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  1. It's really annoying. You can, however, mirror image your phone, so cast your phone screen and then load up the BT sports app and watch it that way. The quality isn't quite as good but it's perfectly watchable.
  2. ***Spoiler*** It's not a character per say, but one of the big things that are used in the comics are Life Model Decoys, which is what John Hannah was creating at the end, pretty exciting! Agree re-season 2.
  3. Another top six finish for me, happy with that although if I'd remembered to predict on a few occasions it might have been better. Well played all and thanks to SomBo and Bugrit for the hard work you guys have put in over the course of the season.
  4. I guess if we do it then tomorrow will be the most significant moment, crossing the line against a very good opposition. However, the moment that has stuck in my mind is Wolves away, having been on our first mini-bad run, coming from behind which we hadn't done since Birmingham away? That seemed a big moment, and pointed to a bit more inner steel in the squad. Obviously the run after Karanka came back has been vitally important but that Wolves game to me ended that spell of not being able to come from behind. Whilst we still struggle with that, I think it's no longer a certainty that we'll los
  5. A Charlton V Burnley H Derby V Ipswich H Fulham V Bolton H Huddersfield V Brentford H Hull V Rotherham H Middlesbrough V Brighton (Rhodes) A MK Dons V Nottm Forest H Preston V Leeds H QPR V Bristol City A Wolves V Sheff Wed
  6. A Birmingham V Middlesbrough (Ramirez) A Bolton V Hull D Brentford V Fulham A Bristol City V Huddersfield H Ipswich V MK Dons H Leeds V Charlton H Nottm Forest V Wolves A Reading V Preston H Rotherham V Blackburn H Sheff Wed V Cardiff
  7. H Blackburn V Bristol City H Cardiff V Bolton A Charlton V Brighton A Fulham V Nottm Forest H Huddersfield V Birmingham H Hull V Leeds H Middlesbrough V Ipswich (Nugent) A MK Dons V Brentford H QPR V Reading H Wolves V Rotherham
  8. A Bolton V Middlesbrough (Ramirez) A Birmingham V Burnley H Blackburn V Huddersfield H Brentford V Bristol City A Cardiff V QPR A Charlton V Derby A Leeds V Reading H Preston V MK Dons H Rotherham V Nottm Forest H Sheff Wed V Ipswich
  9. A Bristol City V Sheff Wed H Derby V Bolton A Fulham V Cardiff A Huddersfield V Hull H Ipswich V Brentford H Middlesbrough V Preston (Rhodes) A MK Dons V Rotherham H QPR V Charlton A Reading V Birmingham H Wolves V Blackburn
  10. Ah fair enough, I completely forgot they were on different networks.
  11. Yeah Belanti has said that the Supergirl episode, whilst airing before the Flash, is set after the events of that week's Flash. So the whole tacheon device on his suit makes sense if you've watched last week's Flash (American time) as well, kinda. I'm not sure why it happened though. I suspect it has something to do with the weird and annoying hiatuses American shows take, with the Flash off for 3 weeks now they wanted to end at that point so just fit the Supergirl crossover around that.
  12. I think the next two games for Newcastle are must wins or they're all but mathematically down. Southampton away and a resurgent Swansea are tricky games but Norwich have eminently winnable games against Palace and Sunderland, and they've hit some form. If they win both and Newcastle lose both then they'll be 12 points adrift of Norwich and between 9-12 points adrift of Palace. Not looking good for them or Sunderland really.
  13. A Bristol City V Rotherham H Burnley V Cardiff A Derby V Hull H Ipswich V Charlton A Leeds V QPR H Middlesbrough V Huddersfield (Rhodes) H MK Dons V Wolves H Preston V Fulham H Sheff Wed V Blackburn A Reading V Nottm Forest
  14. Oh God yes, such be so good. Season two of Daredevil arrived on Netflix yesterday too, only seen episode 1 but I love the Netflix format.
  15. H Middlesbrough V Hull (Ramirez) H Derby V Nottm Forest H Birmingham V Fulham A Brentford V Blackburn H Bristol City V Bolton H Burnley V Wolves H Ipswich V Rotherham H Leeds V Huddersfield A MK Dons V Brighton A Preston V QPR
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