16. They've done Hasselbank before but was a long time ago now, think the most recent one aside from monk was Pulis before for us as well.....I Reckon sky like winding up boro fans
  17. Love the bench, wish a few were on the field. Good that its Archer instead of Betenelli and thats a back 3 rather than a back 5 so does seem more of attacking line up than last time. Glad too see Britt dropped, I mean what good has it done this season having him on the pitch? Good too see Johnson back in the lineup as well, he really has deserved his chance. Its not who id of picked it but at least more positive lineup than last time and the bench could be tasty second half.
  18. We don't always see eye to eye on a lot of stuff but the above is spot on and well put, Warnock surely cant make the same mistake as last time or I feel like the fans will want him held account. Please Warnock entertain us......just for the remainder of the season at least.
  19. Would be a good backup keeper judging from his limited appearances certainly better than Betenelli, would still want a keeper bringing in that would fill that no 1 spot however.
  20. Haha fair point guys, apologies for some reason I thought it was today.
  21. Ouch 11 hours before the game and 5 replies, Warnock has got to entertain today and play some kids or the next build up will just be nobody talking about it or looking forward too it.
  22. 1. Who makes your starting XI? ....Not anybody who cant be arsed or has no stake in what happens next season or Betenelli. Lets go for it .... .....................Brynn or Archer............. Spence...Mcnair....Hall............Coulson ........................Howson or Saville.............................. Folarin............Kebano.............Johnson ..............Coburn......Watmore.................. I think actually after Archer was okay last game, no red flags unlike almost every Betenelli performance, so maybe deserves another crack at it but equ
  23. I absolutely knew that was coming yesterday when I saw he played the same players line up aside from the keeper. From the parts of the game I could stomach to watch and highlights after, the keeper seemed to do a solid job so he should defiantly get another game too see if he does the same again as actually he might be a okay backup keeper (as long as first one is Betenelli) for next season. Question, can anyone justify or understand why he played Britt? surely he of played someone who would be here next season and ideally as the game didn't matter someone like Fletcher who needs to get
  24. Sod this I am off, why did Warnock do that play a defensive formation and put no kids in the team who actually have something to play as its their chance to prove their abilities? This was warnocks chance to entertain the fans, give them a spectacle but played decent football then nobody would complain. In other words end the season on a high and see what hes got for fringe players for next season, that he could introduce if they performed. I have just lost so much respect for him now, his plan was to grind out a 1-0 that certainly wasn't qpr intention they set out to attack and press see
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